We are in the market for new dinnerware. We’ve been using the set of dishes that I have had since Kyle and I started dating. They’re black and octagonal so they’re kind of different looking, and I really liked them until I grew tired of the bowls. Now, we use two thrifted bowls for soups and noodles if it’s just the two of us, but I’d really like a set that we can use for more than just us. It turns out, however, that shopping for plates is fairly boring. I want white or neutral-colored plates that will last a while, but I want to shop on a budget. So far my best option is this Oneida Verve 53-piece Dinnerware Set at

It’s only $79.99 for all 53 pieces and I like that it comes with a soup bowl and a fruit/cereal bowl. Plus, the 53 pieces include what would be a completer set in most dishware lines so that’s kind of handy. I do actually like them, too. Sure, they’re not exciting, but I’m looking for dinnerware that makes the food look good.

I like this Oneida Dinnerware Chef’s Table Hard Square 16 Piece Service for 4, too. I like the plates a little better, but I don’t like the mug at all and suspect the bowl won’t be my favorite either.

So I don’t bore you to death with my lame plates… here are some of the more exciting plates I found:

Heller Dinnerware Set> - Design Within Reach > Well-Stacked Plate > Well-Stacked Bowl > Streak-Dye Bowl

Salt & Pepper™ Stone Light Gray Dinnerware - Bed Bath & Beyond.

I might try to wait until I’m actually excited about a plate set — or until I can afford to mix and match dinnerware until I have exactly the collection I want. I’m just not the dinnerware set kind of person, you know?


Eeek!!! I can’t express how badly I want this print from Peachlings on Etsy! I’m on a money spending freeze to save up for some things, so right now it’ll have to wait. Sad. Face. If you’re a Hunger Games fan then I’m assuming you’re right there with me. Such a simple pretty print.

 How sweet is this mountain scene? Makes a great nod to vintage paint by numbers while still feeling modern. I love those colors.

The simple heart and cute background flowers push this print over the edge for me. Adorable. This would be perfect in a baby room. Boy or girl.

Peachlings is headed up by Bec Nolan who resides in Australia. You should check out her Pinterest and her blog. Great things on there.

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Jess’s Picks




Last weekend’s picnic set find has me so excited to go on a picnic! We’ve been eating at home more and Kyle brought flowers home for me at lunch today, so this seems to line up pretty well with out current food plans and romance levels. I hunted around on Etsy for more picnic supplies and added some clothes and accessories from Etsy and my clothing and shoe stores (Old Navy and Payless).

Hope you enjoy!

1. Picnic Throw Quilt Rag Sweet Nothings pink by southerncharmquilts; 2. Individual Picnic Blanket/Stadium Blanket by FromChaosToCreations; 3. vintage mid century sirram picnic basket by DACAIS on Etsy; 4. Vintage Picnic Basket Upcycled Handpainted by SweetMagnoliasFarm; 5. Waterproof Picnic Blanket Oversized Stumptown Original by PoBa; 6. MidCentury Picnic Tumblers by thewhitepepper on Etsy; 7. Picnic Jug Faris Deluxe Rustproof Aluminum by stuffgalore on Etsy; 8. set of vintage picnic plates by krankyk on Etsyset of vintage picnic plates by krankyk on Etsy.

I love those mid-century tumblrs and the bright colors of the plates and chevron blanket! And the vintage sirrum picnic basket (the one that looks like a suitcase) is so romantic. I can just imagine a couple — outfitted in a crisp white shirt with slacks and a tie and yellow checkered dress — biking to a secluded picnic location.

Speaking of outfitted… I know Boho is the hottest style trend this season and I’m so excited about it. My mom has always called me her little bohemian, in part because I pick up the weird habits of my father’s bohemian heritage, but the clothing and styles are so flattering with my figure and long curly hair.

9. Women’s Printed-Chiffon Dresses at Old Navy; 10. Yellow Sunshine On My Skin Blair Warren BR Dress by DustandDaze; 11. The Boho Band Double Strand Bohemian Braid by adelitakelly on Etsy; 12. linen Asymmetric women divided skirts by MaLieb on Etsy; 13. Choose any 3Braided Leather Headbandwedding by MonTravail on Etsy; 14. Upcycled sari silk tie bracelet red blue green by pebblesandchance; 15. American Eagle Whitney Sandal at Payless Shoes; 16. Boho Ring Turquoise Jewelry Wire Wrapped by DistortedEarth.


Um, I want to live here. This room is designed by Emily Henderson for an iRobot Roomba commercial. It is not perfect for me, but that’s why I love it. Crazy beautiful color palette. The mixture of the feminine pink with the masculine wood tones. Perfect. Those chairs totally wouldn’t work in my house but I love them here. The lighting is great because without the natural lighting this space might look a bit dark. This room also proves to me the importance of timeless lines. If you stripped this room of its “on trend” accessories (gold planters, throw pillows, and artwork) you’d be left with the substantial pieces (couch, end tables, chairs) as a base for something you can build/add on. What I mean is, in my opinion, good design equals great foundations. Rooms that lend themselves to being super transitional as trends change. Such a beautiful space.

This weekend was the city wide garage sale in Savannah, MO so I thought I’d share my finds! We weren’t going for a huge haul this year and managed to spend less than $5 the whole day, but I’m still really excited about my finds.

At one of the first garage sales we went to, I found this cute plate for only a quarter.


I realized we had a lot of walking to do on this street still and I was going to have to carry the plate with me so I looked around for a little bag.


This bright blue bag caught my eye right away but it was marked $4. I wondered why it was so high until I realized it was a never been used picnic pack!


Complete with tablecloth, napkins, wine glasses, plates, flatware, and corkscrew! The pack and wine bottle holder are insulated so I think it will be really handy for us. Suddenly, $4 seemed like a bargain… but I still haggled and got them to sell me the pack and the plate for $3.75. Not bad!

We didn’t find much of anything else we wanted until the very last sale where I found these really pretty and colorful Matryoshka dolls.


I used to have a set of matryoshka dolls that I played with when I was a little girl so I was more than happy to pay the $1 (after bargaining) for a new set!

I just love garage sale season, don’t you?

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I know, this seems silly but lately the tissue boxes around my house bug me. I don’t like the way they look at all. Vain, I know. But I know I’m not alone, otherwise tissue box covers wouldn’t exist.

This kelly green lucite box cover is awesome for $12.99 from The Prepster on Etsy.


This retro box is fun for $12.50 from The Orange Collective.

This one for $8 is a great pattern, super colorful, and reversible. I also like that it’s perfect for smaller boxes. Cute! (by Bits and Pieces Crafts)

What do you think? Are these things gimmicky or completely sensible? Thoughts?

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