Even in a town with loads of vintage shops, I love to see when a new one opens! Retro Rubbish is on North Lamar in a completely unassuming strip mall that is also home to insurance sells and auto shops. You wouldn’t even know that this little gem has so much to offer. It’s also right down the block from Spruce, Austin’s premiere upholstery store that offers fantastic, quality textiles. (The owner of Spruce writes the upholstery posts for Design Sponge)

I feel like this vintage joint has some really great stuff and completely reasonable prices. They just opened in August of 2011 and have loads of great vintage clothing as well as housewares and furniture. My favorite section is all of the vintage wedding gowns.

How great is this orange club chair? It definitely had some wear on the arms but it was only $80! I would love to have brought it home. I like this much more than the couch that sits in my living room now.

I tried to talk my sister into getting this lovely, blue campaign style dresser. It just needed some cleaning up and at $129 I felt like it would make an awesome end table.

Here’s another view:

On the first floor (did I mention that? This shop has two floors!),  sat this gray papasan-esque chair. With a crisp white paint job for the base, this would make for a fantastic reading chair. I believe it was on sale for $139.

This shop offers some great pieces at reasonable prices. The next time your in Austin, Texas doing a little vintage shopping make sure to give Retro Rubbish on N. Lamar a try!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! A couple of months ago I sold my desk chair to a friend who could use it for her office. It was big and bulky and didn’t fit my new space in this small house. I loved it though. Super comfortable and it was awesome while I sat and wrote my thesis for hours during grad school. Well, now my demands are more for space and I’m less concerned about comfort. I mostly use my desk to get ready in the morning and as a sew space.

Here’s my Drexel Profile Line Series desk that I wrote about here.

I love this desk so much that but it can’t sit without a chair partner anymore. So, I’m on the hunt for a new chair.

If I had the cash I’d be purchasing this lovely steel and turquoise mid-century chair in a heartbeat from Ivory Bird on Etsy. It’s $260 and then I’d have to pay shipping from New Jersey. But, man, it’s so pretty.

This swivel chair from Pottery Barn Teen is also quite great. It’s small and a bit industrial, but the price tag is painful. And, I’m not sure that it would even be comfortable to sit in for ten seconds. But so pretty.

Okay, so here’s the price comparison segment of this post. The Bubble White Leather Office Chair from CB2 is very similar to the Tobago Office Chair below from Target. The one from Target is $144 and the CB2 one is $199. Worth the $50 savings!

Now another price comparison is the Felix White Office Chair from Crate and Barrel is $149 and the chair right below it is the JULES chair from IKEA for $40. I know that the CB chair is prettier but if you’re on a budget the IKEA chair totally works.

Crate and Barrel: Felix Chair

IKEA: Jules Chair

I think I’m going to hit up my thrift/vintage stores this week and see what I can find. If nothing turns up soon, I’m going to get the IKEA chair. It’ll be perfect for what I need. Any other affordable chairs you think would work for my desk?

Happy Monday! I hope you had a restful weekend and are remembering the great Martin Luther King, Jr. today.

Before the holidays, I went to visit my parents and we hit up the estate sales (as we often do).

First up, I got this sweet yellow ’50s Cosco stool. It needs some TLC but it’s totally in working order. I’m thinking a treatment of brasso and vinyl cleaner will polish this baby right up. I love its vintage charm! Oh and it was $5! I saw the same stool in similar condition down the road from this estate sale for $45. Crazy.

Next up, this great little cabinet. It was only $7! I love the size and the legs. It’s perfect for holding our water cooler right now. It needs some TLC, too. I’m thinking a good scrub and a coat of paint will do nicely for this little guy.

Overall the two pieces together I love, but this space in the kitchen is lacking some serious inspiration. Those photos on the wall are from my trip to Japan and the frames just aren’t my style anymore. I’m hoping to give this space a cheap makeover in the coming months. Oh, yeah, and it’s also the place for our trash and recycling. A bit of an eye sore to the right. I’m ready for something different!

Have a wonderful day!




