Today is Kyle and my fourth wedding anniversary! Rather than being all super-romantic in designing a little treasury, I’m sticking with a tying the knot theme. Probably because I’m obsessed with knotted hair ties. I have two different kinds and I love how they are so comfy as bracelets, cute, and mix-and-matchable with clothes and each other. Perfect.

1. White and Teal Knot Bracelet by thepinkruffle; 2. Rope Curtain Tieback Monkeyfist Ball Knot Wrap by AlaskaRugCompany; 3. Infinity ring Sterling Silver knot ring by IndulgentDesigns;  4. Summer Knotted Hair Tie Set Set of Six Ponytail by PoppyandPippa; 5. Nautical Knot Holder with Air Plant Ionantha Mexicana by twoXsea; 6. set of 6 sailors rope knots by perchshop on Etsy; 7.  Navy Blue and White Nautical knots Decorative by WhitlockandCo.


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Post-Birthday Celebrations

Whew, our birthday week is over and I’m still eating too much birthday cake and we’ve got a fridge full of leftover beer.

I made some simple decorations for Brendan’s 30th birthday celebration. I made this simple banner by attempting to handwrite the Valencia font . It seemed masculine to me and I really liked how simple it was.  I just poked two holes in the top and used some basic blue string to hang it.

Outside, I just used one of my vintage table cloths, some cleaned out and label free glass bottles, and a brass votive candle holder from the living room. I just grabbed some flowers from the garden and just made a super simple arrangment. It turned out pretty and easy.

Inside, I made a wall hanging for Brendan that was “30 Reasons Why I Love You”. Not really party decorations just something nice for my guy.

We had loads of fun and some great friends came out. Happy 30th, B!!!

In her whole post about Brendan’s birthday this week, she neglected to mention it’s her own birthday week, too! Just goes to show what a kind, selfless person Mary is!

To celebrate, enjoy this adorable birthday card featuring pegasus from Hammerpress, a great letterpress company in Kansas City! Check out their online store. They have so many great designs!

Happy birthday!


Outdoor Lights: Party Planning

This week, Brendan turns 30! I’ve finally talked him into a big ol’ party. Because our house is tiny and our backyard is huge, we are going to be doing it all in the backyard. Let’s just hope this heat holds off until at least the end of the weekend.

One of the biggest problems with hanging out in the backyard at night is lighting. Especially if there’s a lot of people. So, here’s some of the affordable options I might just attempt.

bistro lights

 Simple bistro lights on tall wooden poles are for sure my favorite, but I’ve just got to figure out how to get those pole either in the ground or maybe in large pots?

Mason jar centerpiece

These candles in jars seem like the most practical option for us. We’ve got loads of mason jars and they are so versatile that even if I have to buy more then we will totally use them in the future.


Balloon garland

I really like this glowing balloon garland. You put a glow stick in the balloon and it acts like a globe. The idea is super cool but it seems like it might be a lot of waste.

Glow stick fire fly jars

These firefly jars with glow sticks I love but not sure they would have enough impact for the yard.

Have you tried any of these? Do the glow stick ones work?


Stamped Decor

The only kind of physical art I’ve ever been remotely good at is screen printing. I am decent at digital art when I’m motivated to try it, but I really like turning digital elements into a tactile piece. Maybe that’s why stamped decor appeals to me so much? I discovered the little arrow-printed stash bag a few weeks ago, and I’ve been on a stamps kick ever since.

1. Arrow Stash Bag Hand Printed with Leather Feather by GypsyIntent; 2. Moorish Inspired Metallic Coasters by PolishedMoon; 3. I’ll be the rainbow handmade rainbow song lyrics by foreignspell; 4. Cork Coasters with Postage Stamp Print by MadeByManitas; 5. Fabric Covered Buttons Stamp Printed Puppy by charmingzakka.

I like stamps because they feel so unique as no two prints turn out the same. The prints on the arrow bag and the buttons are so sweet.

It may also be a sign that I have tired of my current coasters that I’ve found two sets. I love the teal in the postage stamp print coasters, but the print in the coasters with the spanish tile is more my style.

My favorite item is the I’ll Be The Rainbow wood panel print. I’ve been on a natural wood kick for a while now and I’m always a fan of bright, multi-colored things. Adorable!

#, #

An Olympics treasury seems like a pretty straightforward idea this Thursday, but it’s actually a little harder than I’d hoped. Everyone with anything for sale that is USA, red-white-and-blue, rings, Olympic ring colored, related to an Olympic sport, or slightly British has added the word “Olympic” to their listing. Good marketing on their part, but it makes searching for good little finds a lot more difficult.

Here are some of my favorite!

1. Art Print Limited Edition Olympic Swimmer by pinetreeart; 2. Olympic Colored Rings iPhone 4S CaseUncommon by HomeDecorPhotos; 3. 20 Mini Vintage 1980’s Plastic Toys Mixed Olympic Sport by nuchyk; 4. Olympic Rings Silver Necklace London 2012 handmade by melissawuest; 5. Summer Olympics Dog Bandanas featuring Dog Tugging by doggydesign; 6. 1950s Vintage Olympic Sport Athletic Shorts L Yellow Red by hilwa.


I love typography. I’m not an expert at it, but I certainly respect it as, at least to me, one of the most tedious and substantial forms of design given that letters are the basis of the content that drives so much practical design. I’m always excited to come across some vintage letters and always hope that whatever letters are available will be something that for whatever reason can be twisted into words or initials that are meaningful to me.

1. Industrial Salvaged NOIR Metal Letter Sign 2 FtTall by joevintage; 2. Vintagestyle ‘Old English’ Letter ‘T’ Painted Wood by Northstar50; 3. Simply ME Custom INITIAL Typeset Bitty Charm by princessbydesign; 4. Antique Letterpress Printers WOOD TYPE by TurnersCollectibles; 5. Various LETTERPRESS WOOD PRINTING BLOCKs type by bicigirl on Etsy; 6. Letterpress Type Drawer or Shadowbox / by ConceptFurnishings; 7. Wooden letter B nursery kids wall art letter by LettersofWood; 8. Vintage Marquee Letter Sign by THEFARMERSSHOP on Etsy; 9. Antique Enamelware Letters for Sign Your Choice by veraviola; 10. Letter a wooden lower case handcut hand painted by LettersofWood; 11. Mid Century Type Writer Smith Corona 250 by jojosvintagecupboard.

It’s maybe no coincidence that this summer I have been devouring BLTs (made with faux bacon, of course) + avocado and somehow B, L, T, and A, all found their way into this series.

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