I’m really impressed by the number of quality desktop (and iPhone and Android and iPad, etc. etc.) wallpaper I’ve discovered this holiday season. So much fun and elegance that really fits anyone’s style.

I usually check at the first of every month and find something great there. This month, I really couldn’t choose!

I used this landscape for my Facebook timeline cover photo.

And I love these, too. I have one on my phone and one on my work computer and one at home.

It’s nice to have some wintery backgrounds that aren’t necessarily holiday.

I found these via poppytalk earlier this month. The top one is from Geninne Zlatkis and the bottom is from Desert Friends!

My favorite of this month might actually be this one from The Fox is Black.

At least to me, the colors and the aesthetic are very Christmas without being all that religious. It’s very festive and really draws from a design era that I think fits perfectly with the holiday mood! In fact, I might just switch to it today.

What are you using as your desktop? Maybe you’re not as excited to change yours monthly like I am, but if you are using something holiday-inspired, I’d love for you to share in the comments!

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If you’re into home design, odds are you might have at least a little of my neuroses and like the other things in your life to be designy as well. That means that the search for good desktop wallpaper for your computer, smartphones, and other gadgets can get a little frustrating. I think a quick Google search of Desktop Wallpaper results in less horrific results now than it may have a few years ago. For us designy people, though, the “not horrific” category should just be called the “still not good enough category;” the goal should be finding something you’re excited to use!

For desktop wallpaper, I recommend two websites in particular. has a desktop wallpaper project that has been ongoing since 2008. They took a little lag on the wallpaper front in 2010 but they’ve been releasing new designs lately and they’re always really high quality.  The image below is my desktop now. It’s a lot bolder than my usual tastes, but it really reminds me of the Mardi Gras indian chiefs and since HBO’s Treme is in the swing of Season Two I couldn’t resist.

The lag on the desktop wallpaper project has resulted, in my opinion, in fresher designs and more exciting projects. In 2010, the Desktop Wallpaper Project expanded to include the Sights & Sounds project where artists and designers are asked to create desktop wallpaper inspired by a musician. I really love some of these! So far, the bands they’ve chosen have been ones I’m fans of and it’s fun to see how their albums are represented. I used the Broken Social Scene-inspired wallpaper below on my Evo for awhile.

I also really like’s Desktop Wallpaper Calendar series. On or about the last day of every month, they release several new desktop wallpaper that feature a calendar of the month ahead. It’s nice to have so many new designs at once, and the calendar feature is pretty handy too, especially on my work computer.

Here’s two from the June 2011 series, which featured a lot of great designs for crafters!

Both TFIB and Smashing Magazine offer small sizes that are perfect for Android, iPhones, and iPads, but you should also check out Poolga which offers “art for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices created by selected illustrators and designers.”

And, while I was talking to Mary about this post, she pointed out that Grace from Design*Sponge had tweeted about the Rapture & Wright Virtual Sample Library available via iTunes. So, if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, check that out too! 

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