Whew, August has been a busy busy month for Jess and me. We’ve both been traveling and it’s been fun seeing all the highlights from her Austin trip here in on the blog. I can’t even express how sad I was that I missed her and Kyle being here. Super duper  bummed.

Today, I just got back from a spending a few days with my family in Surfside Beach, Texas. It was some much needed relaxation, ocean, and sun for Brendan and me.

I honestly didn’t leave our rental house or the beach the whole time we were there. Currently, there are 11 people in my immediate family (including kiddos and spouses/bfs). My sister, Abby planned out a schedule and each person just decided what they were going to cook. It was so awesome and eaaassssyyyy. I highly recommend this method if you are piling a bunch of people into a house for vacay and want to save some monies on eating out. We had Japanese curry, ranchero quinoa, lemon and rosemary chicken wings, Southwestern salads, chicken salad with tomato basil soup, eggs bendict, homemade pizzas, fresh shrimp, and bacon and jalepeno wrapped king fish (and more)! So much yummy food.

Hopefully, I’ll get back into the swing of things next week and get on top of all of those projects that have been laying around my house waiting to get finished. Oh, and it’s about that time to start planning my fall garden. Fun!

How’s your August been so far?

I know Mary lives in Austin so we get a healthy dose of Austin odds and ends, but exploring it as an outsider is pretty fun, too. Plus, I went with Kyle and he definitely explores a city differently than Mary.

Here are some of our highlights!

We stopped at In-N-Out Burger when we spent the night in Fort Worth. A very good decision! The three of us in the picture (my brother Devon, his girlfriend Abby, and I) had never eaten at In-N-Out before.

The last time I visited Austin, I didn’t get a chance to go to the bat bridge so I was really excited to get to see them this time!

We also did some classical tourism. This was part of an installation at Women & Their Work. These CDs were recycled into a playable theremin. You could make music by waving your hand near an antenna at the opposite end of this tunnel.

The Blanton Museum of Art on UT’s campus has this beautiful atrium right off the lobby. I love the glassy blue stripes and the tall white walls!

I kind of felt like on the whole trip we mostly just ate tacos. I think at least 50% of my meals while in Austin involved a taco — evidence that I was doing it right!

We stopped in Take Heart a shop that Mary thought we’d really like. She was right! It was made even better by little Willa who interrupted her nap to greet all the new shoppers as they came through the door.


Trip to Colorado

I apologize for the radio silence on my end on Monday. I got back from my week long trip to Colorado and was totally wiped out. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do much all day Monday. It was nice to rest. Does anyone else feel like they have to take a vacation from their vacation? I certainly do sometimes.

I have never been to Colorado when it wasn’t covered in snow. They whole state is so beautiful with its perfect summer weather and mountain landscape.

We made a quick stop to hike to Treasure Falls between Durango and Salida. To my dismay, I’m not an “outdoorsy” girl by any means, but I enjoy a quick easy hike with a beautiful view.

I got some great grabs while Thrift shopping and hit up an estate sale. I’m working on that post to show all of you the super cool things I bought for little money. I love that!

Hope you’ve all had a great week! It’s good to be home.

Are you on It’s like Pinterest (kinda) but just for houses. The website is beautiful and there are so many filters and search options.

Riverhouse eclectic family room
eclectic family room design by new york interior designer Thom Filicia Inc.
If you’re planning a room redo or just seeking inspiration Houzz is the place to go. Also, the app for the iPad is so great. You can add images to an idea book, set your favorites, and filter by style, room, and metro area.
Montcalm Street eclectic patio
eclectic patio design by san francisco architect Rossington Architecture
My absolute favorite aspect though is that you can see the names of the designer or architects. That way if you are doing some work on your home, you can find someone in the area whose work you like.
My Home Office eclectic home office
eclectic home office design by charlotte interior designer Emily A. Clark
I’m just telling you about Houzz because I like it so much and want to pass along good things when I find them. Have you used Houzz before?

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a specific Etsy shop that I really like. Most of my shopping on Etsy lately has been for replacement wedding bands for Kyle and I, rings or jewelry for me, or series of items for a party treasury for our Thursday series. Recently, I ran across these handpainted miniature sculptures and collectibles by HandyMaiden and thought I should share them with you all.

Buffalo pocket totem figurine

Sloth pocket totem figurine

Elephant pocket totem figurine

Sheep pocket totem figurine

This series is for the travelers, the kids-at-heart, and everyone who wants to take an animal wherever they go. Of course, you can always keep them on your desk or any place in your home that currently needs an animal.

Each totem is sculpted out of polymer clay and measures roughly 1.5 inches. The simple sculptural design makes them sturdier than most decorative figurines, and they fit more comfortably in your jacket pocket. The piece is then cured and meticulously hand painted with as much care and attention to detail as my regular figurines– right down to their teeny faces– for maximum character and cuteness. The totem is then coated with several layers of protective varnish, for a smooth matte finish.

— From HandyMaiden’s shop

If you’re not as big of a fan of the impractical as I am .. or if you don’t have any place in your home that currently needs an animal.. there are also cute badges and earrings.

barn owl post earrings

Badger of Honor

honeybadger and snake post earrings


#, #, #, #

Mary’s Picks

  • These skateboard photos taken by Bill Eppridge in the 60s are pretty awesome. I’ve never had the balance to ride a skateboard myself, but I do have a fondness for them. (via Honestly…WTF)
  • This new blog, The Comedy Albums Club, is written by a fella I tend to be pretty fond of. Finding a good comedy albums seems to be something that’s hard for the average person to come by and so Brendan has some great recommendations.

Jess’s Picks

Major monster apologies for the reallllly late post today. I have had a somewhat unpredictable day. It’s been good unpredictable though so don’t give me any sympathy. The worst parts were that I had to wait hours on an oil change and had a terrible Walmart experience (go figure, right?) and that my laptop battery was dead so I couldn’t even get the post up while I waited and waited. I suppose I should plan better and procrastinate less, but what’s the fun in that?

  • Now that it’s march, I feel like it’s finally okay to be so excited for spring flowers without feeling like the wait will be too long to handle it. I like this DIY (fake) flower topiary to get this spring feeling into my house.
  • has had so many cute poufs, and I seriously love to sit on the floor and craft at a coffee table. If my legs were happy being folded up underneath me all day, I may never move. DIY Pouf to the rescue.

Have you noticed I’m all about sewing projects lately? I really need to find the sewing machine pedal at Kyle’s parents or finally order a new one.


This Medicine Cabinet Toothbrush & Toothpaste Organizer is so cool. I have a heavy Oxo-bias anyway, but I get so tired of the toothpaste falling down in the cabinet or taking up inches of space! It’s great that it catches any drips too. (via RealSimple)

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