The frozen custard chain Sheridan’s began around this area and Kyle has been doing some work in Overland Park where he discovered Unforked, their new local/fresh/organic restaurant experiment. He’s super fond of the restaurant and last week he discovered this really cool suspended toilet paper holder. Because he’s a great husband, he snapped a couple pictures of it with his iPad to share with me and now I get to share them with you!

It really seems to fit with the decor of the bathroom and it’s an easy enough project that moves your toilet paper rolls a little closer to the toilet. It would actually work perfectly in our bathroom where there really isn’t a convenient spot to attach a toilet paper roll holder to the wall. Those wires suspend all the way up to the ceiling.

I’m not sure that the heavy industrial look is quite what would fit in our bathroom, but I imagine you could cover the suspension wires with something a little prettier for your space.

Definitely an inspiring project to add to the pinboard and try to make a reality during the next Pinterest challenge.

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My major focus heading in to vacation was to have a couple overnight trips that would add some excitement to a week I intended to spend organizing my bathroom and kitchen. I’m really happy with how both the kitchen and the bathroom look now that I’m not even sure I needed the trips to make the vacation seem like a total success. Surely, everyone has a better day at work when they know their bathroom and kitchen are in order at home?

Here’s where I started: A mess!

We moved into the house in October of last year and began unpacking into the bathroom closet. We then finished sanding the bathroom, got new floors put in, and used the bathroom closet to hold the dust from both of those projects and our toilet paper still protected by its packaging, of course. As you can see, we didn’t even bother trying. We just hoped that if you opened the closet door, nothing fell out on you.

We didn’t even finish unpacking!

So that was my starting point. Any attempt at putting everything on dust-free shelves in the closet would be an improvement but I wanted something we could stick with so I invested in a bunch of small plastic bins to keep track of everything. Luckily, almost everything was on a really good sale because of dorm move-in season.

I ended up with separate bins for things like shampoo/conditioner, body wash/soap, kyle’s toiletries, my toiletries, travel size things, hair products, medicine, and nail polish. I also had very small bins for bandaids, cotton balls, q-tips, toothpaste/toothbrushes, etc. While I was organizing, I realized that you couldn’t identify the contents of the bins without moving them around so I bought a labelmaker and labelled everything that needed one.

Like I said, I am so happy with how the whole thing turned out. What I’m most surprised by is the amount of space we recovered by organizing everything. A lot of items were able to come out of the medicine cabinet and under the sink and get organized into the closet. Now we have a lot of extra space for things in both of those places and I automatically feel like our bathroom has about 5x the storage space that it did a week ago.

My favorite trick I used when organizing is actually under the vanity. I found a pin on pinterest that recommended using a magazine file to organize blowdryers and curling irons under the sink.

I had to pull this out from under the sink to take the photo where I could get a little bit of natural light — as you can tell, our bathroom is not the ideal place to try to take good quality photographs. This is a metal magazine file that I bought because it was on sale, making it 2 cents cheaper than the next least-expensive file, and I thought that the metal might hold up a little bit better. I have a hair dryer, a regular flat iron, and my ProStyler in there and it keeps the cords out of the way and everything easy to find under the cabinet. I love it when something from Pinterest works really well for me!


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Octopus Shower Caddy

Octopus Shower Caddy at Urban Outfitters

This is odd, but that’s probably why I love it. I really don’t like shower caddies because they inevitably turn rusted or gross no matter the material. A $25 solution to my problems. You just slide your little necessities into the loops. It also comes in yellow.


Tile Shower

I fell in love with the tile in this shower from Austin-based Thoughtbarn’s Calabria-Road Project featured in Interiors: Thoughtbarn’s Calabria Road Project at 2Modern Blog. But you’re not surprised are you? You know I’m a sucker for blue with grey. It also showcases a lot of the qualities that make me have a weakness for Moroccan patterns in home decor.


I’ve been tossing around the idea of featuring these on our Thursday Tea Time for a while, but, today, I just can’t resist. This Tub Teas by Martha Stewart Crafts are such a cute gift idea.

There are so many options to personalize them, too. You could make customized names for each tub tea that reminded the recipient of a memory you shared or make them with aphrodisiac scents for a partner and make each tag an offer for another relaxing, romantic good deed.

It’s also a really nice excuse to buy pretty boxes whenever you see one you like. I don’t know if I’m weird or not but I really like little decorative boxes but I always pass them up when I’m thrifting because I haven’t the slightest idea where they’d go or where I’d put them.

Unique Handpainted Iranian Wooden Box by missyrmom on Etsy

Vintage Retro Tartan Plaid Metal Recipe Box by TeamRuster on Etsy.

