I’ve decided to use our Thursday Tea Time series to share some of my teapots from my growing teapot collection with you over the next few weeks. The first teapot I purchased was this tea pot from Japanese manufacturer Toscany. I envision a beautiful display of teapots in my home at some point of my future, but this one had to be able to stand alone. I picked it out because I liked the feel of the metal handle, I liked appreciated the wear, and the colors and style matched my house. I’m still quite fond of it, and it did look great in my house positioned amidst my dining room center pieceuntil I purchased the next three teapots in my collection on a shopping trip a few weeks later.


In addition to being my first teapot purchase, it was also my first purchase at an antique show. And that’s where my feelings begin to mix. The teapot had a sticker on the bottom when I first saw it that said it was $6. I saw it, turned it over, got excited that it was only going to be $6 and started to commit myself to buying it. The man working at this particular booth at the antique show came over and said that he had $25 on it. I should have been quicker to say that he actually had $6 on it, but instead, I just got flustered. I ended up talking him down to $18 because it wasn’t worth $25 to me but I still feel like I could have gotten a better deal. It was a teachable moment, I guess, because now I think about what I would be willing to pay for something before I even look for a price. It helps me decide when I would feel okay deciding to walk away from a potential buy.


As a related complaint, I hate it when dealers put stickers on antiques. This teapot was okay because a little gentle use of acetone removed the sticker and its residue just fine, but I’ve decided not to buy pieces because someone thought it was a good idea to try to sell them by applying a sticker to an organic material like leather or wood. I want to base my decisions on how great anew find will look in my house–not on whether or not I feel like redoing my manicure after undoing some unnecessary damage to a new purchase.

Let the curator in me assure you: adhesive is evil.

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