Jess Rezac, editor

Jess Rezac

I am a curator, historian, designer, writer, reader, and so on. My first experience in design was as a web designer, a craft I’ve been polishing for the last ten years. I developed an interest in home design as I started living in apartments, especially after living with two terribly messy roommates and a couple terribly ugly couches. I  recently took on a crazy remodelling project when Kyle, my husband, and I found a beautiful 110+ year old home in Savannah, Missouri that needed a lot of work to even be livable. I have learned to make hard decisions about flooring and paint colors and had too much fun finding furniture that fits the home and my style. I am most lucky that Kyle shares my taste almost exactly.

I am inspired by seasons to the point that colors that make sense in the fall seem impossible to love in the spring. I would be happy in a minimalist loft as long as I made an exception for my book collection but I tend to acquire too much furniture until I’ve reached the point that I believe a room is decorated just right. When the room is decorated just right, it’s rarely minimalist. I like to mix furniture from different periods, I love vintage but updated pieces and I don’t mind if something looks a little shabby. Lately, I’m in love with Moroccan uso de ativan design but that’s always changing.

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Mary Marcum

Hi, all! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to So Eclectic! I hope to write about my love of all things beautiful, Austin, vintage, and DIY.

I live in a small house built in the 1950s with my boyfriend and our Jack Russell Terrier, Jackie-O. We moved to Austin in the summer of 2010 and have absolutely loved it here. I occasionally wear boots, drink too much sweet tea, and am constantly on the hunt for the best BBQ around. I’m trying to learn more about reducing waste in my home and making sure that I’m always keeping in mind the impact I have on this beautiful Earth. Learning how to compost, garden, and raise chickens are on my list to do soon. I fully plan on bringing all of you along while I learn!

I’m a chronic DIY-er. I tend to have good ideas but I need a little push to execute them. I’m on a tight budget and try to be conscious about encouraging too much consumerism.I love the clean lines of mid-century furniture, but the warmth of modern-vintage-country (if that’s a thing?). I just know that quilts, bright pillows, colorful art, and handmade goods make my house feel like home.

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