Since getting our couch, I’ve been on the look-out for two armchairs to replace our love seat. The love seat is one of the few pieces of furniture that has hung around since grad school days (read: not my taste anymore at all). Since the couch is such a strong piece and so masculine. I’m looking for reasonably priced armchairs to balance it out. I’d prefer to buy vintage and buy local for way less than $400 a chair, but if budget was no issue I’d probably get one of these. They are all great options!

Manhattan Chair Target

Manhattan Chair  from Target  for  $195

Wildon Home Chair Walmart

Wildon Home San Augustine Chair from Walmart for $265

Madeline Chair Urban Outfitters

Madeline Chair from Urban Outfitters for $379 

St Charles Willow Arm Chair Overstock

St Charles Willow Arm Chair from for  $190

Turquoise Clyborn Loft Chair Target

Turquoise Clyborn Loft Chair from Target for $380 

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Jess’s Picks

  • I really enjoyed this post from Joel Gascoigne on the 6 things he does to be consistently happy. A lot of them seem to apply to my life, too, like waking up early, but they’re not always totally intuitive to me. I think I want to make a list of 6 things I do (or could do!) to be consistently happy. That way I have a little manual to refer to when life starts to feel a touch chaotic.


Mary’s Picks

  • This week I got a surprise email from another Austin based blogger asking me to check out her Craigslist blog. I was totally in awe of what I saw at Thou Shall Craigslist. Maxine scours C’List everyday and curates a fantastic list of finds. We are always looking for stuff for the house but searching through so many Craigslist ads in a large city takes time. Huge kudos to Maxine for doing such a great job for us!

When I was a college student, I lived the experience to its fullest. The only thing I would definitely do differently is my college dorm situation. My roommate wouldn’t let us bunk the beds. I still don’t understand why. But, with that dream over, I basically just gave up on having a fun personalized space. I basically only used the room as a place to sleep, anyway, so I wasn’t around enough to notice its lack of personal touches.

Still, I really think some dorm rooms are really cute. It’s a good excuse to live thrifty and eclectically — two things we do very well over here. So, I’m living vicariously through Pinterest again and sharing some of my fave dorm designs.

This design featured at Serenity in Design is beautiful! It’s also professionally designed by  Alabama-based designers Katherine Bailey and Melissa Manifold of Moxii Design Studio, and I think it shows. Of course, a great rug, some quasi-matching headboards and linens, and your room will look awesome!

This room submitted to HGTV Rate My Space is adorable. It’s also a good example of why I shouldn’t have given up even though my roommate wanted to basically draw a line down the center of our already-too-narrow room and each have our own sides. The little details are what really make this dorm work!

I’m not sure this raised platform bed is actually from a dorm room, but it definitely would work for one. StyleRoom has a great photo tutorial on how to build a platform bed yourself, using cheapy store-bought dressers for the base.

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Jess’s Picks

  • Poppytalk’s DIY: Belt + Board really shows what a little accessory can do to a project. Cork boards are so good for organizing, but I have never thought one looked good in a room by itself. Turns out, this little bit of function can benefit from good form just like anything else.



There were just a few cool things I wanted to share with you all from my trip to Colorado.

My friend, Cathy, and I stopped in Pagosa Springs, CO and checked out an antique shop and then headed over to a little cafe for lunch. We sat and I noticed all of these Eames molded plywood chairs. They have to be original and they were soooo comfortable. I asked the server about them and she said they love them and get inquiries on people wanting to purchase them all the time. The restaurant was full of these chairs. I’d love to have some for a dining room table.

When we finally arrived in Salida, CO we stopped at an estate sale. I got some cool stuff, but this couch was awesome. If I was a vintage dealer, I would have tried to talk the lady out of this couch. It sooo reminds me of Emily Henderson.

But, I did manage to score this great little bookshelf. Acutally, I think it was a gutted TV cabinet. But it was $2 (!!!!). I mean, I couldn’t just leave it there, right? At this same sale sat this whale cutting board. Totally quirky but I wanted it. Couldn’t justify it for now, but it would look awesome in a baby room on a gallery wall.

And, my favorite, this piece of lovely art. Art is so subjective so you might totally hate this great guitar dude, but I love him. He hung in the house we stayed in Salida, CO and so did tons of other truly great vintage pieces. I love seeing how people curate their own love for vintage.

Jess’s Picks

Mary’s Picks

  • We’ve decided to start eating a bit better and I’m really trying to do my best to incorporate raw foods as much as possible into my diet. But, hello, Pinterest is the worst thing to look on while doing a diet change up. Chocolate Cobbler? Um, I might just have to make you this weekend. (by Karen Gentry)
  • Make your own concrete planters! These are awesome and this tute really makes me want to fill my backyard with stylish planters. Maybe that’s a great DIY for the fall when I don’t feel like a lobster just for stepping outside for 5 minutes.

Since getting our new couch, all I can think about are new accessories to add to the living room. The leather really darkened the room so now I want to change things up a bit, starting with the rug.

Right now we just have a plain jute rug and with the wood floors, brown couches, brown end tables and brown coffee table, there is just too much brown up in here. I really like this bold geometric graphic from Urban Outfitters and as far as rugs go it’s super affordable at $89 for a 5×7. I think the gray and white will add a nice tonal contrast while the graphic breaks up the flow of the room in a good way.

Next, I feel like the art over the couch needs to change. So, I’m really inspired by this DIY abstract art by Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. I would like to do more blues and greens than yellow and pink but the design of that art is exactly what I’m looking for.

And, as I mentioned a long time ago, the credenza still needs to be painted so I think I’ve decided on a pretty mint color like this dresser featured on Houzz.

I’ve got some time off work soon and I’m hoping that will be the perfect time to complete it! I’ll keep you posted.

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