I’m loving this Etsy spotlight today of The Zakka. The shop features beautiful handmade coin purses, clutches, and eyeglass cases. They all are reasonably priced and so it the shipping.

This color block eyeglasses case is totally rad. I love the bright colors mixed with the neutral up top. Beautiful.

This feminine floral fabric is so sweet. I’d love to give this little coin purse to my niece who just turned 1!

We wouldn’t be So Eclectic, if we didn’t show you three completely different styles. I could see myself rocking all three of these cute bags. Love the simplicity of the navy and cream with the brushed gold frame. Super pretty.

Click through all the images to see the original listing.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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This post is titled Monday because frankly I don’t know what else to title it. I went to visit family again (oh yeah, and I totally stocked up on more rocks) and so we had a whirlwind of a weekend. I got some serious hangtime in with my niece and nephew, which is my total happy place.

Today, while I was there, I helped my sister work in her garden. Her plot is huge compared to mine and she’s gonna grow so many veggies. I’m excited to see them all! While we were pulling up some weeds, I happened to sit down on the wood post border that surrounds part of her flower bed. Lo and behold, I sat right on a scorpion. Yep, right on him. Well, I guess he (she?) didn’t really care for that because the bugger stung me right on my ass. Awesome. Then, I had a four hour drive back to Austin. So, you know, that was fun. Ha!

Anywho, here’s some pretty houses for you to look at (click on images for source). Also, I should say that my partner in So Eclectic crime, Jess, is awesome. She doesn’t care that I’m posting this so late. Such a Monday.

Kohler contemporary bathroom
Contemporary bathroom design by Other Metros 
JAUREGUI Architect Interior Construction contemporary bedroom
Contemporary Bedroom by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction
1901 Kitchen Remodel eclectic kitchenEclectic Kitchen by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Friday Reader Roundup


Mary’s Picks

  • I want these furniture legs from Pretty Pegs so badly, but they’re a bit pricey. They are supposed to be used with some IKEA furniture, but I’m thinking they’d work nicely with anything as long as you have the proper attachments. (via Design Sponge)
  • One thing that I love about homes is how they are packed with history (well, some at least). I can’t get enough of trying to figure out why certain designs or materials were popular or necessary during a time frame. For instance, steel cabinetry in the 1950s were put in as an affordable way post war because of all the left over steel from the war efforts. Allll of this to say, I love the post Pam from Retro Renovation did this week on how polio braces for children in the ’50s are linked to clean, white kitchens of the time. Interesting.


Jess’s Picks

  • So somehow I missed this on Design*Sponge. Good thing there is Pinterest to point things out for me! Instead of buy bookends, wrap bricks in pretty paper. It’s a perfect solution! Since our bookshelf doesn’t have walled sides, we really need a bunch of book ends to make everything look pulled together, and I have a pile of bricks in my yard waiting for this kind of project. (via Asia Monét on Pinterest)
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Black and pink are classic 1950s colors. I love vintage pink bathrooms that contain the pale pink of the ’50s. But, I can never seem to make it work in my home all while making it look modern at the same time.

I’m so inspired by this room of photographer Jeremy Harwell and how it does just that. Black and pink. Simple and beautiful. He’s done a beautiful job mixing in some neutrals, but mostly I think the graphic print of the black and white make this space feel modern and updated. This color pallet can easily feel super, self-consciously retro. This room, however, looks simply stunning.

(via Decor8)

Sometimes I’m a little jealous of people that work from home, just because they get to have their space really personalized. Usually, I’m only jealous of people who get an office with a window! In my field, or at least my position within my field, a lot of people work in basements. I am no exception! It’s too bad because the last two days I’ve been missing a really beautiful spring rainstorm.

Anyway, I’m trying to bring something a little more fun to my office this spring. It needed a good cleaning and reorganization after the winter and I have that basically finished now.

This is an older photo of my office, when I first organized it soon after I started. When I got here, I had a big metal desk that faced the wall to the left of my desk now. I got that moved around because I really prefer to face into a room if I can help it at all.

Since then, I’ve gotten a new computer tower, more books, started a little collection of catalogs I need to make ordering decisions, moved a file cabinet into my office, moved our mini-photo studio (at the right of the photo), switched my office chair, rearranged my desk so my computer monitor isn’t all the way to the right of it, etc. A lot of little changes! Most of them have made me more comfortable though and I try to make my corner of the office as organized as I can.

