Happy Halloween, everyone!

I had a pretty good weekend (despite it being a short one with only Sunday off) and I’m excited for Trick-or-Treaters tonight. We live in a town that’s still small enough that people go door to door. It seems like near my parents’ house that doesn’t happen so much anymore.

I’m excited to do my first thrift share in a little while! I’ve actually had this for a couple weeks but I needed to get it cleaned up and situated in our bedroom before I could share it.

Kyle and I got this sweet desk at an auction I had to go to for work earlier this month.

The estate was huge and the auction was fairly disorganized. To give you an idea of the disorganization: a friend of mine who deals antiques said she picked up three boxes of cups and saucers on three completely different flatbeds during the auction and ended up with several complete sets spread throughout the few boxes. The only things these guys figured out should be sold item-by-item in a theme were toys and tools. Super frustrating.

It worked out pretty well for us though because the auction took so long that by the time they finished auctioning the house and the car, they realized that if they didn’t split the sale they’d be there until after dark so they divided it. Furniture was going for pretty cheap anyway, and we managed to grab this desk for $15! We could have gotten another desk that only had drawers on the left side for $15 or less but I didn’t want to have to move it. This desk is so heavy!

Obviously the new desk puts some kinks in my plans for a new cloffice, but at least I know it will fit in the space so I’ll keep designing with SketchUp.

#, #, #, #

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like it takes me about a year to feel like I’m finally at home in a room. Before that, it can be a very frustrating time trying to cull a collection of furniture and accessories that makes a place feel right.

We’ve been working slowly room by room to get furniture upcycled and arranged to our liking and I think I finally hit my groove in the living room when I did some rearranging and art hanging last weekend. I’m actually amazed that almost everything in there is something that we already had in our house!

Now for some embarassing before photos. The floorplan came to me in a vision and when I got home from work motivated to start it I was not so motivated to clean.

I am warning you to be prepared.

That little wood side table was a gift from my mom and has become a catchall/eyesore in the living room. As you can see, it has a drill, a bouquet of flowers that Kyle gave me, a Wii case, some magazines, and a bra. You can’t even play a game of one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other with that assortment. Unless the tie that binds is that only the bouquet of flowers belongs in the living room.

This view of the living room isn’t so bad. Other than the part where it’s also not that clean. In this case, most of the mess is leftover productivity from the night before.

Now for what I did:

  • Swapped the small side table by the TV with the big side table by the couch
  • Moved the big side table to the wall to the left of the tv
  • Dragged the TV shelf out just a little so it would be the same depth as the big side table
  • Moved an arm chair in from upstairs to the space next to the big side table
  • Switched the couch and the loveseat
  • Painted some paintings to make a vignette to the left of the tv
  • Hung a gallery wall with some square photo frames we’ve been holding onto since Memorial Day

Are you following?

Of course not.  But here at SoEclectic we don’t have a production budget that let’s us do sweet step-by-step animations so let’s just look at the after photos.

This is the gallery wall. We need to add some pictures to the frames but this is motivation enough to do that.

And the new chair + vignette that draws a little focus away from the TV. I’ll probably change that ampersand painting. Kyle’s not sold on it yet.

And the whole room.

What an incredible change! We’ve already been so much better about spending just a little bit of time in the evening cleaning it and last week I was so excited just to get home to it.  Now to add photos to those frames and keep plugging away at the rest of it.

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When I saw these prints from Cozamia described as “affordable”, I thought yeah right. Honestly, because lots of things in the design world are talked about being affordable and to me they just aren’t. I know it’s such a relative term, but we really try to highlight the more affordable side of design for those of us who can’t spend hundreds on artwork (spending thousands on art isn’t even something that crosses my mind). I know that art is expensive and I would love to pay the price of beautiful pieces, but that’s just not our reality right now.

That’s why I’m loving this artwork from Cozamia. It’s striking, colorful, and graphic. I love the design and patterns represented in each of the art pieces. Also, it’s affordable!!!

It is so well priced you can get them in huge sizes! Awesome! This lovely herringbone print in a massive 58.7″ x 44″ will only set you back $77!  That’s amazing! That’s the largest size, which most of us might not want, so then they only get cheaper from there.

I love the colors in this one. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Have you come across any affordable artwork lately?

(via decor8)

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I’ve been needing a little inspiration lately. Just something that will get me going on all the projects I need to complete around here. (By the way, I think I’m going to work on the credenza remodel this weekend so hop over to this post and share your opinion for what I should do! And I’ve created a pinboard of inspiration!)

I decided to just photograph things around the house that I’ve caught myself thinking lately that they are pretty. Or they just create such happy moments. I know they are just things, but sometimes those things make you feel at home, or feel cozy and secure. They are fleeting and will change but each beautiful to me anyway.

Trio of bartlett pears. Fresh from the grocery store this morning.

