Since we’re hosting Easter on Saturday, I’m using it as an excuse to put some cheap fresh flowers around the house. Kyle and I probably equally love having fresh flowers here so I know he’ll be excited about it, too. I might as well celebrate my current love of floral.

Pink leather floral earrings


White Floral Brooch / Zipper…


Yellow and Green flowers Ran…


Spring flower hair accessory…


Vintage Gold Leaf Brooch – G…


Flower Necklace,Bridesmaid N…


Burgundy flower post earring…


Ceramic Flower Pendant, Turq…


Bright Green Flower Earrings


Pinky dream double rose fasc…


shabby vintage yellow flower…


Peony Flower Drawer knob in …


Floral accessories are such a great way to add some color to your outfit or your room. When you’re not wearing them, little flowers look beautiful even if they’re not “put away.”

#, #

This week I started my tea party with a dainty pearl and metal Have a Tea Necklace Antique Silver Teapot with by PolliniAtelier.

This got me on a chrome kick so I started planning away and eventually decided all of that chrome monochrome was just too much so I added some bold reds!

I love the idea of having a really monochrome table setting and centerpieces and then having really dramatic red decorations around the room, but off the table. I also have a really delicious recipe for an “all the reds soup.” It’s really yummy but I kind of hate the name. Maybe I could get over that for a chrome and red tea with soup and sandwiches.

Have a Tea Necklace. Antique…


Vintage Camping Plates Rusti…


Black and Grey Rosette Trio …


Chrome Heart Honey Bee Steam…


Vintage Metal Wire Standing …


SALE Grey Sand Handmade Rose…


Gorgeous Red Velvety Hydrang…


Christmas Centerpiece Red Po…




I think the steampunk honey bee flask is maybe my favorite item in the treasury, though I do love the wreath at the end! (And we’re in the market for a wreath!) It’s so shiny and I really like bees.

I also think it would be great to take that poinsettia centerpiece (or a couple similar ones) and put it in the vintage metal wire standing laundry basket. Wouldn’t that be beautiful!? Added bonus: poinsettia’s are so poisonous to pets and the laundry basket would keep it off the group away from the dog and off of a table away from the cat.

We’re putting up our Christmas tree this weekend, can you tell I’m in the holiday spirit?

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Jess’s Picks

  • I also want to share a few Halloween crafts. Stylist had these origami bats that are pretty cute and fun while not being too tacky. It seems like these kinds of garland projects are everywhere lately. I’m guessing that will carry over the Christmas!

  • These halloween doors at DiggersList have me really anxious to get around to doing the work I want to on our front yard and the exterior of our house.

Mary’s Picks

  • Giveaway!!! Kate at Centsational Girl is having an AWESOME giveaway today! You need to go enter. It’s for a Moroccan Pouf of your choice. I’m really loving the brown one with all it’s contrasting stitching.
  • Did you see this before and after on ReNest? It’s amazing. The couple bought their 1887 Queen Anne home ten years ago for 46k and it was even legally condemned. I have dreams of renovating a house one day (like Jess has), but this project was beyond renovation- they brought that house back from the grave. (Originally posted on This Old House)
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Last weekend, I had some pretty good luck adding to my teapot collection when we stopped at a few antique stores along our route.

Kyle tried to point out a green and blue electric teapot but he just pointed at the booth so I ended up in the one next door and decided I would get this mushroom tea kettle instead.

It was really inexpensive, like under $3, so it was a good impulse buy. I also really like the mushroom motif but not enough to let it take over my kitchen. I think one teapot in this style will be enough. It’s not in good enough shape to use, but I usually only have one tea kettle on the stove at all times to be ready to warm water. After I showed this to Kyle, he showed me the one he intended to point out.

As you can see, I decided to take this one home too. It’s electric but that plug can be removed so I think I’m going to do that to display it. I haven’t tested it yet either. It might be fun to use if it still heats up.

On our way home, we stopped at a different store and I found this lovely blue floral teapot. I love the shade of blue!

My collection is really starting to come together. I don’t have quite enough to make my dream shelf yet, but they are taking over little spots in my kitchen. I have a row above our kitchen cabinets and several spread out on our kitchen shelves that I refinished at the beginning of this summer.

The new ones look great on the other shelf!

#, #, #, #, #, #

Japanese Floral Washi Tape

This time two years ago I was in Japan. My sister took me to a stationary store and I was in AWE. It’s amazing, the Japanese have some of the coolest stationary supplies. But, I’m sad to report that I didn’t learn about Washi tape while in Japan, I learned about it when I got back. If only I could have stocked up on some then.

Washi tape is like masking tape, but has really awesome prints and colors. This set is $3.75 on the Cute Tape website and I found it at Etsy for $10.00. That’s such a price difference!

Anyway, Washi tape is a really cheap way to cuteify so many things.


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