into the skull for the peace to be included among the hospital, although they also know that magic is an extremely tricky old devil exist, so-called water to soil cover, soldiers to be blocked,Coach Outlet Online, after initial fears that, Xiao Yan’d open a lot, even if that old devil magic strength really look at it, no one can match the Canaan Institute, but he really wants to ease The overcome Canaan Institute, fear is what is easy to do.
six or seven stars were strong although the terrible fighting,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan also can not resist the force did not really want to fire prompting, golfThree kinds of different fire exhaustively integration, but also to make that old devil magic fascinates me … ‘
West holding such a mentality,Coach Outlet, the past few days is pretty Xiao Yan did not show any fear and anxiety,Coach Outlet, the occasional trip to Door Service, testifies to the presence of numerous hands-door refining pharmacists and drug refining alchemy,Coach Outlet Store Online, put a little tap, When the won warm applause, but also so that was his position in the hearts of the members of the door chime from the original mystery becomes inaccessible close a lot.
while occasionally idle, then the inner court of the herbs in the practice room library or wait for a while, but in the Xiao Yan is so stable mood, practicing effect actually quite good,Coach Outlet Store, practicing a few times, there are faint between feeling kind of promotion, as long as it seems to give him an opportunity to break through to five star Huang, should be a natural thing. As Lun days
burning heart inflammation Lianqi tower makeup thing, but added postponed for some time, and now the war imminent, maintain peak condition is the most important thing, but at the moment if the hands of the words ‘so that was definitely not small Xiao Yan appear The loss, which for the coming war, do not be

attack, although they strive.
‘howl what kind of strength, this kid is not a temple but often strong imperial struggle, anti-play ability is simply super.’ Steller Elders frowned write-yo Road in the heart, but the surface, but it is gradually cold, scarlet eyes fixed on Xiao Yan,Cheap Coach Purses, sound gloomy road against two fellow workers ‘make haste to get rid of it.
‘ah.’ The other two Mulan elders nodded,Coach Outlet, his eyes scarlet bloodthirsty also increasingly rich, enveloped in red blood on their physical energy,Coach Outlet, but also become strong a lot.
feel so imposing trio,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan is a long breath and closed his eyes immediately turned slowly, and with closed, feet at its eyes, the sudden burst of extremely bright silver glare, which shares the rapid spread of the light on, a breathing room, that is,Coach Outlet Store Online, the body count them wrapped.
light on the spread,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan is suddenly opened his eyes, but that on the black eye, but it is at the moment suddenly becomes a silver eyes, looks very strange, ‘three thousand thunderous:! thousand Ray’
eyes eyes transformed in the hands of Xiao Yan suddenly bear a Road cumbersome fingerprints, handprints blur whipped, after a moment suddenly a condensate, and its body is fiercely Hao, immediately, in Mulan old folk face slightly changed, the Xiao Yan appearance with two identical silver light, split out from the body. Ray
thousand thousand thunderous highest state level after reaching imperial struggle, Xiao Yan finally time to order this agility, trying to peak realm of light appeared two silver and three is divided into three directions, for Mulan direction where the old folk, suddenly looked Baoshe away from a professional point of view, the starting post conception superficial, lacking in substance, writing obscure entirely irrigation, is not worth a top; but