Pretty pillows on the couch. I love all of these bright colors and I will have bright colors year round. I’m not someone who will ever switch out colors for the seasons. Well, the only exception might be Christmas. The red rectangle pillow I got from Room Service Vintage, the crocheted pillows from Fabricadbra last year on sale, and the yellow chevron pillows I made. So they were all special to me, because I’ve collected them over the last year.

My Le Creuset Carribean Blue Dutch oven full of chicken stock in progress. It is the nicest kitchen item we own. My parent’s gave it to me for Christmas last year along with the matching tea pot. Fall wouldn’t be fall in our house without the dutch oven and teapot. They add so much color and fun to my small, dark kitchen.

My vintage, soft wedding ring quilt. It’s still hot here in Austin, so instead of my regular blanket that’s much heavier on the bed I’ve been using this tattered, light weight, vintage wedding ring quilt. I bought it for FIVE DOLLARS (holy cow!) last year at the City Wide Garage Sale. Brendan’s not a huge fan of it (because it’s kinda falling apart) but I love it. It’s so soft, worn, and colorful.

Hope you enjoyed these happy moments around my house!

What’s made you smile in your house lately?


My sister, Kelly, sent me this video. She knows me too well! I cannot avoid a good estate sale and this video highlights just how crazy I am!


On Monday I gave you the tour through Daddy O’s Vintage Sales in Lubbock, Texas. While I was there I asked the store owner if she had any 9 drawer midcentury dressers because that’s what I’m in the market for right now. She told me to go down the road to As Time Goes By and look there because they have lots of midcentury items.

Well, I looked it up on my GPS and headed down the road. And then realized that this place was literally two blocks from where I used to live. See, I really never took note of it because here’s what it looks like from the outside. (Forgive my Google screen shot)

Yep, it looks tiny and it’s in a strip mall with Ace Hardware and a gas station. I knew it was there because I’ve been to that Ace Hardware multiple times. Honestly, from the outside is SOOOO deceptive. Also, the sign above the doors say “ANTIQUES” really large and then the name. So, I thought it was just a small antique store.

Oh no, it’s surprisingly large and packed with tons of midcentury and vintage beauties! There are booths being rented out so it’s not all MCM but there are multiple booths with some really great finds. See, here’s an aisle shot from one of four aisles.

The ceilings are very high. Here’s the booth that I realized every single item in there was something that I want.

Do you see all of the goodness in there?! There were a pair of those awesome green chairs. Look at that orange and black stool, those textiles, that awesome rug, and OH that lamp! It’s all so pretty.

Just down the way from that spot was a booth containing this…

Amazing, right? There wasn’t a scratch on it and it was $575 firm. I think it was an RCA Victor but I can’t remember the style. I can’t believe it’s been preserved so well.

In this same booth stood this awesome lamp.

It was so tall and so sleek. Also, in practically perfect condition. The price was about $250.

Right when I walked in the store, this chair greeted me. Isn’t it unique?

The upholstery was in great condition and look at all of the shape this chair has while still remaining sleek. So pretty, right?

I can’t believe I’m just now discovering this store. If you’re in Lubbock you must stop by here! So many unique finds. Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about all the MCM lamps. They were everywhere and super reasonable. I told Brendan that the next time I go back to Lubbock I’m taking a trailer and loads of cash. You know, in my dreams.

That wraps up my trip to Lubbock and I really enjoyed finding these great shops! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

#, #, #, #, #, #

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week I was in Lubbock, Texas visiting my family and I also managed to bring a cold back with me. Although, while I was in Lubbock I ventured out to one of the new vintage shops. This place popped up after I moved from Lubbock and so I was really happy to go and check it out.

Daddy O’s vintage is a small store inside a little strip mall. It’s not large but I was really impressed with the items they did have and the prices! The store owner was working while I was in there. So I got to chat with her for a bit. I love that. Small shop and super nice people who love vintage finds. My kind of place.

She admitted to me that she’s an avid Pyrex collector and you can tell by this lovely wall of vintage Pyrex. So pretty.

Also, all of the items that I looked at were in really good condition. The furniture were priced super reasonably too. They were probably about a third of the price of what I’d find in Austin. So that’s awesome. I was really wanting a huge truck and huge budget to bring so much of this vintage goodness back with me.

This chair was only $30 and I really wanted to bring it back for my desk. But, I think I’m needing something a bit more comfortable.

These chairs were $125 for the pair. She was also very willing to work with me on prices.

 I don’t normally gravitate toward western themed items, but I loved this vintage covered wagon. Isn’t it so sweet? This would be great in a little kids room.

There were so many more great items in this place. If you’re in Lubbock you’ve got to check out Daddy O’s vintage. Unfortunately, they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the other gem I discovered while in Lubbock. Total mid-century modern dream.

Have a great rest of the day!

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