I still don’t have anything hardly hanging on my walls. We moved in to our house at Halloween of last year, so we’ve been there about eleven months, and at first it was acceptable to not have things hanging on our walls because we weren’t done banging on the walls and creating a ruckus in other rooms. Now, it’s just embarassing to basically live in the house equivalent of a furniture show room. We really need to finish the touch up painting and fill our walls with something a little interesting. We have a pile of frames for a collage wall, and I have an idea where the various pieces in our art collection will hang, but I have a lot leftover.

Good thing Pinterest exists, am I right?

I think you decorate an entire house with just easy wallhanging DIYs from Pinterest. And maybe that’s what I’m planning!

I really love the simplicity of this puff-paint wallhanging from Virginia and Charlie.

She took this pattern from Gelakins

and turned it into a beautiful wallhanging with just a spare canvas, some wax paper, and puff paint.

I don’t know that the white on white is exactly what I’m looking for but it’s such a clever idea! It would be really easy to recreate with a different color scheme or a different pattern.

As long as I’m talking about Gelaskins I should toss out there that they have a whole line of really beautiful skins for smartphones (not just iphones!!) and Kindles and all kinds of gadgets. So if you’re in the mood to get distracted from thinking about your blank walls (I am) you can try to get inspired by thinking about how pretty and personalized your electronics could be.

Also all over pinterest are variations of these melted crayon art projects: 

These turn out really pretty but the line of crayons left at the top isn’t quite my thing. I like the 3D part but I think that this could look a lot classier if you peeled off (or painted over) the crayons at the top.

Be Different, Act Normal has a great roundup of crayon art projects that yield some really cute results.

I also noticed that a museum I used to live near had an artist installation (about wildfire) that used this same technique to generate a 3-d sculptural result. It could be simplified to make a little sculpture for a shelf.

I’ve also seen a lot of embroidery hoop swatch wall hangings. With all of the options for fabric, you could go so many different directions with this. It would be a lot of fun to paint the embroidery hoops, too, so they look more updated. I’m thinking metallic paint!

I think the project is really straightfoward but why don’t you check out the tutorial at Purlbee!

My final pinterest-discovered DIY wallhanging is from Distant Bloggers and it’s a little more sculptural. This vase wall-hanging is pretty easy but with just a few new cut or fake flowers you can change the whole feel of it!

Get the step-by-step Creative Minds Without Borders on Tumblr.

I’m serious about needing to get some things up on my walls so share any ideas you’ve pinned lately in our comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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Today is Kyle and my third wedding anniversary. We were married in Topeka on August 30, 2008 after dating for just over a year and a half. I’m on vacation from work this week so I have the day off to relax and Kyle only teaches one class today so we slept in, went out for his hair cut and lunch and now he’s off to teach. Tonight we’re going to dinner for chinese in town at a place we discovered recently.

I first developed an interest in design and decorating when I started planning our wedding. My friends can confirm that during wedding planning, I kind of forgot how to have conversations about anything other than what we were thinking about doing. It was so much fun! Honestly, I think I was a lot surprised by how much fun I had planning the little details. We had a short (six month) engagement, so, fortunately, I wasn’t in my wedding planning haze for too long. Here are some of my favorite details from our wedding and the reception that followed:

I/we handmade a lot of the things for our wedding. I designed our invitations and then screen-printed them on a gocco.

I also did all of our flowers for the wedding. I tied together our boutonnieres and bouquets. We went with sunflowers for most of the flowers and viking poms and craspedia for the boutonnieres. I love that we decided on sunflowers because now that we’re back in the Midwest it’s like the whole month celebrates our anniversary with wild sunflowers growing everywhere.

The details we couldn’t do ourselves we sourced out to Etsy or friends. Our rings were bought on Etsy from a shop that’s no longer around.

We also got our gifts for our groomsmen on Etsy. They each got a custom set of cufflinks that suited them. Kyle’s brother got lego cufflinks, his best man (who is a sales rep for an auto parts manufacturer) got a nut and bolt cufflink set, others got maps of the two towns they attended college and law school, compasses, and poker dice.

I’m also very happy about how our reception space turned out. We rented an old house in town. It was very beautiful all by itself and gave us an ambience without requiring a lot of extra work on our part. We just added a few pompoms (because I love them).

Our cake was also very special. My aunt made it for us and she was convinced it would be a total scandal to have chocolate icing but ultimately decided she liked how it turned out. It was really delicious and looked great next to the cake topper we used that had yellowed a bit since it sat on my grandparents wedding cake in the 1940s.

In the end, of course, a wedding only really matters because it gets you the important thing: a marriage. We have a great one and I’m so excited to spend the third of many anniversaries celebrating our love. Of course, reminiscing about the party that followed will always be a lot of fun!

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I work Saturday to cover for our regular Saturday desk person who is out after surgery so as of 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon, I am on vacation. I’ll be off work for the most significant amount of time since I first started this job a little over a year ago. I have all kinds of fun plans taking short overnight trips, relaxing, and getting some things done around the house. I hope to finish up a lot of the little projects that have been sitting around waiting to be finished and I want to try to really organize the kitchen and — depending on my ambition — the closets too.

