Mary’s Picks

  • How pretty is this kitchen space with its delicate wallpaper detail, white cabinets, and yellow accents? Can you believe that this is a teacher’s lounge makeover? It’s so beautiful. As a student I remember the elusive space and as an adult I can recall visiting my mother in the drab teacher’s lounge that held little promise. So major kudos to Brian Patrick Flynn of Decor Demon, this space is fantastic. Click on over and check out all the images.
  • Here in Austin, it’s hot. We broke our record of days over 100 degrees and rain hasn’t decided to grace us with it’s presence lately. It’s not a complaint just a fact. So, I set to researching some of the best tips for energy efficiency (since our A/C is hard at work). I came across this list of Energy Efficiency Myths and thought they would be of value to those of you also in a heat wave.

 Jess’s Picks

  • This Vintage Souvenir Tea Towel Quilt for East Africa is an excellent idea. The quilt is being raffled to benefit people suffering from the East African famine and its made out of vintage tea towels representing the countries affected. It’s a win-win raffle — if you win, you have a beautiful quilt, if you don’t win, you still donated to a wonderful cause. (via Poppytalk)
  • Thank God it’s not yet winter, but it is almost fall which is when I plan to start really investigating what we can do to winter-proof the house. These suggestions from the Offbeat Home tribe look like a great place to start.


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Jess’s Picks

  • In case you don’t intend to display lego campers or Lisa Frank vintage in your home anytime soon, I also want to pass along this hanging garden tutorial from Offbeat Home. It looks so pretty! If I get around to fixing up our yard for next summer, I might add these to some of our branches or even on our front porch.

Mary’s Picks

  • I’ve been really working on making my own headbands lately. You know those days when you just want to put your hair up, but your headband options from 5 years ago aren’t cutting it anymore. Or, is that just me? Needless to say, I’m busting out the sewing machine this weekend to create these DIY 50s Style Bowtie Headbands. Too. Cute. (via Ardor)
  • I’ve gone over and over again in my mind about purchasing book shelves for our guest/office room. But, I’m not entirely convinced that we need a large bulky piece of furniture in a small bedroom. Although, this Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz makes me itchin’ for some pretty sleek shelves. Also, sooo versatile! (via Shoebox Dwelling)
  • Two years ago, while in grad school I lived in a very small one bedroom apartment. My living space was long and narrow and it had one perfect spot for a loveseat. I searched all over Lubbock, Texas for a loveseat that wasn’t overstuffed and was affordable. During this search, most of the large furniture stores carried absolutely nothing of the sort. Everything just wasn’t my taste and I was finally able to settle on a Eurosuede (sounds more luxurious than it is) deep brown love seat that was majorly discounted do to a totally fixable tear in the upholstery. Long story short, I was so frustrated with how ugly the sofas were in most stores. It made me wonder just how much my ideal mid-century inspired sofa might be. Well, last week Pam over at Retro Renovation provided the best places to shop for an affordable mid-century inspired sofa! This guide is fantastic! Way to go, Pam!
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