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As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good stud earring. Studs with great design add such an understated detail to your outfit that makes you feel pulled together and special. At least for me anyway. We don’t put much about fashion on here but I do love me some jewelry. (click through the image to be taken to the listing)

These stud earrings from Hash and Chez are made from recycled or found materials. The geometric lines and throw back color palette make them feel fashionable and modern. I love the peach and gold combo above. The feminine colors mixed with the hard lines make these work for me.

They’ve got an excellent selection of dangle earrings too if studs aren’t your thing. The ones above seem like a futuristic puzzle piece. Love it. I also completely love what they say in their profile, “We are not reinventing the wheel, just makin’ it roll with style.”

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During Kyle and my trip to Austin, we did a bit of exploring — mostly of places on a list provided by Mary. One of the shops on the list was Take Heart, a modern, handmade, and vintage boutique in East Austin. While there, I fell in love with some sweet ceramics from Villarreal Ceramics in Tuscon, AZ.

I really loved these little cups. I love the way the ceramic is so thin and folded. I have been pretty seriously regretting not leaving Take Heart with a set of my own.

Vanessa Villerreal is on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite items from her shop:

coral heart tumblers

coral heart tumblers

small salt and or pepper bowl a pair no 9

small salt and or pepper bowl a pair no 9

llama cup a second

llama cup a second


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I came across Bellalulu Vintage while looking for items for my Happy Birthday to myself treasury back in March. This shop is so cute, full of great thrift finds, and beautifully staged, that I keep returning to it for inspiration.

Vintage Wooden Crate The Book of Knowledge by bellalulu on Etsy. When I was little, I was pretty into encyclopedias — I think I really needed the invention of Wikipedia –and my family had a set of The Book of Knowledge. In addition to this being a more unique crate than most of the thrift ones you find for sodas or produce, I’d like to add that little hat tip to something I enjoyed as a child in my home.

Vintage Fencing Mask by bellalulu on Etsy. I think fencing is a really fascinating sport. I’ve been interested in it since I first read Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden in middle or high school and the couple meets for the first time at the armor section at the Met in New York (or maybe it was when I watched Lost and Delirious for the first time. Either way, I highly romanticize fencing as I associate it with some of my favorite bittersweet love stories. ) I’m off track now, right? Okay. Well. Fencing. It’s interesting, and this fencing mask would make great decor. I imagine it would be a bear to dust though, so maybe  stock up on some compressed air!

Vintage Letter M Flag by bellalulu on Etsy. If the $40+ price tags of the last two items scare you off, have no fear. There are plenty of sweet little finds for under $20, like this vintage letter M flag.

It’s a cute shop and — since branding has been on our minds a lot lately with my blip in the last Friday Reader Roundup and Mary’s post yesterday — I’ll note that it really nails the branding.

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Eeek!!! I can’t express how badly I want this print from Peachlings on Etsy! I’m on a money spending freeze to save up for some things, so right now it’ll have to wait. Sad. Face. If you’re a Hunger Games fan then I’m assuming you’re right there with me. Such a simple pretty print.

 How sweet is this mountain scene? Makes a great nod to vintage paint by numbers while still feeling modern. I love those colors.

The simple heart and cute background flowers push this print over the edge for me. Adorable. This would be perfect in a baby room. Boy or girl.

Peachlings is headed up by Bec Nolan who resides in Australia. You should check out her Pinterest and her blog. Great things on there.

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The upcycled vintage lamps over at Earth Sea Warrior on Etsy are the perfect combination of old and new. This artist takes the cords from industrial or regular vintage desk lamps and makes them new. These are some of the prettiest lamps I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I love lamps (I love lamp…), but I rarely see one so striking I actually think about if I could justify the money to fork over. These are pricey for me, but might be perfect for you. Most range between $100-$250 with $15-20 in shipping. Not cheap but totally beautiful.

The cords above are for the option to design your own hanging lamp. Look at those cords! So pretty!

I’m pretty sure this yellow gooseneck lamp with a houndstooth cord is one of the most perfect marriages of vintage and modern evah. (Can you tell I’m excited about these lamps!?)

Red Gooseneck with a baby blue cord! This would be rad in a baby’s room. Totally unexpected but completely awesome.

This color combination of the mint green lamp with a neon cord makes me happy. Not two colors I would pick together, but they throw off your eye in just the right way. Trendy neon mixed with vintage mint and brass. Again, perfect.

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I’m loving this Etsy spotlight today of The Zakka. The shop features beautiful handmade coin purses, clutches, and eyeglass cases. They all are reasonably priced and so it the shipping.

This color block eyeglasses case is totally rad. I love the bright colors mixed with the neutral up top. Beautiful.

This feminine floral fabric is so sweet. I’d love to give this little coin purse to my niece who just turned 1!

We wouldn’t be So Eclectic, if we didn’t show you three completely different styles. I could see myself rocking all three of these cute bags. Love the simplicity of the navy and cream with the brushed gold frame. Super pretty.

Click through all the images to see the original listing.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a specific Etsy shop that I really like. Most of my shopping on Etsy lately has been for replacement wedding bands for Kyle and I, rings or jewelry for me, or series of items for a party treasury for our Thursday series. Recently, I ran across these handpainted miniature sculptures and collectibles by HandyMaiden and thought I should share them with you all.

Buffalo pocket totem figurine

Sloth pocket totem figurine

Elephant pocket totem figurine

Sheep pocket totem figurine

This series is for the travelers, the kids-at-heart, and everyone who wants to take an animal wherever they go. Of course, you can always keep them on your desk or any place in your home that currently needs an animal.

Each totem is sculpted out of polymer clay and measures roughly 1.5 inches. The simple sculptural design makes them sturdier than most decorative figurines, and they fit more comfortably in your jacket pocket. The piece is then cured and meticulously hand painted with as much care and attention to detail as my regular figurines– right down to their teeny faces– for maximum character and cuteness. The totem is then coated with several layers of protective varnish, for a smooth matte finish.

— From HandyMaiden’s shop

If you’re not as big of a fan of the impractical as I am .. or if you don’t have any place in your home that currently needs an animal.. there are also cute badges and earrings.

barn owl post earrings

Badger of Honor

honeybadger and snake post earrings


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