2012 Printable Calendar by The Indigo Bunting (via Oh Joy!)

$30 for all 12 prints in 8×10

After posting this calendar last week in a hope chest, I really got to thinkg about how printable calendars are a super afforadable way to add some art in your home. Honestly, I don’t think you even need frames. Framing them does go along way to having a finished look; however, as long as the hanging method is consistent then hanging them as a gallery will look finished all by itself. Heck, you could even just use a little piece of Japanese washi tape to stick each month to the wall. I’m wanting to change out the art in our hallway, and this is on my list of considerations.

Here’s a list of my favorites along with the one from above:

2012 Printable Calendar from Bits + Pieces by Ashley Delaney 

$7 (!!!) with each month being 5.5″ x 8.5″

This is a bargain! You could have a really cute, simple calendar for only $7. I love the simple art!

 2012 Printable Calendar by Lisa Samartino Design

Each is an 8″ x 10″ printout and you get all 12 for $19

I like that there’s a lot of design on each month and at $19 you get some great art!

2012 Geometric Wall Calendar by Leah Duncan

This is printed on textured paper and it’s 11×17 for $22.

Leah is one of my favorite graphic designers and I love everything in her shop. Also, she’s based in Austin! Yay for local artists!

I hope you’re enjoying the start to the new year. A brand new calendar is a great way start with a fresh look in 2012!

Wow, it’s already the end of 2011 and I’m seriously behind and finding a calendar for the house! Every year I buy the Posters for Peace and Justice Wall Calendar. It’s well researched and the content and images are great. I’ll for sure be buying it again, but I might also add in The Indigo Bunting 2012 Illustrated Calendar for the living room. It’s only $30 for all twelve months (that’s such a steal!) and the illustrations are so colorful and fun! (via Oh Joy!)

I love Etsy for all its beautiful, handmade, and vintage products but also for the super odd items. Art Akimbo features some stellar, well-made art albeit all a bit, um, odd. I love a room that’s so well designed but it has something in it just a little off or different. These aren’t necessarily for me, but they might strike your fancy.

“The Dawn of Bacon” by Art Akimbo

Nose Eyeglass Stand with Keyholder

Rubber Lips (Totally weird but I’m unexplainably drawn to them)

And their biggest item is this huge ass wall tentacle. Isn’t this odd? But also kinda cool. It’s also a tiny bit creepy and it’ll set you back $2300. Too interesting not to share.

I hope you enjoyed my odd finds from Etsy. I liked searching for these so maybe I should search for more Etsy oddities!

Click the picture to be taken to the listing.


Before I dive into this “how to”, I have to ask…What do you watch/listen to while you craft? I watch Glee. It’s fun, easy to listen to, and I don’t have to keep my eyes on the TV the whole time. Anywho…

I grabbed a whole bunch of frasier fir tree trimmings in the fresh tree section at Home Depot. Did you know that they just pile up all of the tree trimmings and you can grab as much as you like? Isn’t that cool? I’ve also heard that you can do this at most places where they trim the fresh trees for you. The nice guys at Home Depot put it through their netting for me so it created and easy way to carry it all back to my car.

I grabbed a bunch of the bottoms that were cut off the trees. That’s how I made the “M <3 B” part. You could use those for so many things. Coasters, ornaments, bunting, etc. I’m still on the fence if I like my final design or not, but hey there’s always next year!

Alright, here goes….

Along with my pile of tree trimmings, the supplies I grabbed were: floral wire, hot glue, red fabric, grapevine wreath for $3 at Hobby Lobby (I used a coupon), and scissors.

I also grabbed my tree trimmers, some of the branches were too thick for kitchen shears.

Next, I just grabbed each branch and laid it on my wreath.

 I used the floral wire to secure it to the wreath. I used a lot because you could barely see it. You can see it here at the tip of my scissors.

 After I had the whole wreath wrapped, I secured it more. Then I grabbed my scissors and tree trimmers and trimmed away.

 I love that it looks rustic and woodsy. It’s not perfect but it only cost me $3!!!

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