Every other summer or so my family visits Port Aransas, Texas for deep sea fishing. Well, the last time we were there was the summer Southern Living had designed their beautiful, new “Idea House” and so we set out to take a look. The home was three stories with two master suites, multiple outdoor living spaces, guest quarters, and multiple other bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interiors were designed by Tracery Interiors. There was so much inspiration and beauty packed into this house. Honestly, some elements of the interior design that I saw there I still think about and am inspired by today. Lately, I’ve been seeing photos from this house all over Pinterest and other blog features so it’s resurfaced for me and I still love it.

All of the bedrooms were styled and designed beautifully, but these two were my favorite.

The downstairs master bedroom color scheme was orange and white with some gray accents. The room had floor to ceiling windows with long white drapes on each window. The accent wall behind the bed had an orange and white stencil. It was awesome.

The master bathroom was right behind glass windows basically inside of the room. The curtains pulled for privacy but also opened completely to make one large space that felt very open. The bathroom had this large, white, floating soaker tub and carrera marble throughout. I still think about this room when I’m day dreaming about my ideal bathroom.

The second master bedroom was upstairs and I’ve seen this one all over Pinterest lately, too.

I loved the wall behind this bed because of how easily it could be changed out. It can be simplified with a couple of candles or full of art and finds from the beach (that’s just right outside the door). The versatility I love. Also, you have to look closely, but I’m in love with the layering of the rugs. There was a large jute rug that covered a lot of the floor and then on top of that was a contrasting Navajo rug placed just at the end of the bed. I’ve thought about this idea a million times, and I think it’s one of the easiest elements in this house you could emulate.

Parallel to the bed was the bathroom. This yellow barn door is such a cool design idea. I mean, I’m pretty sure seeing that vibrant color every morning would just make you smile, right?

Lastly, the kids space was amazing. In this photo you can see the twin beds all tucked away in the wall. They could sleep at least three little kiddos and the curtains could be pulled closed on all of the beds. And that long rug is awesome.

It was so hard pick just these rooms to feature here, so you have to hop over to Southern Living and see the rest.

Hope you enjoyed and are as inspired as I am!


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Indoor Citrus Trees

Little Green Notebook: Calamondin (Indoor) Orange Trees.

After seeing a post from Jenny over at Little Green Notebook on citrus trees, I was so inspired to try this in my own home. Unfortunately though, I don’t really have a window that allows enough light in for the trees. Especially, since I live in a home built in the 1950s (that hasn’t been updated much), the isolation just isn’t energy efficient enough for me to leave the blinds up and curtains tied back all day. Also, I live in Austin, Texas where it’s like 159 degrees everyday. I’m on a mission now to find a way to do this. Maybe a small lime tree in the kitchen?

Another bonus to having these plants inside, is that plants in your home help to filter out harmful toxins. Not to mention, they produce yummy fruit. By the way, did you know that ivy in your kitchen filters out harmful gas from your stove. Making the air better quality.

I’m inspired in more way then one.

Do you have a indoor citrus tree? I’d like to know any tips or ideas you might have about owning one.

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Friday Reader Roundup

Jess’s Picks

  • The Kim Jong Il Looking at Things tumblog featured a photo of him looking at cookie jars this week (above). This tumblog makes me delightfully happy because I read the new posts and then I think “Ha! Kim Jong Il is always looking at things!” and then I realize that this thought is really very true and I laugh more. I probably don’t even need to point it out: I’m a strange woman. I’ve been enjoying Kim Jong Il Looking at Things for a while and I have to say that these little kitchen wares seem to have him happier than anything else I’ve seen him look at.
  • Yesterday, on my way back from lunch, I passed an old man enjoying a cool post-rain afternoon on his front porch. Combined with this Design Candy: Swing’n From the Rafters feature at DiggersList and the tree in my backyard that is begging for some kind of swing, I might be investigating outdoor chairs in the next few days.

Mary’s Picks

  • Remember how awesome friendship bracelets were to make? Well, over at Honestly…WTF they are bringing them back with a tutorial and everything. These are so colorful and pretty, and I love the idea of grouping them together. Also, how awesome would these be as headbands? I think I’m gonna play around with that idea.
  • Alright, I admit it. I’m in a relationship with a total nerd, a nerd who loves the idea of planning for what he’d do during a zombie apocolypse. So, when I saw KWK Promes’ safe house featured on Home DSGN, it made me smile. At first it looks like just a stone warehouse, but when the walls are retracted and the large concrete shutters are opened it’s quite stunning on the inside. Also, the lush grounds with the stark contrast of the man made concrete structure is beautiful. (via Apartment Therapy)


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Upcycled Pallet Path

Pallet Path via Little Eco Footprints

I’m really wanting to do this in my backyard. I’ll be sure to let you know if it happens.

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Have you seen these yet? They are just so awesome. After throwing the Travel Themed party, my affinity for globes turned into a full on love affair. If I could afford one, and if I had the perfect place for it one of these would be mine. That’s a lot of “ifs” though.

They are pretty pricey, but I’m choosing to post them because the folks over at ImageNations are creating art out of these globes that might otherwise be sitting in a landfill. Also, the graphic design is just beautiful.

ImagineNations: Art on Globes

Adventure Awaits: I’m totally digging the font and colors. Doesn’t it compliment the globe colors so well?


Oh, The Place You’ll Go: First, this is my absolute favorite Dr. Seuss book. Second, as a previously said, I love globes so this once is a perfect marriage.

Bon Voyage: Just beautiful. The sun rays and the banner.

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Low-Energy Light bulbs by Hulger.

Low-Energy bulbs that have style AND function! Love. (Thanks, Jean!)

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