Trust me, readers, I am still so busy finishing up this move! Oddly, I feel more relaxed about time than I should and more stressed about money than I should. I’m hoping that a switch will flip and I’ll feel more pressure to finish up the last little bits of packing tonight or tomorrow… but for now, I’m nursing a mild headache and otherwise curled up under a blanket rewatching an episode of Dance Moms. Watching Dance Moms is an obvious sign that I’m stressed out and losing it!

To cope, I’m starting to dream about the new house! Seriously, on Sunday night, I was too excited to sleep just thinking about all the fun ahead of me!

One of the things we’re planning to change soon after we move is our couch situation. Ours are nice and look fine but they’re kind of worn down in spots. Kyle basically loathes them, and I agree it’s time for a change.

Right now, I’m really into these couches from EQ3.

I really like the back cushion on the Elise Sofa and the softer lines look comfortable.

I also really like the Reverie Sofa for a lot of the same reasons. I think the two rows of buttons and the two cushions look really masculine which is the feel I’m going for in the bedroom. We can also buy this one locally from Nebraska Furniture Mart in a great grey color. We might have to go check that out after we get moved. It really is gorgeous!

It also comes in leather, which is what Kyle really wants, but I’m not sure if we can get it in leather through a store in our area. The actual show rooms are mostly all in Canada, so it’s not an easy drive if we can’t get one close by.

As much as it will frustrate me to be living in a house that isn’t decorated exactly how I want it for a while, it’s pretty fun to be thinking about decorating something new!



This weekend Brendan and I made a quick trip to Fredricksburg, Texas. It’s a day trip from Austin and truly a great little town. It is packed full of local shops and wineries. They are also known for their antique stores and markets. I, of course, didn’t hit up any of that except for some breakfast tacos from Mahaley’s and some fantastic sandwiches from Opa’s for lunch.

I set out in search of the garage and estate sales and the thrift stores. Naturally.

1958 Scrabble for Juniors

At the first estate sale I stopped at, I could have gotten myself in some serious trouble. Loads of beautiful and barely worn vintage. Everything there was so well taken care of including this adorable 1958 Scrabble for Juniors set. Look at those illustrations!

Scrabble for Juniors

I snagged this with all of its pieces for $3!

Vintage Scrabble

Then I spotted this perfect granny square afghan with raised flowers. It’s in fantastic condition and perfect for my neice! $2.50!

Vinage Rose Afghan

I love vintage, handmade linens. Such skill! I wish these skills had been passed down to me. My grandmother was fantastic knitter and crocheter and my great grandmother was a master seamstress. What I wouldn’t give to be taught the same craft. Is that true for you too? This makes me want to take some knitting and crochet lessons…

Raised Flower Afghan

Then, I scored these Cole Haan tassel loafers for $3! The only reason I buy second hand shoes is if they are solid quality. These are and range in price on Etsy and Ebay for between $30-$60. Brand new, they cost over $100.

Vintage wool coat tassle loafers

When I got back to Austin, I still had the thrifting bug so I stopped in an estate sale for 50% off Sunday! The best. I got this vintage wool full length coat for $1.50. I mean that’s crazy. $1.50! I couldn’t pass it up at that price and it’s in perfect condition. Looks like it was never worn, which could possibly be true because we live in Austin.


#, #, #, #, #

Since getting our couch, I’ve been on the look-out for two armchairs to replace our love seat. The love seat is one of the few pieces of furniture that has hung around since grad school days (read: not my taste anymore at all). Since the couch is such a strong piece and so masculine. I’m looking for reasonably priced armchairs to balance it out. I’d prefer to buy vintage and buy local for way less than $400 a chair, but if budget was no issue I’d probably get one of these. They are all great options!

Manhattan Chair Target

Manhattan Chair  from Target  for  $195

Wildon Home Chair Walmart

Wildon Home San Augustine Chair from Walmart for $265

Madeline Chair Urban Outfitters

Madeline Chair from Urban Outfitters for $379 

St Charles Willow Arm Chair Overstock

St Charles Willow Arm Chair from for  $190

Turquoise Clyborn Loft Chair Target

Turquoise Clyborn Loft Chair from Target for $380 

#, #, #, #, #

During Kyle and my trip to Austin, we did a bit of exploring — mostly of places on a list provided by Mary. One of the shops on the list was Take Heart, a modern, handmade, and vintage boutique in East Austin. While there, I fell in love with some sweet ceramics from Villarreal Ceramics in Tuscon, AZ.