Late last week, I moved all of my books to the right side of my shelving unit and cleaned out all catalogs and things that had accumulated on the left side of the shelf. Now, my shelf looked a like a nice bookshelf on one side and an as-organized-as-it-can-be office jungle on the other side.  So, I found a solution to two problems by adding a curtain on the left side of my shelves.

Now, I have a book shelf that appears organized because the part that looks less pulled together is covered by a curtain, and I have a nice wine color and pretty pattern in my office. Looking at the photos, I think the place is still pretty drab and has a ways to go, but it looks so much better.

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Yay! I’m doing a small happy dance because my plants are FINALLY in the ground. I’ve been doing so much prepping just waiting for the hypothetical last frost date to be in the clear, so that I could put the little vegetable lovelies in the ground. We gotten lots of rain here and so it was the perfect time to work in the soil. TIP: If you plan on planting anything in the ground it’s best to work in your garden/yard right after it rains. It’s so much easier and when there’s less energy being used it keeps you happier. Therefore, wanting to get back out there again and again. If you burn yourself out, you’ll not want to keep it all up.

Two weekends ago, I made my way to my home town to spend some quality time with my family. Close to my parents, my grandparents’ happen live on the same 200+ acres for the past 50 years and so they’ve got loads of materials they were willing to part with for my garden. The biggest thing was all of the white rocks you’ll see. I’m a bit surprised how sentimental my backyard is quickly becoming, it’s not something that I expected. Doing all of this work and acquiring the materials, really makes your space feel like something that needs to be loved and cared for.

Just for some reference: Here’s what I started with BEFORE

And here’s the progress I’ve made so far-

It’s looking much better! Like I said, we’ve had lots of rain lately so my grass needs a good trimming but that’ll be ongoing. The water trough behind the picnic table I’ve got big plans for so stay tuned for that!

This cute little bunny was my mom’s. It was gifted to her before I was born and it is holds an Easter Lily from my grandparent’s backyard.

These irises are great for hotter, drier climates. They are super hardy and come back every year. I pulled these up from my grandparent’s backyard and where they were started 50 years ago. So, these are off springs from their original irises from when they moved into their house. Also, since I rent, this was a great FREE option to add some extra flowers to my backyard. And because they can be transplanted so easily, when I move they are coming with me!

Here’s my little herb garden. Right now, I’ve got thyme, basil, oregano, Italian parsley, and English lavender. The oddly placed rock on the side there is marking where my chives will be going.

In the veggie garden are my bell peppers. I’ve planted red and sweet orange varieties.

And here’s one of my four tomato plants. I’ve got Romas and Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes. The super sweet ones are recommended my Martha Stewart as being delicous and easy to grow.

My vegetables include:

Red Okra, Dwarf Peas, Carrots, Pickling Cucumbers, Roma Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Bell peppers. Also, I’ve planted some Marigold seeds because they are a great flower that helps with pollenating and such.

The pine needles you see placed around the base of each plant serve as a mulch. They protect the roots of the plant from drying out and help the soil to retain moisture. And they are also from my grandparent’s pine trees. See what I mean by sentimental?

I’ve got more work to do, but lots is happening back here. Hopefully in the next couple of months, I’ll get to see some fruits of my labor.

Sorry, my Instagram (follow me at mlmarcum) photos are kinda dark. Boo. Didn’t realize that. 

Follow my graden progress and list of to-do items here.

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Last week, I did a little bit of shopping with my mom and purchased some things that I LOVE! I want to share them with you!

First up, Williams-Sonoma hand soap and lotion. This stuff is not cheap at $12.95 a bottle but it lasts so long and smells sooo good. Also, I love the consistency of this hand soap. It’s not thick and the hand lotion is fabulous! It’s so smooth and moisturizing. Also, did I mention that it smells soooo good? Seriously, this stuff is worth the money. They have several other scents and my seasonal favorite for winter is Spiced Chestnut. Yummy.


Are you familiar with Tervis tumblers? They are double walled and do a great job at keeping your drinks cold or warm. The problem? Most of them are u-g-l-y. The designs leave much to be desired. So, I was pretty happy when I found this simple copper one. I bought a clear lid and I feel like it looks good while being totally functional. Also, I can have my morning coffee in it and then drink my cold water for the rest of the day.

What cool products have you bought lately? I love to hear about products that other people love.

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