body surface rapidly fade away, blink of time,Coach Factory Outlet, all of the trauma is give all disappear.
‘Thank elders.’
see this Tongxuan elders exposed the hand, Xiao Yan heart is somewhat stern, he is not given to the people in this ancient tribe, and that he wanted to kill the ancient demon,Coach Outlet, certainly it is impossible That being the case … it will take this step, facing Tongxuan elders hand over the road. ‘\\ Small〗
Tong Xuan elders smiled and nodded, Xiao Yan eyes swept him slowly, after a moment … a hoarse voice said: ‘I did not expect, but also Chuzhe Deng Xiao family character, Xiao Xuan if able to learn the words, fear is there would be very pleased. ” \\ small〗
‘ancient demon, this test of … you’ve lost,’ voice down, Tongxuan elders still pale complexion turned behind him, fists clenched ancient demon,Coach Outlet Online, dull voice rang in the silence of the audience. ‘\\ Small〗
Heard, ancient demon body shoved shocked … he was very clear, if not Tongxuan elders shot at the last moment, then and now, he is thoroughly destroyed by Xiao Yan submerged into powder-like existence,Coach Bags On Sale, but even so , he was always Xingaoqiao difficult to accept this harsh reality,Cheap Coach, he also could not imagine how, finally, that he would lose his mind from beginning to end is never really had to face Xiao family wastes. ‘\\ Said〗
‘victory is the victory, defeat is defeat, even if you do not have the courage to admit defeat, as well as what the military are eligible to become a black submerged system? What qualifications become submerged black king?’, see the clenched fist The ancient demon, Tongxuan Presbyterian faint voice,Coach Outlet Online, a promise some more severe. ‘\\ Net〗
5 Floor
ancient demon clenched teeth, after a moment, finally took a deep breath, turned to Xiao Yan, extremely unwilling said: ‘I lost.’ …
‘ancient demon

collided with a huge black finger Fire colored plate at the moment, actually burst quietly opened a crack, look at this look, it seems that two kinds of fighting skills, or simply more ancient demon big Perishable even better!
‘Hey, this kid, and finally to barely begin …………,
‘Xiao Yan colored fire dish must not stand!’
this scene, so that was a lot of the same people exclaimed aloud, they are very clear that this is the last Rush both sides, if the first who could not resist, I am afraid that you have defeated here first!
‘Cha Cha Cha!’
at that numerous road gaze, crack colored fire dish over more and more, although that huge black finger is gradually becoming blurred, but look at this momentum, obviously Xiao Yan’s first top plate is not colored fire to live.
‘Xiao Yan’s five disk is not that guy from the fire of Perishable refers opponent,Coach Outlet Store!’
small medical cents, who now also become ugly face up in the body of vindictiveness is rapidly running into the sky, apparently ready at any time to sell. Kaoru children
hand clenched, Meimou among the golden flame suddenly surging. Mang
smile on the face of day-foot and it was dignified replaced at the moment, slowly stood up,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan can fight with the ancient demon to this point, has beenOut of almost everyone’s expectations, but look at the situation, he had to be shot, otherwise, I am afraid that really will XiaoYan killed at the hands of the ancient demon.
‘Xiao Yan Master in rapid disappearance of the body of a grudge ……
Mang days on foot when going to shot, the side of the green scales, but it is suddenly whispered.
‘ah,Coach Outlet Store Online? how is it?’
Heard,Coach Outlet Online, Mang day ruler and Kaoru children, etc. were all hesitated,Coach Outlet Store Online, sensing a bit closer,Coach Outlet, it really is found, Xiao Yan breath, suddenly become weak a lot at the moment,