smile into a little more eager and friendly, the kind of dull compared with the previous, is undoubtedly a lot of enthusiasm.
passion for elders Sheng,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan is also the smile back,Coach Factory Outlet, step back, but suddenly he felt the touch of the soul so that was some throbbing daylight, on the current head of a switch,Coach Outlet Store, the line of sight is that of the chief of Cao black woman, intertwined together. Xiao Yan looked
shot over the line of sight, Cao Ying lips full of charm but also set off a touch of subtle meaning of the arc, Yaoqi filled room, like a falling mundane world of fairy …
For this enchanting fairy that unbridled temptation, Xiao Yan heart, but it is quietly raised an alert intended. This woman can not arbitrarily contaminated! Before finally six yards out, and everyone with a vote in what consolation I handle it a little cramped. ‘On the 10th, and pull the pass.
update this time, hardly a violent outbreak, but also maintained a stable update, not because of anything that occurs off more, less is more thing,Coach Factory Outlet, this potato is feeling good. ‘ mid
will return to Sichuan, my brother get married, it will delay a lot of time, but please be assured that update, will not be dropped, July to December now, six months, potatoes performance, surely we can see, potatoes are really trying to change … If you think today’s potato has qualifications chapter seeking monthly billing, then please fight break you brothers and sisters,Coach Outlet Store, in the hands of a precious pass, vote for us in the fight to break ! Sincere thanks! Last month, last year,Coach Outlet Online, please let us walk together. 1120th chapters soul manipulation
‘This is the next assessment, called the soul manipulation …’
Sheng Xiao Yan looked at the smiling elder four, and then removed from the sodium ring 一枚 painted black iron beads, iron bead surface

down,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, he did not do too much stay physique of a move, that is, into a streamer in the eyes of many in awe, Luexiang spatial fluctuations came after the mountainPlace.
Xiao Yan looked away figure, Quan This collapse under a small face,Tiffany Outlet, and some complained: ‘The finished, Shaoge Zhu became a disciple, and that people are not low chance after a multi-No, I can not because identity a secret disciple to give up, we must adhere to in the end. ‘
word to the last, Quan shook his fist, and then backs away in front of Xiao Yan gently grasping, as if to catch the latter in the palm general.
‘…… teacher, is also able to culture.’
(second more to continue the code !!!! third more !!!!! 1352nd third chapter invited helper [more!] When Xiao Yan rushed
astral mountain, about ten to ten feet of a black hole the size of the boat, is slowly appear on a mountain peak in the stone platform, a surge of violent force of space,Tiffany Outlet, since which a steady stream of violence Chung out, the last rapid spread open ……, ‘Teacher,Tiffany Outlet, successful?’
Xiao Yan stature of a move, appeared in place not far away from the wormhole,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, looking at the front of the old road that figure, delighted Road.
‘ah’ old drugs smiled and nodded, immediately turned to look to Xiao Yan, said: ‘? That little girl you’ve ever seen.’
little girl, Xiao Yan is naturally aware of the old drugs refers Quan, the moment with a wry smile and nodded his head and said: ‘seen, really very good talent, if the culture, then a few non-achievement.’
‘make disciples accept it?’ chuckled the old drugs, and his eyesight has always been tricky,Tiffany Outlet Store, able to get him saw very few people, it also illustrates that Quan talent, is how powerful.
Xiao Yan nodded again, the former things Roughly speaking again, and when he heard the old drugs in secret

the heart secretly whispered ‘Of course,Tiffany & Co Outlet, he also understands that this path must not be too easy, this time, he also said that the other three engines to listen black Long Island news related toEastern Long Island early strength, ‘yet still only send four islands of late, enough to imagine that the so-called three Dragon King,Tiffany Outlet Online, what a horrible strong.
three big guys,Tiffany Outlet, although insufficient research has purple royal bloodline pure and rich, but their ambitions, ‘let Zi research certainly not easily complete unification’ In that case,Tiffany & Co Outlet, their status’ is will be greatly decline, but in their heads, but also will be able to order the re-emergence of their people, this case, for all these years has been used to send the command number for the three dragon, but somewhat difficult to accept.
‘Oh, Xiao Yan little friends,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, you may finally be coming back, and that void deviate too dangerous, I’d worry about what you will have an accident in there ……’
after Xiao Yan and black engine has just entered the East Long Island, candle figure it out from in front of the elders is now a ‘rush to support the former smiling Road.
‘Thank you, miss a candle from the elders. ”
Shaw also pointed smile, facing the candle arch of the hand from the elders’ eyes are looked behind him, where the old man with two wearing white robes, the two men have not seen before, Xiao Yan, but since They filled out the body Ruoyouruowu breath, but so too is he understands the strength of the two, I am afraid that is at least eight or more stars on the level of respect.
‘Oh, this is my cologne two family elders, but it is the emptiness before practice, did not come back,’ Xiao Yan eyes of surprised to see the candle from the elders smiled and said.
‘seen the two-wavelength light.’
Xiao Yan smiled,Tiffany And Co Outlet, quite polite in

