Hammocks in the House

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned before why I do these “Home Inspired” posts, but it’s because each photo that I post here makes me think of something in a new way. A lot of the elements in the rooms/photos that I write about you might think to yourself, “I’ve been seeing that in the design world for months” and you’ll probably be right. But when I post an inspiring photo of decor here, it’s because something in the photo or article makes me think about an element of design in a different way than I have before. It can be a piece of furniture, a basket, a tree, or a hammock.

So, this post and photo are no different. I’m so inspired by the warmth and comfort of this room. It just feels like somewhere you can go and relax. No rules, stuffiness or discomfort allowed; which, I hope my house always feels that way. The hammock is just awesome with all its colorfulness. Love it.

Any design or something random inspire your home recently?



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Have you seen this yet? I think it’s been floating around the blogosphere a bit since it was posted on Shelterpop at the beginning of May.

Charlize Theron’s house was put up for sale recently and it is just stunning. I mean, your house should be stunning if it’s listed for $7 million, right? The photos of the house are really beautiful, but this one in particular caught my eye.


I just think it’s so pretty. It’s got everything I love in a beautiful room. Dark wood, big rugs, arches, sunlight, worn leather, pillows, clean lines, white, and a fire place. But mostly what pushes this photo over the edge for me is the seating around the fireplace. Those built in benches are uniquely awesome. What’s also noteworthy about this space is that I can imagine sitting here with a room full of people or all alone with hot coffee and a magazine (most likely next to that fire). Oh, and with a quilt- of course.

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These are awesome. I love the simplicity of it and I imagine, with the right folding chairs, it could be pretty handy to have chairs hanging on your wall. (via Pink Wallpaper)

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