generation, and assessment of, the natural target, naturally the younger generation.’ Ye Xin heavy blue eyes looked at the side of one, sigh a sigh, leaves home for generations, is a generation better than a generation, it seems kind of alchemy talent is gradually being polished in general, even compared to some of the outside of the refining pharmacists are going to be better than that of the younger generation in the next, Hin Blue is considered a good gift ,Coach Outlet Online, but also but just reached level five refining pharmacist & quot.;
heavy eyes to see the leaves on Qiao Lian Hin Blue was full of color ashamed of.
‘every assessment, five families are sent a younger generation must accept Danta test,Coach Bags On Sale, if the test is passed, the seats will be retained, but if it is not pass, then that is dangerous, -.’ leaf weight smile said: ‘I leaves home, there have been two did not pass, and then pass this time if so, not only will completely lose eligibility elders fell Ru Danta seats, but also to be squeezed out of five families, & quot;’
‘five families, is an entry-level shortcut Danta,Cheap Coach Purses, so there are many eyes staring at the road here as soon as I was out one leaves home,Coach Outlet Store Online, those eyeingGuys, it will immediately rushed to the & quot ;, ‘
‘very harsh assessment of the condition?’ Xiao Yan asked softly,Coach Factory Outlet.
focus leaves nodded, sighed:. ‘minimum qualifications to participate in this assessment is that refining pharmacists need at least six items, but if you want to pass it, but it is going to achieve the level of seven refining pharmacist, just might & quot ; ‘
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan slightly nodded his head slowly and said: ‘seven items
each – not hard. ‘
‘My old bones are just practicing for so many years at this level, Mr. Xiao Yan gifted naturally without problems,coach purses outlet, but I’m the

 As for,Coach Outlet
Nalan sweet, just in the blood pool just waiting for three days, because the body is saturated and had the energy to reach the lake, and then in the light of day Xiao Yan Temple nearly two months, finally had to leave In other words, today’s Tianmu, I am afraid it was only one person yet XiaoYan slightest news. ‘If still no news within today, I will enter the blood pool at the end of what had happened and see what …’
pondered for a long time, and finally a stone teeth, his body burning need Xiao Yan shot, so even knowing that the end can not enter the blood pool,Coach Outlet Store, only to see some up. Heard, Kanaya helpless nodded, so now only the. ‘Boom!’
金谷刚 just nod in that Yi Sha, the world around the crater,Cheap Coach, suddenly burst into energy roar out of thin air, and soon this piece of energy between heaven and earth, is actually intense undulator up. With this road roaring sound, I could see nothing around energy between heaven and earth as if by a traction-like
, actually began to frantically within the caldera of cohesion away, two stone closer look, now these energy cohesion place,Coach Outlet Store, consternation,Coach Outlet, that the blood pool is located at the mountain that day! ‘How? – What’s going on,’ sudden changes, so too Jingu Yi Zheng, immediately hastily.
stone is frowned, staring eyes tightly within the sediment of blood on the surface of the water where, at the moment there have been nearly ten Ji Zhang huge water swirling in the water rotation center position, has a dark hole,Coach Factory Outlet, and those around energy between heaven and earth, it is here to give all along, and into Kuangyong. ‘Seems to have something in the blood pool in the crazy energy absorption, not bad as I expected, it should be out out of Xiao Yan grid.’ Stone slowly said.
‘imperial struggle with his strength, how could motivate the world energy

drug division of worship.
days in Izumo city drug empire fame very wide, so Xiao Yan trio just random one asked,Coach Outlet Online, is that a specific position, but with three speeds, spent approximately one day, this is arrived was regarded as a holy city.
standing on a peak day poison outside the city, dusty XiaoYan three were all long sigh of relief, now three, attire is a little bit changed, Medusa more directly in was wearing a cape, the road from, because of her good looks,Coach Outlet Store Online, attracted a lot of trouble, but for those guys with evil intentions, Medusa is naturally not the slightest left hand, but still those pesky flies is flocked to get the last, even by her harden degree,Coach Factory Outlet, it had no choice but to face with a cloak to cover up, so down, and that many of their way just smoothly, ‘I did not expect such a large city,Coach Outlet Online, even properly – is The schools were palm poison. to this drug cases in the status of cloud empire than inflammation in Gama Empire League have much higher on ah. ‘looked at the bottom of a large city, Xiao Yan tongue praise loudly.
‘means you do not have her so hard, if you are willing to make the enemy of the royal family who kill again, and the rest of the forces of the bloodbath that Gama empire, but also completely League is inflammation of the world,Coach Outlet Store Online, but also no oneDare to have the slightest objection. ‘Medusa faint.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan smile a cry, and said that he really can not do it.
‘? What the city needs’ Medusa also did not – too much to stay on this topic, casually asked.
‘no.’ ‘Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head, a move immediately hand,Coach Factory Outlet, is the emergence of a gray jade pieces, and then gently pinch, will it shape into powder.
done all this, Xiao Yan arrested a clap, sit cross-legged on top of the mountain is directly down, smiled and said:. ‘Next, they wait, she

