I’m really, really wanting to change out our sofa for something more streamlined and, well, just overall prettier. The one we have, Brendan bought during grad school and it was affordable and comfy. Now, I’m still wanting comfort but also lasting style. Mid-century lines are perfect for this. So, off to Craigslist I’ve gone.

Just for fun I did a general search on Craigslist for mid-century sofas in my area.

Danish sofa that is awesome for $800 in San Antonio

Whoa. This couch is rad. $400

This “golden-brown” velour couch is so ugly but those lines are totally rad. It’s be awesome completely reupholstered in a navy. It’s selling for $175.

Right now, none of these are in my budget but if I could chose I’d pick the last one and reupholster it. That’d be fun.

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Yep, I’m enamored with a good ol’ Chesterfield couch. All that tufting just looks so comfy. I’ve never owned one and would really love to know if you have and what your thoughts are? I’ve been jonesin’ for a new couch for a while now, and until we can afford one, I’ll just keep enjoying my eye candy from the interwebs.

I vacillate between a romantic couch like a chesterfield and a sleek new mid-century inspired version. But, I’ve just decided that I can have both. And in my dream world I would just pair the tufted goodness with some sleek, mid-century club chair lovelies and my living room would be perfect. Right? Right.

This is where Laura’s Sunny Days Living room comes in that was recently featured on Apartment Therapy.

I love all the color and that couch with those chairs, the rug, and gallery wall. And you know I love when people mix in just the right amount of neutrals. It all feels so harmonious.

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Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

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