Mary’s Picks

  • I’m totally loving all the mason jar DIY lanterns I’ve seen floating around lately. I really want to make these firefly lanterns without catching the fireflies! Which I like seeing fireflies sparkle throughout my whole yard anyway. This one just takes a broken non-toxic glow stick and shake it up in the jar! So much fun! Love these ideas for summer! (via Pinterest)
  • Carrying on with things that glow, Rachel over at Smile and Wave made an awesome sign out of glow sticks for her military husband. It’s so creative and makes me want to stock up on glow sticks!

Jess’s Picks

This week, I think a lot of blogs had high points, but I’m going to try to share mostly things from blogs that I don’t often post from because they’re more on the artsy/designy end of the spectrum.

  • HiLobrow shared these amazing  Wordless prints by Matt Siber. I’m impressed by the amount of work that goes into each image and I think the idea is really brilliant.
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Upcycled Pallet Path

Pallet Path via Little Eco Footprints

I’m really wanting to do this in my backyard. I’ll be sure to let you know if it happens.

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Last weekend, Kyle and I hosted our friend Duran on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night and our friends Adam and Kathleen on Sunday night. This was the first time since New Years Eve that the two hospitable guest bedrooms were full and that meant we needed a bed. Last time, we had friends camping on the floor, which probably would have worked this time, but it’s more comfortable to have a bed and we needed the excuse to do something with that room anyway.

In this bedroom, a regular box spring and bed rails solution wouldn’t work for the bedroom because a queen box spring won’t fit up the stairs. We investigated other options and a split queen box spring was going to cost us $160 in town. Add to that the cost of bed rails ($40) and it seemed a bit extravagant. So, with the help of Instructables, we built a cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed by aeray in the room.

You can follow the instructable as well as we could, so I’m not going to recount the steps. I will, however, say that Aeray makes some of the best instructables and I love how it all turns out.

We did this project as a team. I measured (twice) and Kyle and Duran cut the pieces. It could easily be done as a one-person project and, in fact, the assembly almost was a one-person project as Kyle and Duran chatted with me, fetched beers, and offered advice while I assembled. So I’m betting, it would take probably less time by yourself.

When we had the wood cut, we carried it all upstairs. This is my favorite thing about building furniture for ourselves, I’m really not limited by that weird dog leg in my staircase. (It cuts down on the amount of regret I feel that we didn’t consider cutting the wall down and carving out a closet or whatever crazy idea I have for fixing it.)

I was also seriously impressed with how low waste this project was. The photo above is all of the waste we had. And it wasn’t even really all waste because we used that long piece to space the legs. It makes me feel like a badass that my degrees in humanities don’t mean I’m not good enough at measuring and math to build something. Mary laughed when I told her that I liked how the bed came out because I really just don’t like having spare wood around my house, but it’s true. Storing excess scrap wood just isn’t my thing. I like the precision.

The assembly is so, so easy. Our biggest problem was that the fir ate the pilot bit off of our countersink on the first hole so we had to adapt and pilot with a wood screw and then countersink the eight holes for the frame.


Our finished product turned out great! Kyle’s only complaint is that it’s a little tall. I don’t disagree about the height of the bed. The measurements of the frame come out to about 2 feet off the ground. I think the instructables intends for it to be used with a futon mattress but our mattress is a deep pockets pillow top so it’s a bit of a climb to the bed. I love a high bed, though, so I’m not complaining. I guess it’s something to consider when you make your own.

Happy building!

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