under the shadow of one of the rocks, suddenly strange creeping up, soon turned into a old figure,Coach Outlet, consternation, that coming out of the shadow Ling Ling film directed stooping respectful girl.
‘how? Why have his news?’ Girl From the stone bench and sat up, turned around, revealing goes Pure Lotus reveals a refined temperament smiling cheek, at the moment, it is always difficult to have much fluctuation weekdays voice, is actually Duoliaoyifen wait.
And this cheek, in addition to that get Xiao Yan toward the night and think Kaoru children, but also who it is.
Kaoru children from leaving Xiao Yan, which is about three or four years there, and in recent years among children smoked obviously also matured a lot, and now she is compared to the year of the girl, a less Sentimental points, Duoliaoyifen indifferent water from the depths of the soul.
But no matter how she changed, but still has a bit still remain, and that is when you hear the name associated with that message, mood Furui no waves, the waves will ripple out of a little girl.
perhaps as Ling shadow had expected, smoked child’s heart,Coach Outlet Store, will have a permanent presence of the shadow, the shadow of this road, even the patriarch great master of coercion, it is difficult to clearly hear the erasure Kaoru children in a tone that points urgent, Ling Yi Tan shadow heart is, for years, she only heard things when Master Xiao Yan, just like ordinary girl can really general,Coach Outlet, is so unusual as not moving mountains dull, but added that the practice for several years as the old monster-like,Coach Outlet Store Online, enigmatic is reached,Coach Factory Outlet, but can the others a bit less lively girl.
of course, knew smoked her identity, she was not destined to extraordinary,Coach Bags Outlet, but she can be accompanied by a man, will certainly also hold that the continent’s most outstanding

to kill.
‘How do you want? Black King were here, but the place.’ Xiao Yan felt the eyes of the intention to kill,Coach Outlet Store, Kui brake face is slightly changed, said.
‘pick her three punches, ma} lemma, too, went away, then, however, die!’ Xiao Yan Zi research pointing to the side,Coach Outlet, a touch of Chun Xiao Yan refers to seeing purple research first hesitated, and soon the little face suddenly took on the color of eager excitement.
along a road around the eyes Xiao Yan finger looked like carved Yuzhuo Qiaode very cute pink purple research, JL face suddenly emerged a touch strange color, this guy, but she was a little girl talk Kui hand brake?
Kui brake that also do this startled a moment, immediately took to heart a surge of anger, sneered: ‘I can pick you up three punches,Coach Handbags Outlet, do not get out of a little baby girl,Coach Outlet Store, get free time and killed, have provoked a trouble . ‘
Xiao Yan is to ignore him, migraine research village with purple smile:. ‘Do it, do not leave the hand.’
‘ah!’ Purple research nodded his heavy head, and soon fingers intertwined, a slight press, between the bones suddenly burst into crackling sound, small steps walked toward Kui brake.
filled grudge body surface, under the little fist terrible power, directly tear open, purple research fist, that is precisely falls above its chest, suddenly, a blood, together around that Under the gaze Road consternation, blasting spray out. Xue Wu cemented
blood in the air,Coach Outlet Store Online, and Kui brake body, it is like being hit like sandbags, upright facing the rear of the inverted out along the collision smashed chairs directly Pizhen powder,Coach Outlet Online, and so on inverted after tens of meters, and finally is severely impact on a huge pillars, the moment the hall is the emergence of subtle shake Lian.
full field silent, all projects are all Class 7 Zi research

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