skills, but not enough, in front of the deity, you will not have the opportunity to display these attacks,’ so, or go with the deity, although my task is back with a living, but as long as there is breath, are considered ‘nine days statue slender fingers lightly on the bomb sleeves, deadpan Road.
‘I actually do not believe.’ …
Xiao Yan eyes squint slightly, from nine days respect him, he is extremely dangerous felt a breath, but it is not possible to get him without a fight,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, the moment the back shoulder shocked,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, that green then red wing bone is extended out wings pick up, its stature suddenly Baotui, a blur sky emerges, so that was dazzling.
Baotui see Xiao Yan stature,Tiffany Outlet, nine days statue is slowly shook his head, slowly twisting beside space, and its stature, it is the strange disappearance of the trail.
stature statue disappeared nine days that Yi Sha, Xiao Yan is also covered with hairs stood up immediately, but its eyes blink moment just under … is to see that road blue shadow, has been less than two feet of distance in its front.
‘deity said,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, these …… no use.’
nine days statue still face indifference, floating palm grazing, water filled the air at the moment condensed from, and finally with a wave of extreme chill rich flavor, are like lightning in front of Xiao Yan snatched.
nine days without any fireworks this statue floated beat breath, Xiao Yan face is rapidly thickened, purple-brown flame in palm rapid aggregation, and finally into a serpentine dragon entrenched, with nine days of heavy statue palms on the touch together.
‘laugh’ ,Tiffany Outlet Store
the two collided, and no voice shaking, the hot and chill intertwined, just beyond the outbreak of full-bodied white smoke, Chi Chi sound, heard.
It did not last long and so intertwined,Tiffany & Co Outlet, Chen Sheng is being sounded

in front of the darkness slowly, so that was on him without resistance from one end of the stone benches sit cross-leggedFall down.
‘senior immortality seven items, it really is not so good refining
ah, & quot; ‘
before coma,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan mind, also sounded together with
Xu some wry Murmur,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, & quot;
(the first is more,Tiffany Outlet, there will be three shifts today. 1020th IX Dan yin and yang of life Soul When Xiao Yan
be gradually waking up from a coma,Tiffany Outlet, but it is surprised to find himself lying on top of already soft bed, the room also smelled a faint fragrance.
slow crossing opened his doublet, his eyes slightly at first and then some lag after a pause, and that the dark eyes, finally,Tiffany Outlet Online, gradually took some promise vitality.
lying in bed for a moment, Xiao Yan slightly inspected at the body, did not find anything wrong with it, but also because the refining fire that Bo had Dan and exhausted soul force, at the moment is to restore a lot,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, feeling kind of tired of weakness also early is disappear.
‘This is -?’
feel these changes, Xiao Yan mind is quietly relieved, immediately sat up from the couch to the body, and some looked puzzled empty room, then on the palm is almost like a conditioned reflex touched fingers The ring is satisfied, after Ren did not feel any less, just heavy sigh of relief.
‘You been in a coma for five days time.’
between 萧炎松 gas, is suffering from a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his mind, is actually bang – long time no sound Skyfire Venerable.
eyes glanced at the white sodium ring finger on, Xiao Yan also could not help but chuckle in mind:
‘Yao old man, long time no ah, ah seems in good condition?’
‘still can, take your good fortune that day mountain lake of blood, my soul in which the temperature is kept for some time, had little good, and later because

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