This is the mildest winter in this part of the country that I remember experiencing. I am loving it! Well, most of it. I’m kind of tired of the dreary colors which may explain the bright golds and reds at my New Years Eve party with my friends last weekend. And, it certainly explains this week’s tea party treasury that is founded on the idea that this winter needs some bright colors pushed back into it.

I fell in love with this teapot while poking around Etsy.

The Dandelion Black Tea Pot by soule on Etsy has the dark colors that seem to be part of the winter pallette and even though the dandelion is one of the popular motifs that’s on my played out list, I still really like the look of it a lot. Plus, it’s so bare bones that I think it fits with all of the skeleton trees that define a midwestern winter.

Every party we have around here that isn’t Christmasy can’t be monochrome so let’s bring some brightness back in to a celebration.

Buck Trophy Head


Set of 4 Junco in Snow – Ori…


Snow Storm Shapes Snowflakes…


Green Bottle Opener Rustic F…


Creamy White Royal Albert Bo…


Small wooden bird painted gr…




Vintage linen table runner. …


Ode to Chartreuse… 3 poms


Mid Century Knowles China Sn…


vintage Hazel-Atlas NEWPORT …


Skeleton Scarf


Green Skirt with Black Octop…


6 oz Stainless Steel Flask -…


Custom Set of (4) Large Enve…


I love the vinyl buck trophy head. Unfortunately for the treasury, I can’t select the black or chartreuse version for the photo, but, rest assured, both colors are an option. The vintage elements — a bottle opener and table linen — help to mellow out all of the green a little, as do the prints for the wall and the table runner.

I think the clutches would be a great party favor for guests as would the stainless steel flasks. You could serve a really yummy punch and let guests spike it with the contents of the flasks they could then take home!

How great is the green skirt with the black octopus? Maybe it’s just for me but I feel like Etsy just won and it should pack up and go home because it’s not going to get any better. If anyone is looking for a good surprise for any upcoming holiday… I would totally wear that to a party or to work or to go grocery shopping. I love the cut and it’s so fun.

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