I really loved these little cups. I love the way the ceramic is so thin and folded. I have been pretty seriously regretting not leaving Take Heart with a set of my own.

Vanessa Villerreal is on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite items from her shop:

coral heart tumblers

coral heart tumblers

small salt and or pepper bowl a pair no 9

small salt and or pepper bowl a pair no 9

llama cup a second

llama cup a second


#, #

Since getting our new couch, all I can think about are new accessories to add to the living room. The leather really darkened the room so now I want to change things up a bit, starting with the rug.

Right now we just have a plain jute rug and with the wood floors, brown couches, brown end tables and brown coffee table, there is just too much brown up in here. I really like this bold geometric graphic from Urban Outfitters and as far as rugs go it’s super affordable at $89 for a 5×7. I think the gray and white will add a nice tonal contrast while the graphic breaks up the flow of the room in a good way.

Next, I feel like the art over the couch needs to change. So, I’m really inspired by this DIY abstract art by Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. I would like to do more blues and greens than yellow and pink but the design of that art is exactly what I’m looking for.

And, as I mentioned a long time ago, the credenza still needs to be painted so I think I’ve decided on a pretty mint color like this dresser featured on Houzz.

I’ve got some time off work soon and I’m hoping that will be the perfect time to complete it! I’ll keep you posted.

Vintage Leather Couch Nailhead Trim

Last Thursday, Brendan and I both had the day off. I spent the morning catching up on all my favorite blogs and I read Emily Henderson’s How to Find the Perfect  Leather Sofa. Her guide is great and it totally made me want a vintage leather couch. Side note: the first photos in that post are hilarious!

I never thought I would actually want a leather sofa because they are so hard to find in just the right style and not to mention expensive. So here stood my conditions: vintage or perfectly worn, not overstuffed, straight lines, fits my budget, and had some interest (i.e. nailhead trim). Hence why I’ve never bought a sofa, those conditions are super unlikely.

Welp, until Thursday that is. I talked B into taking a trip to Goodwill and one vintage shop (those were the conditions since vintage furniture hunting isn’t exactly his thang). We stopped in one of my favorites, Get Back Vintage. The shop owner, Jenny, is the only one that works there and she’s got super reasonable prices for Austin. I walked around the back and took a peek in her back room.

There it was. Covered in a drop cloth and that perfect nailhead trim poking out.

Vintage Leather Couch

I asked Jenny if it was still available and if I could take a look at it. When she said yes, I’m pretty sure you could see my heart pounding. But I knew deep down that I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Vintage Leather Couch

Then, she told me the price was $550 and she would cover the tax. Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that! I grabbed Brendan and had him come check it out. He was sold. Perfect.

That night I got on Pinterest and typed in leather sofa just to see if I could find the source of this couch. Turns out it’s $3000 (!!!) from Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog. So it’s not vintage leather, but it’s worn and perfect.

Don’t get me wrong $550 is a huge amount of money for us right now. But, this was an investment. It’ll be around forever and will most likely always have a place in our home.

Now, what do you think?!


#, #, #, #, #, #, #

I was just thinking a week or so ago that I haven’t had a thrift share in a LONG time. I would have to check our archives to even remember the last time I bought something thrift for my home. Maybe it was just that realization that made me excited when I realized that one of my favorite local antique malls had a booth at the same farm show where my museum had a booth this weekend. I think I spotted what I wanted there before I even noticed the booth!

As we were all setting up on Thursday for the Friday/Saturday show, I noticed an adorable mustard upholstered bench/ottoman. Friday, I checked the price and it was only $27.50! I think the legs on it are in good enough shape to justify that price, but I decided to wait until Saturday and then haggle a little if it was still there at the end of the day. The farm show was pretty slow, so I was lucky and snagged the bench for a few dollars price the original asking price!

I considered using it as an ottoman but I like the square ottoman in front of the loveseat, and the coffee table already takes up the space in front of the sofa, so I had to shop my house for a place to put it. After moving the dog’s bed in the living room to the spot she prefers to sleep, I found the perfect home for it right next to the TV.

I styled it quickly with some spare throw pillows and some circa 2008 presidential signs. I think I’ll probably re-style it after my next thrift trip out. Ideally, I’d like to find a tray that fits it and put a vase and some books in the tray, then I’ll probably swap out at least one of the pillows for one that is more decorative, and add a quilt.

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