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In a recent post from Jess’s Thursday Tea Time featured a fantastic print from Jan Skácelík’s Etsy Shop: ReStyle. Welp, Jan is running a giveaway until this Friday (June 3rd). So, go over and enter on Jan’s blog! By the way, shipping is international and it’s insanely reasonable! I’ve really been eying those Star Wars prints for the fella.

Jan’s Etsy Shop: Restyle

Jan’s Blog: Design Attractor

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Today’s Thursday Tea Time is strange, I admit, but I think it’s so awesome and it’s fun to have functional art in your house. This set of 15 pieces sells for $500 at Artware Editions.

This provocative 15-piece porcelain coffee set designed by Spanish artist Antonio Murado was made in Spain. The crimson handprints and smears found all over the set are inspired by the story of Salome and offer a Baroque-style reflection on the act of consuming a meal.

You remember, Salome, don’t you? She cut off the head of John the Baptist. She also is associated with the Dance of the Seven Veils which is featured in Skinny Legs and All, one of my favorites by Tom Robbins. I guess you’ll have something to toast if you fork over the cash for the set.

As an aside, I wonder how understanding one of those make your own pottery places would be if you came in trying to make your own version of this?

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Have you seen these yet? They are just so awesome. After throwing the Travel Themed party, my affinity for globes turned into a full on love affair. If I could afford one, and if I had the perfect place for it one of these would be mine. That’s a lot of “ifs” though.

They are pretty pricey, but I’m choosing to post them because the folks over at ImageNations are creating art out of these globes that might otherwise be sitting in a landfill. Also, the graphic design is just beautiful.

ImagineNations: Art on Globes

Adventure Awaits: I’m totally digging the font and colors. Doesn’t it compliment the globe colors so well?


Oh, The Place You’ll Go: First, this is my absolute favorite Dr. Seuss book. Second, as a previously said, I love globes so this once is a perfect marriage.

Bon Voyage: Just beautiful. The sun rays and the banner.

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Some Like it Hot by Jan Skácelík

I love these prints from Czech Republic-based graphic designer Jan Skácelík. They’re so clean and fun and I love the colors. Amazing, aren’t they?

I love the colors and the lines. Plenty of good prints all around the etsy shop, lots of other teapots and tea-related images, but also a lot of fun, clean mid-century modern prints that would make a great addition to a home. This print could work almost anywhere in a house, but there is plenty of variety to tie a house together with multiple prints from this one designer.

I’d love to have the teapot too!

By the way, I purchased the Calypso St. Barth elephant teapot I posted last week in my review of the new collection. He’s sitting on my dining room table at the moment and Kyle keeps using him to play with the cat. He’s too cute. I mean, seriously, almost too cute to be so chic.

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