I found this Pita Bread Pencil Holder at Junk Culture a few weeks ago and I just had to share it. It’s so kitschy, and a really yummy-looking way to tote your supplies around!

Wander Lust Embroidered Urban Outfitters

A favorite phrase with embroidery. Sold. On sale at Urban Outfitters for $34.99.

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Ergo Ergo Stool

Lately, making little changes has produced major results for us. I’m halfway considering adding an exercise ball in place of my desk chair for all or part of the day. The main setback is that I think it looks so ridiculous! I think this ergonomically designed stool called the Ergo Ergo would be a very happy medium. It costs about the same as an exercise ball + chair kit, but it looks interesting and not necessarily out of place in an office if you decided to roll your regular desk chair back in for part of the afternoon. They seem to be mostly for sale at quirky modern art museum stores, which probably bodes well for them!

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Word search Tablecloth

This Wordsearch Tablecloth for $12 would be an awesome addition to your backyard BBQ this summer! It’s the perfect icebreaker for a group of friends that might not know each other. Fun!

I discovered Stoppy™ in Better Homes and Gardens, and I think it’s incredibly functional and beautiful. Because it’s flexible, it can fit under any door or in a window jamb, and it comes in so many wonderful colors. They’re available from Under the Roof decorating for only $8.

Isleta Duvet Cover from Anthropologie

This is in no way budget friendly, but I’m totally in love with it. I love the lines and colors. I’m on a pretty big navy and peach kick right now, and so this is completely satisfying for me. There’s no way I can afford it, but I wouldn’t turn it down if Anthro decided to make one show up on my doorstep. (found via Design Sponge)


I’m really hoping that we’ll do a little bit more traveling this summer. I feel like I’ve lived within a day’s drive of Mount Rushmore for too long without having visited it. This summer might need to include some South Dakota. I’m sure that vacation would include some visits to cities I’ve never been before, but it’s not a bad idea to include some outdoors adventures as well. I think these Fully booked tents by FieldCandy are so cool. They’re a little out of my casual adventurer price range, but they’re fun to dream about.

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