One of the first things on my list of little projects is to hang the old school pull-down map of Africa that we bought at an antique mall months and months ago. When we purchased it, the walls in our office were still half-covered with terrible wallpaper and we were pretending that the problem would just go away on its own. I eventually broke down and did my best to give the walls a little bit of wallpaper-minimizing texture and a coat of paint.  Then, we moved in the furniture, set the map on the back of the futon, and went back to forgetting about the room.

Next week or soon after, you’ll get the before & after of my office wall hanging. But for now, get excited about your own map decor. Here are some vintage map printables at the Graphics Fairy to get you on your way:

*The Graphics Fairy*: Thursday is Request Day - Map of Africa, Steampunk Globe, Botanical, Horse

*The Graphics Fairy*: Old Map of Paris - 1888.

*The Graphics Fairy*: Craft Project - London Map Decor - DIY.

*The Graphics Fairy*: Vintage Clip Art - World Maps - Printable Download.

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I love shipping pallet projects as much as the next blogger but every time I’m face to face with a real pallet I find them to be pretty gross. They’re splintery, usually a little greasy, and have strange caked on dirt. Where do people find such beautiful pallet for their projects? And, if you’re going to try to tell me they sand them, where do they get up the will to make a dirty pallet so clean? (via 2Modern Blog).

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 Mary’s Picks

  • I’m totally loving all the mason jar DIY lanterns I’ve seen floating around lately. I really want to make these firefly lanterns without catching the fireflies! Which I like seeing fireflies sparkle throughout my whole yard anyway. This one just takes a broken non-toxic glow stick and shake it up in the jar! So much fun! Love these ideas for summer! (via Pinterest)
  • Carrying on with things that glow, Rachel over at Smile and Wave made an awesome sign out of glow sticks for her military husband. It’s so creative and makes me want to stock up on glow sticks!

Jess’s Picks

This week, I think a lot of blogs had high points, but I’m going to try to share mostly things from blogs that I don’t often post from because they’re more on the artsy/designy end of the spectrum.

  • HiLobrow shared these amazing  Wordless prints by Matt Siber. I’m impressed by the amount of work that goes into each image and I think the idea is really brilliant.
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I’ve been tossing around the idea of featuring these on our Thursday Tea Time for a while, but, today, I just can’t resist. This Tub Teas by Martha Stewart Crafts are such a cute gift idea.

There are so many options to personalize them, too. You could make customized names for each tub tea that reminded the recipient of a memory you shared or make them with aphrodisiac scents for a partner and make each tag an offer for another relaxing, romantic good deed.

It’s also a really nice excuse to buy pretty boxes whenever you see one you like. I don’t know if I’m weird or not but I really like little decorative boxes but I always pass them up when I’m thrifting because I haven’t the slightest idea where they’d go or where I’d put them.

Unique Handpainted Iranian Wooden Box by missyrmom on Etsy

Vintage Retro Tartan Plaid Metal Recipe Box by TeamRuster on Etsy.

There are so many options to really reflect your or your friend/partner’s style with this gift.

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iPhone Case Cover Redo

Last week I dropped my iPhone and didn’t have a case on it. Big. Huge. Mistake. Thankfully, the glass didn’t break (nope that happened 33 days AFTER I bought my phone) but what did happen was that the top lifted up a little bit causing the buttons to pop loose. I wasn’t able to turn it off, listen to my head phones, change the volume, or put it on silent. Oops. Well, long story short, my sister is an electronic genius and fixed it! Yay!

After she fixed it, I got a case! Yay! I just went to Tuesday Morning and they had a Speck case for $7.99. Sold.

I didn’t love the black and white plaid, but I didn’t hate it either. I also didn’t want to spend much on the cover since I’ll be upgrading from my 3G to something better this fall.

Anywho, right after I bought the case the fabric started coming off. Damn.

So, my creative juices started flowing and I decided to take on recovering my phone. The black and white plaid was a lighter grade upholstery weight fabric. I dug into my stash and found some scrap yellow and white chevron fabric that was pretty much the same weight.

I took off the plaid fabric and used it as a template.

Traced and cut it out on paper. Then laid that template on top of my new fabric after a good ironing.


After I cut out the new, I folded the part with the circle in half. Just to make sure I got a nice round cut.

Then, I was ready to adhere. I used craft spray glue and sprayed the fabric first. I had to do this outside on a piece of paper, because a certain someone has complained about my usage of craft glue in the house. Hmm, I wonder why?

After spraying the glue, I hurried to place the fabric back on the case. I started with the laying the top part on first because it was the most detailed and I wanted to make sure the circle lined up. After some pulling and adjusting, I used a razor blade to trim off the excess. And used my fingernails to get a tight fit in the crevices.

After trimming I had some fraying with the fabric, so I just used a tiny amount of super glue to keep it from fraying more. This made the edges a little stiff. I’m not quite sure of a remedy for this yet, but I figured it will soften after some usage.

After about 30 minutes, it was all done! I’m really happy with the outcome! Cute, huh?

Here’s the breakdown:


Fabric covered phone case

Scrap Fabric


Super Glue

Paper for Template

Exacto knife or razor blade


30 min or so


$8 for the case

Check out the other great thrift finds (and maybe some other upcycles) at Her Library Adventures’ Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl’s Thrift Share Monday.

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