Today’s tea party is all about blue and orange — one of my absolute favorite color combinations. It’s also about giving in and embracing Fall. We’re still having really beautiful weather but we’re also on the edge of a drought now and I think I’m ready for that too cool and rainy fall preview weekend we had three weeks ago. I’m just not ready for it to cool down any more than that.

‘Teal and Orange Bamboo Tea Party’ by static

The Purse Pot


Vintage Fabric Seventies Wil…


Metro Table


Embroidery – Cosmic Seed Pod…


Chevron Pillow Cover, Chevro…


Puff Embroidery – Mod-Lily 1…


Auburn SPIRIT SCARF college …


Brown Leather Cuff – Upcycle…


Blue sweater / Electric blue…


(Using Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.)

The teapot I based this on is a little big of a splurge so I went all out finding pieces to make it really come together. I love the dark navy color of the teapot and cups. I think it would be so pretty set against bright orange place settings.

As for the metro table, it might be my favorite part of this whole treasury. The muted, weathered color of the natural wood combined with the metal legs give it so much character. It only needs a few throw pillows to make it warmer and more comfortable.

Once the table is more comfortable and beautifully set, warm yourself up with a loose knit sweater, a scarf (let’s pretend it’s not repping Auburn for the time being), and a nice natural material cuff.

#, #, #

Last weekend, I had some pretty good luck adding to my teapot collection when we stopped at a few antique stores along our route.

Kyle tried to point out a green and blue electric teapot but he just pointed at the booth so I ended up in the one next door and decided I would get this mushroom tea kettle instead.

It was really inexpensive, like under $3, so it was a good impulse buy. I also really like the mushroom motif but not enough to let it take over my kitchen. I think one teapot in this style will be enough. It’s not in good enough shape to use, but I usually only have one tea kettle on the stove at all times to be ready to warm water. After I showed this to Kyle, he showed me the one he intended to point out.

As you can see, I decided to take this one home too. It’s electric but that plug can be removed so I think I’m going to do that to display it. I haven’t tested it yet either. It might be fun to use if it still heats up.

On our way home, we stopped at a different store and I found this lovely blue floral teapot. I love the shade of blue!

My collection is really starting to come together. I don’t have quite enough to make my dream shelf yet, but they are taking over little spots in my kitchen. I have a row above our kitchen cabinets and several spread out on our kitchen shelves that I refinished at the beginning of this summer.

The new ones look great on the other shelf!

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