Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks

  • First off, our thoughts and prayers today are with those in Colorado. These tragedies not only create so much turmoil for the families but also everyone else that’s involved. My hope is that fear will not take over.
  • Are you familiar with the website? It’s the absolute best way to search for airfare. You can’t buy directly from the site but it lists where the prices are the lowest. We are attempting to plan a couple of trips this year on a really tight budget so it’s helping us make those happen. Also, their smartphone app is the best.
  • I’m starting to really educate myself on health and the kinds of foods we eat. Honestly, it’s a lot of inconvenient truths but I sincerely believe it will be better for our health in the long run. One of my favorite blogs during this process has been Food Renegade and the reoccurring article they do called Decoding Labels. Last week she decoded the label of V8 Fruit Splash. Eye. Opener.

Jess’s Picks


It is so hot! The only good thing about this is that it’s perfect ice cream weather. I’ve rounded up some great ice cream party finds at Etsy.

1. Mini Wood Bowls Set of Two Mint Green by WindandWillowHome on Etsy; 2. Rainbow Candy Toppings for Cupcakes Ice Cream by BakersBlingShop; 3. Dansk ice cream cups Danish modern dessert by CoolVintageFinds; 4. 15 Melt in your Mouth Peanut Butter Cups English by IngridsGoodies; 5. 4 Wooden MiniScoops Great For Serving Toppings by SucreShop; 6. Reserved for Teresa Retro Turquoise Salton Big Chill by Vintiqued.

I love the mini wood bowls and the mini wooden scoops. What a cute way to serve toppings! I’m bummed that the ice cream maker is a reserve. It’s such a pretty color! None of the other ice cream makers on Etsy really caught my eye,  so I guess we’ll all just have to watch for a turquoise big chill of our very own.


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Mast Brothers Chocolate

While Brendan and I were walking through Central Market today, Mast Brothers Chocolate caught my eye. I stopped just to take note of the beautiful wrapping of the chocolates. In continuing with Monday’s talk about branding and design, Mast Brothers definitely knows what they’re doing.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

The wrapping is graphic, eye catching, and hip. It’d be awesome to enjoy the chocolates and then use the paper for a small gift.

Mast Brothers Chocolates

They are based out of Brooklyn, NY and handcraft all their chocolates. Hopefully, we will be making a trip to Brooklyn soon to visit friends and will be checking these guys out.

I came across Bellalulu Vintage while looking for items for my Happy Birthday to myself treasury back in March. This shop is so cute, full of great thrift finds, and beautifully staged, that I keep returning to it for inspiration.

Vintage Wooden Crate The Book of Knowledge by bellalulu on Etsy. When I was little, I was pretty into encyclopedias — I think I really needed the invention of Wikipedia –and my family had a set of The Book of Knowledge. In addition to this being a more unique crate than most of the thrift ones you find for sodas or produce, I’d like to add that little hat tip to something I enjoyed as a child in my home.

Vintage Fencing Mask by bellalulu on Etsy. I think fencing is a really fascinating sport. I’ve been interested in it since I first read Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden in middle or high school and the couple meets for the first time at the armor section at the Met in New York (or maybe it was when I watched Lost and Delirious for the first time. Either way, I highly romanticize fencing as I associate it with some of my favorite bittersweet love stories. ) I’m off track now, right? Okay. Well. Fencing. It’s interesting, and this fencing mask would make great decor. I imagine it would be a bear to dust though, so maybe  stock up on some compressed air!

Vintage Letter M Flag by bellalulu on Etsy. If the $40+ price tags of the last two items scare you off, have no fear. There are plenty of sweet little finds for under $20, like this vintage letter M flag.

It’s a cute shop and — since branding has been on our minds a lot lately with my blip in the last Friday Reader Roundup and Mary’s post yesterday — I’ll note that it really nails the branding.

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Austin, Texas is full of some truly beautiful graphic design and branding. Since there’s such a major focus on small businesses here, you’ll find totally unique signage on almost every corner.

My favorites are the branding design done by FÖDA Studios in Austin.

Inspired design and branding goes such a long way in customer experience. Doesn’t this beautiful work make you intrigued about these businesses and want to try out their food?

Elizabeth St. Cafe is owned by the same folks that own Perla’s. They also have two other restaurants, Lamberts and Fresa’s, and they used FÖDA for the branding on those too. All so beautiful!

It’s amazing how much goes into branding and when it is done well, how it sticks with you as a customer. Huge kudos to the folks over at FÖDA Studio for their amazing work.

Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks

  • This beautiful watertower is by artist Tom Fruin. I love public, city art that decorates an otherwise concrete colored landscape. (via Design Sponge).
  • Emily Henderson’s new redo of her guest room is amazeballs. That’s the only word that I can come up with because I think this room is so awesome. Caveat- it’s definitely not a color scheme that would work in my house or something that I would normally gravitate toward, but I inexplicably love it.

Jess’s Picks

  • I think I often forget how much branding detracts from the home. I hide most things with ugly labels, butsome things do come in pretty packages which makes the idea of removing the labels so great! (via You Might Find Yourself)
  • My final find is something I am so pumped about I might just do it this weekend! HomeJelly shared this Michaels DIY toybox for a pup. We spoil Oats like crazy but all of her toys are just in a smallish wicker laundry basket. I bet she’d appreciate it!

Summer of Citrus

I am obsessed with citrus this summer. I go through a lemon or more a day in iced tea, and I want spritzes of lemon or lime on or in everything. I can’t get enough calimari!

Let’s celebrate citrus!

1. Vintage juice jar lemon yellow typography by reconstitutions; 2. Yellow Pitcher by MommyLovesVintage on Etsy; 3. Neon lime and linen white tray by Fairyhome on Etsy; 4. TWOPACK Recycled Corona Beer Bottle Slumped by BoulderDesign; 5. Chocolate Brown Clutch Handbag / Lemon Yellow by KellysKeepsakes.

Bright lemon and lime colors work perfectly with neutrals. Now I’m thirsty for more lemon-sweetened tea, again!

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