There were just a few cool things I wanted to share with you all from my trip to Colorado.

My friend, Cathy, and I stopped in Pagosa Springs, CO and checked out an antique shop and then headed over to a little cafe for lunch. We sat and I noticed all of these Eames molded plywood chairs. They have to be original and they were soooo comfortable. I asked the server about them and she said they love them and get inquiries on people wanting to purchase them all the time. The restaurant was full of these chairs. I’d love to have some for a dining room table.

When we finally arrived in Salida, CO we stopped at an estate sale. I got some cool stuff, but this couch was awesome. If I was a vintage dealer, I would have tried to talk the lady out of this couch. It sooo reminds me of Emily Henderson.

But, I did manage to score this great little bookshelf. Acutally, I think it was a gutted TV cabinet. But it was $2 (!!!!). I mean, I couldn’t just leave it there, right? At this same sale sat this whale cutting board. Totally quirky but I wanted it. Couldn’t justify it for now, but it would look awesome in a baby room on a gallery wall.

And, my favorite, this piece of lovely art. Art is so subjective so you might totally hate this great guitar dude, but I love him. He hung in the house we stayed in Salida, CO and so did tons of other truly great vintage pieces. I love seeing how people curate their own love for vintage.

Jess’s Picks

Mary’s Picks

  • We’ve decided to start eating a bit better and I’m really trying to do my best to incorporate raw foods as much as possible into my diet. But, hello, Pinterest is the worst thing to look on while doing a diet change up. Chocolate Cobbler? Um, I might just have to make you this weekend. (by Karen Gentry)
  • Make your own concrete planters! These are awesome and this tute really makes me want to fill my backyard with stylish planters. Maybe that’s a great DIY for the fall when I don’t feel like a lobster just for stepping outside for 5 minutes.

Trip to Colorado

I apologize for the radio silence on my end on Monday. I got back from my week long trip to Colorado and was totally wiped out. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do much all day Monday. It was nice to rest. Does anyone else feel like they have to take a vacation from their vacation? I certainly do sometimes.

I have never been to Colorado when it wasn’t covered in snow. They whole state is so beautiful with its perfect summer weather and mountain landscape.

We made a quick stop to hike to Treasure Falls between Durango and Salida. To my dismay, I’m not an “outdoorsy” girl by any means, but I enjoy a quick easy hike with a beautiful view.

I got some great grabs while Thrift shopping and hit up an estate sale. I’m working on that post to show all of you the super cool things I bought for little money. I love that!

Hope you’ve all had a great week! It’s good to be home.

During Kyle and my trip to Austin, we did a bit of exploring — mostly of places on a list provided by Mary. One of the shops on the list was Take Heart, a modern, handmade, and vintage boutique in East Austin. While there, I fell in love with some sweet ceramics from Villarreal Ceramics in Tuscon, AZ.

I really loved these little cups. I love the way the ceramic is so thin and folded. I have been pretty seriously regretting not leaving Take Heart with a set of my own.

Vanessa Villerreal is on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite items from her shop:

coral heart tumblers

coral heart tumblers

small salt and or pepper bowl a pair no 9

small salt and or pepper bowl a pair no 9

llama cup a second

llama cup a second


#, #

Wander Lust Embroidered Urban Outfitters

A favorite phrase with embroidery. Sold. On sale at Urban Outfitters for $34.99.

#, #

An Olympics treasury seems like a pretty straightforward idea this Thursday, but it’s actually a little harder than I’d hoped. Everyone with anything for sale that is USA, red-white-and-blue, rings, Olympic ring colored, related to an Olympic sport, or slightly British has added the word “Olympic” to their listing. Good marketing on their part, but it makes searching for good little finds a lot more difficult.

Here are some of my favorite!

1. Art Print Limited Edition Olympic Swimmer by pinetreeart; 2. Olympic Colored Rings iPhone 4S CaseUncommon by HomeDecorPhotos; 3. 20 Mini Vintage 1980’s Plastic Toys Mixed Olympic Sport by nuchyk; 4. Olympic Rings Silver Necklace London 2012 handmade by melissawuest; 5. Summer Olympics Dog Bandanas featuring Dog Tugging by doggydesign; 6. 1950s Vintage Olympic Sport Athletic Shorts L Yellow Red by hilwa.


Since getting our new couch, all I can think about are new accessories to add to the living room. The leather really darkened the room so now I want to change things up a bit, starting with the rug.

Right now we just have a plain jute rug and with the wood floors, brown couches, brown end tables and brown coffee table, there is just too much brown up in here. I really like this bold geometric graphic from Urban Outfitters and as far as rugs go it’s super affordable at $89 for a 5×7. I think the gray and white will add a nice tonal contrast while the graphic breaks up the flow of the room in a good way.

Next, I feel like the art over the couch needs to change. So, I’m really inspired by this DIY abstract art by Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. I would like to do more blues and greens than yellow and pink but the design of that art is exactly what I’m looking for.

And, as I mentioned a long time ago, the credenza still needs to be painted so I think I’ve decided on a pretty mint color like this dresser featured on Houzz.

I’ve got some time off work soon and I’m hoping that will be the perfect time to complete it! I’ll keep you posted.

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