There are so many options to really reflect your or your friend/partner’s style with this gift.

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Every other summer or so my family visits Port Aransas, Texas for deep sea fishing. Well, the last time we were there was the summer Southern Living had designed their beautiful, new “Idea House” and so we set out to take a look. The home was three stories with two master suites, multiple outdoor living spaces, guest quarters, and multiple other bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interiors were designed by Tracery Interiors. There was so much inspiration and beauty packed into this house. Honestly, some elements of the interior design that I saw there I still think about and am inspired by today. Lately, I’ve been seeing photos from this house all over Pinterest and other blog features so it’s resurfaced for me and I still love it.

All of the bedrooms were styled and designed beautifully, but these two were my favorite.

The downstairs master bedroom color scheme was orange and white with some gray accents. The room had floor to ceiling windows with long white drapes on each window. The accent wall behind the bed had an orange and white stencil. It was awesome.

The master bathroom was right behind glass windows basically inside of the room. The curtains pulled for privacy but also opened completely to make one large space that felt very open. The bathroom had this large, white, floating soaker tub and carrera marble throughout. I still think about this room when I’m day dreaming about my ideal bathroom.

The second master bedroom was upstairs and I’ve seen this one all over Pinterest lately, too.

I loved the wall behind this bed because of how easily it could be changed out. It can be simplified with a couple of candles or full of art and finds from the beach (that’s just right outside the door). The versatility I love. Also, you have to look closely, but I’m in love with the layering of the rugs. There was a large jute rug that covered a lot of the floor and then on top of that was a contrasting Navajo rug placed just at the end of the bed. I’ve thought about this idea a million times, and I think it’s one of the easiest elements in this house you could emulate.

Parallel to the bed was the bathroom. This yellow barn door is such a cool design idea. I mean, I’m pretty sure seeing that vibrant color every morning would just make you smile, right?

Lastly, the kids space was amazing. In this photo you can see the twin beds all tucked away in the wall. They could sleep at least three little kiddos and the curtains could be pulled closed on all of the beds. And that long rug is awesome.

It was so hard pick just these rooms to feature here, so you have to hop over to Southern Living and see the rest.

Hope you enjoyed and are as inspired as I am!


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Renting often equals living with white walls or super ugly wall colors that your property manager/landlord is unwilling to let you paint over. OR, if you can paint sometimes it’s just not worth it depending on room size, amount of time you’ll live there, etc. Although, as they say, the easiest way to spruce up a room is some fresh paint on the walls. Hands down.

When we moved in, our bathroom was baby yellow with black and white checkered floors. The previous tenant left a brand new black and white shower curtain. The yellow just wasn’t cuttin’ it and it made the bathroom look constantly dingy. I wanted something crisp so we set to it.  I’m one of the lucky ones whose landlord will allow them to paint.

We used Martha Stewart Living Cumulus Cloud paint. I took the paint sample home and sat with it for a couple of days. I decided to just go ahead and do it. At first, while I was painting it seemed like the color was too purple. Weird, right? I didn’t think it looked purple at all in the store. Then, I started regretting it. My fella talked me into sitting with it for a bit longer and honestly I didn’t really have the money to waste on paint, so I stuck with it. I’m so glad I did.

We also decided to paint the trim in the bathroom pure white because the previous painted did a seriously shit-tay job when they painted the yellow. Yuck. Also, I decided to paint the chair rail the gray at first. I didn’t like it and decided that the bathroom needed the detail, so I went back and painted it white also. Again, I’m glad I did.

I decided the room needed a sink skirt for pattern and a new rug. Okay, on Monday I shared my grievances about IKEA furniture, but as I said, we love each other (IKEA and I). I love their housewares and all things awesome. So, after I searched at my local vintage shops for fabric and I wasn’t able to find any I went to IKEA. I purchased the white/light grey/orange Majken fabric and my bathroom rug in a dark grey (which I cannot find on the site now).

I made the sink skirt by measuring the base of the sink and the height from the floor. Then I cut the material accordingly and added a pleat. I didn’t want it ruffled, just straight. I think I accomplished that. Then, I just added Velcro and attached to the underside of the sink.

At the last moment we decided to spray paint the towel hooks with some leftover bright orange spray paint. It matched perfectly.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the space. Sure, I’d like to paint the ceiling the back of the door and change out some accessories but that’ll all have to wait. Decorating is a process and I’m okay with that.


  • Paint: $30
  • Supplies: $30 (Since we just moved I had to restock)
  • Fabric: $8
  • Rug: $3ish (I think)
  • Total: $71

What quick fixes have you done recently?

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