I was just thinking a week or so ago that I haven’t had a thrift share in a LONG time. I would have to check our archives to even remember the last time I bought something thrift for my home. Maybe it was just that realization that made me excited when I realized that one of my favorite local antique malls had a booth at the same farm show where my museum had a booth this weekend. I think I spotted what I wanted there before I even noticed the booth!

As we were all setting up on Thursday for the Friday/Saturday show, I noticed an adorable mustard upholstered bench/ottoman. Friday, I checked the price and it was only $27.50! I think the legs on it are in good enough shape to justify that price, but I decided to wait until Saturday and then haggle a little if it was still there at the end of the day. The farm show was pretty slow, so I was lucky and snagged the bench for a few dollars price the original asking price!

I considered using it as an ottoman but I like the square ottoman in front of the loveseat, and the coffee table already takes up the space in front of the sofa, so I had to shop my house for a place to put it. After moving the dog’s bed in the living room to the spot she prefers to sleep, I found the perfect home for it right next to the TV.

I styled it quickly with some spare throw pillows and some circa 2008 presidential signs. I think I’ll probably re-style it after my next thrift trip out. Ideally, I’d like to find a tray that fits it and put a vase and some books in the tray, then I’ll probably swap out at least one of the pillows for one that is more decorative, and add a quilt.

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