My laptop bag just looks sad. It’s a simple black case that I bought on clearance from Target five years ago for $11. It’s seriously time for it to retire. So, these laptop sleeves from Kushn on Etsy have my swooning.

I love the oversized envelope and African fabric of this bag. All of Kushn’s products are made from local craftspeople in South Africa. They aren’t inexpensive but I would say the cost is worth it. Obviously, they are out of my budget but if I could afford one of these I would. The 15″ envelope style above is priced at $122 with $16 in shipping costs.

This bold stripe on this bag is awesome. It’s a 13″ sleeve and runs the same price as the one above.

This navy and camel 13″ leather sleeve is by far my favorite. It’s so beautiful with those studs! I’d love to own this piece because it’d go well with any outfit and definitely be an upgrade from my neoprene black bag.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday! ~ Mary

Spring Wish List

Every Spring there seems to be tons of projects I want to tackle around the house. Also, loads of things I want to purchase. Everyone does this, right? And you just have to keep yourself from spending too much? Because, I also want to vintage and estate sale shop ’til I drop, but, you know, that’s not very realistic either.

So, instead I’ll just post my wish list here and maybe someone special will buy it all for me. That’s how life works, right? Although, everything here total would be under $100.

First up, this herringbone 5×7 rug from Urban Outfitters is a great value at $74. I think it’s the perfect graphic for my living room while also adding just the right neutral.

Since I work with kids, I rarely get to wear jewelry. Dangly, shiny, colorful things are the perfect item for a toddler or infant to pull. Pretty little stud earring are my favorite solution to this problem. So, this pair of cool mint hexagon earrings from Moonlight for Violet on Etsy are definitely on my wish list.

Lastly, this Krylon copper leafing pen totally makes me want to add a copper touch to every frame, metal hardware piece, and outdoor pot at my house.

Do you have any items you’ve been craving to have for Spring?

iPhone Case from Society6

I’m in love with this iPhone case designed by Alice Rebecca Potter sold on Society 6. I got an upgrade on my phone and I’ve been so excited to pick out a case. There’s so many to chose from! I loved the real wood veils that Jess featured in December and I still really like the ones featured from Society6 last summer. So finally, I’m getting to chose one.

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Since I read somewhere that you can make your own scratch-off paint by mixing 2-parts acrylic paint to 1-part dish soap, I’m on the hunt for great DIY projects involving scratchoff paint. I think this Scratch Personalized World Map Poster might be just the inspiration I need. How fun! (via Offbeat Home)

#, #, #

I would love this Diamond Ring Bottle Opener from I prefer the ring-style bottle opener so much more than the hook-style ones on corkscrews, and this one wouldn’t look a bit out of place on the counter when left out during a party. (via Oh Joy!)

#, #, #

I think this Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series 3-in-1 Breakfast Station is absolutely adorable. I wish that it would fit the look of my kitchen because I totally love it. I think it could even convince me to learn to like drip coffee.

#, #

f3folio iPad Case

These f3folio iPad cases are beautiful! I love the little detailing of the color and the handle seems like it would make the iPad a lot more pleasing to hold.

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