Last week, my coworker and her son asked me if I had any ideas about how to display handkerchiefs. My coworker’s mother recently passed away and now they have a small collection of her hankies that they’d like to display in a sweet and sentimental way. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of ideas but I’ve rounded some up and think I’ll share them all with you too!

I’ll start with some of the more traditional ideas I found.

SweetPaul magazine had this tablerunner tutorial that can be made with glue if you’re not a handy with a needle and thread.

For another table runner tutorial, check out Country Living’s DIY It for Less tutorial.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, these handkerchief curtains at Jolly Goode Gal are beautiful! You should totally check out the link too because her house is gorgeous!

For a little bit simpler version of the handkerchief curtains, Martha Stewart has a tutorial for a valance. She uses tailored men’s handkerchiefs so it might be a little bit more math and creativity to make a balance out of women’s handkerchiefs that are different sizes, but I bet the final product would look even better!

Skip to My Lou has a tutorial for a hanky sachet which would be a really nice gift and might be more the style of my coworker and her son.

I think my favorite thing I found was from a photo at 100LayerCake. I’m guessing these hankies were given out as favors or used to direct people to their seat at the reception, but I love how they look all collected. This also wouldn’t require any altering of the hankies so you’d still have to them to use and enjoy if you had a brilliant new idea for displaying them in the future.

This wallhanging from a home tour at The R House would be a really easy way to collage the hankies and make an easy to move around display.

I absolutely love these handkerchief walls! They’re both beautiful and have such a different aesthetic. You could really take this project a bunch of different directions depending on your hankie collection.

If you want an unframed look, you could use your handkerchiefs in place of the fabric scraps and do this DIY from 2Modern’s blog. Plus, the tutorial uses shoeboxes which is an awesome opportunity to upcycle.

These handkerchief hanging vases at Once Wed are so beautiful and delicate. I suspect they’d look just as beautiful as year-round decor as they do at a wedding!

So that’s my roundup (so far). I started out looking for ideas for friends and now I have about 100 DIY ideas of my own! Better get started on my hanky collection!

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