Mary’s Picks

  • I’m totally loving all the mason jar DIY lanterns I’ve seen floating around lately. I really want to make these firefly lanterns without catching the fireflies! Which I like seeing fireflies sparkle throughout my whole yard anyway. This one just takes a broken non-toxic glow stick and shake it up in the jar! So much fun! Love these ideas for summer! (via Pinterest)
  • Carrying on with things that glow, Rachel over at Smile and Wave made an awesome sign out of glow sticks for her military husband. It’s so creative and makes me want to stock up on glow sticks!

Jess’s Picks

This week, I think a lot of blogs had high points, but I’m going to try to share mostly things from blogs that I don’t often post from because they’re more on the artsy/designy end of the spectrum.

  • HiLobrow shared these amazing  Wordless prints by Matt Siber. I’m impressed by the amount of work that goes into each image and I think the idea is really brilliant.
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Last week, Kyle and I went out for Thai food. We live about 30 minutes from any thai restaurant and about 55 from any good one so we don’t have it nearly as much as I’d like to. We happened to be trying a restaurant we hadn’t been to before. The food was delicious and I was also excited to find a pretty collection of dainty thai tea infuser mugs. Our Hyvee grocery also replaced it’s bulk grain section with a bulk tea section so now I’m excited to get a pretty infuser mug and try a couple varieties.

 You can’t really tell from the photo, but the lid on this Tea Spot Steeping Mug sets steady on the table and holds the infuser when you’re done steeping your leaves. Clever!

If you want a bolder design, etsy has a few options. My favorite is this Vintage Royal Windsor Porcelain Tea Mug by thisandthatok on Etsy. It’s gorgeous! I don’t even think you’d need a book to enjoy with your tea, you could just study the design.

Tea Forté makes an entire brewing system based on this model. They don’t have the pretty porcelain loose leaf infusers, but I like the shape and size of the outside. I kind of prefer a cup without a handle sometimes.

Well, this post has me officially wanting a book, a comfy chair, and a glass of tea until the combination turns into a long afternoon nap. Happy tea times!

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Yay! One of my favorite holidays is July 4th, because it’s usually as low key as you can get. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks. Awesome. To go along with all that awesomeness, here’s some great prints from Little Things Studio.

Happy 4th of July!!! Hope it’s filled with beautiful things!

After seeing Little Things Studio on Design*Sponge this recently, I knew I had to do an Etsy spotlight about it. Honestly, this has to be my favorite prints on Etsy that I’ve seen yet. For me, I’m loving the focus on the designs and not necessarily the text. I’m in love. Seriously. For only $20 a piece they are totally affordable and I’d love to hang several of them around my house.

Here are a few of my picks (It was so hard to choose):



Click on the images to be taken to the listing.

Have any Etsy shops you’d like to see featured on So Eclectic, then send over an email!

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Gutting and rebuilding significant parts of a house is a big project. I’ve said “Things are really starting to come together” several times.

First, it was in September when we didn’t have lath and plaster anymore and again when we had drywall. In October, I said it when we had carpet and flooring. I repeated it when our furniture and boxes showed up later that week. In February, I said it as the bathroom got painted and new flooring for President’s Day. Last month, it was my excitement as our boxes started to move around and get unpacked. Earlier this month, I said it again as the last two bedrooms got finished, painted and furnished.

Now, things really are starting to come together. We have paint on most of the walls, furniture in most of the rooms, linens, and colors and things chosen. Books on shelves. We really are just down to the details. One of these pesky details is our walls. They’re blank except for a good coat of paint. So blank, in fact, that we now write off any discomfort we feel about furniture arrangement as a byproduct of it all looking like it’s in some kind of showroom where no personality graces the walls of the staged furniture sections.

I have some ideas for arrangements of wall hangings, but I need something to fill the frames or lack of frames in my mind. That’s where I Need Nice Things comes in handy.

“I Need Nice Things was created to make contemporary art collectable, changeable, and most important of all, affordable. It’s breathtaking art without the price tag.” —I Need Nice Things

I haven’t made a purchase yet—I just like looking through the prints and getting some inspiration—but it appears that they do ship internationally even though they’re based in Australia.

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Jess’s Picks

  • On Pinterest, I discovered this great chair swing via HGTV that I was able to trace back to a post from the Swedish blog rusta upp. What a fun idea! The whole blog looks beautiful so take a look around when you follow the link. Google does (expectedly) mediocre with the translating, but at least her instructions for this DIY made the transition pretty well.

Mary’s Picks

  • Got paint sticks? Got a cheap barrel shade in need of a makeover? Well, then this tutorial at Enjoying the Simple Things is just for you! It’s really brilliant and so creative. Every barrel shade I’ve seen in a thrift store this week has made me want to load up on paint sticks and hot glue (if I owned a house or wanted to replace my light fixtures).  (via Apartment Therapy)
  • These embroidered portraits by Danial Kornrumpf literally made my mouth drop. They are stunning. (via Swiss Miss)
  • Have you seen Dear Photograph? This site makes me want to grab up all of mine and my family’s old photos. I love how you can see how much some scenes have changed and how some are completely untouched. Such a cool idea.


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The Spotted Fox

*** I search Etsy far and wide to bring you some absolutely beautiful finds from the artists and vintage shops on the site. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feel free to send over any shops you think are worthy of attention. Click on the images to be taken to the listing. ***

The Spotted Fox is the brain child of Sarah Estes from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m particularly impressed by way she adds the color wheel into the her designs. I love the playful and cleverness of it all.Mmmmm, avocado. Here are some of my other favorites from her shop.

I’m pretty sure this one is going to find its way into my home soon.

Hope you enjoyed this Etsy spotlight! Again, if you’ve got a shop that you’d like to see me feature (especially if it’s your own), just send over an email.


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After seeing these images that Emily from Jones Design Co. wrote about, I’ve had calligraphy on the brain. I just think the calligraphy by Patricia Mumau from Primele are so pretty and elegant. Also, if you’ve got handwriting you like or a cheap font you can download, this would be pretty easy/inexpensive to create. The one thing that stumped me though, is how the heck do you get stamps that look like that? So vintage, colorful, and striking when placed all together.

Well, my friends, after some research, I came across this very helpful article over at 100 Layer Cake that explains you just need to go into a stamp store, look around on Ebay or online stamp stores. Yep, just a simple trip to your local stamp and coin store.

As long as a stamp is unused and not collectible it retains face value. So, you can load up on as many as you need to meet the required postage. A tip though, is to try and get stamps with higher values. Otherwise, your envelopes might be a little overwhelmed.


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