Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks


Jess’s Picks

  • Now that you’re smiling, check out this gallery of Victorians Smiling at Retronaut. When I discovered the post on Tumblr it was described as “charming.” I must say I agree.
  • This week, Poppytalk featured Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, an adorable loose-leaf-tea-selling caravan in South Africa. Just last Sunday, Kyle was dreaming about opening his burger-selling food truck, so maybe it’s just that mobile food selling is on my mind, but I’d love to run into this somewhere.

The upcycled vintage lamps over at Earth Sea Warrior on Etsy are the perfect combination of old and new. This artist takes the cords from industrial or regular vintage desk lamps and makes them new. These are some of the prettiest lamps I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I love lamps (I love lamp…), but I rarely see one so striking I actually think about if I could justify the money to fork over. These are pricey for me, but might be perfect for you. Most range between $100-$250 with $15-20 in shipping. Not cheap but totally beautiful.

The cords above are for the option to design your own hanging lamp. Look at those cords! So pretty!

I’m pretty sure this yellow gooseneck lamp with a houndstooth cord is one of the most perfect marriages of vintage and modern evah. (Can you tell I’m excited about these lamps!?)

Red Gooseneck with a baby blue cord! This would be rad in a baby’s room. Totally unexpected but completely awesome.

This color combination of the mint green lamp with a neon cord makes me happy. Not two colors I would pick together, but they throw off your eye in just the right way. Trendy neon mixed with vintage mint and brass. Again, perfect.

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I popped into The Ivy Cottage, a little store in the town I live in  that always has cute decor and beauty/fashion accessories, and discovered these really cute little Laguna beach bracelets by NaturalLife . As I checked out, she said that the bracelets could also be used as hairbands!

They’re really stretchy and comfortable on my wrist — much more comfortable, in fact, than a normal pony tail holder would be — so they might make it easier to run around with my hair down on a day that I think I’ll eventually want it up! (We went boating this weekend, so I’m remembering that needing to adjust my hair style is a real problem in the summer.)

NaturalLife has lots of other cute products, too, like these Marrakesh Scarves!

I wish my DIY skills included being good working with textiles. All of these would make great inspiration for some DIYs! Maybe when my Kindle case is finished, I’ll use the spare fabric to try to make something fashionable.


Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks

  • This 1969 home in Palm Springs was completely revived by Dallas based interior designer, Emily Summers. It’s basically mid-century modern heaven. Those chairs…ahhhhhh…those chairs. (via Architectural Digest)
  • If you’re needing a company logo or any graphic design work, you’ve got to check out 99 Designs. You put in what services you’re needing (i.e. business cards, letter heads, logos) and designers submit designs based on your needs. If you select one of the designs then that designer gets paid. It’s pretty awesome.

Jess’s Picks

  • The Sideshow Sign Co. has some really beautiful customizable signs! They are a little pricey — the marquee letters run about $545 — but you can get them custom and they can make such a statement. Plenty of other beautiful vintage-aesthetic signs on their site. (via Eat Drink Chic)
  • I was totally blown away by this week’s Outdoor Space Challenge featuring Mr. Goodwill Hunting on the Nate Show. It never occurred to me to paint indoor wood furniture with exterior paint to seal it up and turn it into outdoor furniture. I’m still not sure I entirely trust it… but I might just try it out with an old harvest table we have in storage.

Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks

  • Emily Henderson is working on designing a lake house. I want to live here. Pretty and white.
  • This chair shown on Apartment Therapy totally makes sense for my space. I’d love to have something like this in our living room where we seem to be on our laptops all the time anyway.

Jess’s Picks

I’m really, really wanting to change out our sofa for something more streamlined and, well, just overall prettier. The one we have, Brendan bought during grad school and it was affordable and comfy. Now, I’m still wanting comfort but also lasting style. Mid-century lines are perfect for this. So, off to Craigslist I’ve gone.

Just for fun I did a general search on Craigslist for mid-century sofas in my area.

Danish sofa that is awesome for $800 in San Antonio

Whoa. This couch is rad. $400

This “golden-brown” velour couch is so ugly but those lines are totally rad. It’s be awesome completely reupholstered in a navy. It’s selling for $175.

Right now, none of these are in my budget but if I could chose I’d pick the last one and reupholster it. That’d be fun.

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Garden Update

My garden is doing way better than I thought was possible. For my first year, things have gone smoothly. Although, I’ve had some minor issues with blossom-end rot on my tomatoes and slugs almost devoured my basil. But, everything is HUGE! The twine and rope on the left is a quick trellis I had to make for the cucumbers. It’s staked at the base of the garden and then tied up to the fence. This is the perfect place for the cucumbers to climb.

I’ve got Super Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes which I’ve learned are indeterminate. They kinda just sprawl across the ground and don’t go straight up.

Then, I’ve got Romas. They are determinate and grow straight up. This is something I wish I would have known when planting. I would have planned the space a bit differently. Because, as you can tell from the photo above, everything looks like a jungle.

 For some reason, my favorite has been the pickling cucumbers. I’ve learned that it’s best to build them a trellis. Not only do they take up a lot of prime real estate in your garden but they are also susceptible to powdery mildew. If you get powdery mildew, it cannot be composted because if you use your compost in your garden the powdery mildew will spread to other plants. Yuck, gross, and sad.

One big surprise is that Mister Bunny’s Easter Lily is blooming! I’m a bit surprised because sometimes when you transplant you can’t expect to get blooms in the same season. Like with my irises. They’ll bloom next season.

 My herb garden is super happy. Starting from the back left I’ve got Thyme, Oregano, Flat Leaf Parsely, Marigolds, Chives, Basil, and Lavendar.

 I made this simple bamboo and twine fencing to keep the dog from running through here. It’s totally works and couldn’t be easier.

The mint was not happy in the corner of the yard where I placed it, so it’s been relegated to a pot.

 My morning glories are coming in! They are so beautiful. I’ve got magenta, dark and light blue, and purple. So pretty!

Finally, I was able to get one harvest out of my dwarf peas. I planted these late in the season and so I’m happy it worked out!

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