I’m so into this kitchen table that it’s been on my mind since I first saw it on Kitschy Living yesterday. In fact, I had to scroll through over 24 hours worth of tumblr posts (which is quite a lot of posts on my dashboard lately) just to find it and I did it because it stuck in my mind that much.

This kind of defines what I love about eclectic design. The room looks so comfortable with lots of options for whatever kind of dining chair you prefer. And somehow it makes a chrome table look perfectly at home in a room with dark wood built-ins. The relative uniformity of the drawn portraits on the wall pulls it all together.

I am pretty sad that there was no click-through link. I would love to see a full home tour or read a little more about the rest of the house!

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Yesterday, I saw a photo on tumblr that really caught my eye! My friend Karl is a bicycle enthusiast, and I’m sure he thought the bike in the photo looked great. I can’t get enough of the bright colors in the room.

The bright red bike, the yellow walls, and the orange table and chairs really pull the bike into the overall feel of the room. I used to have to store a bike in an apartment and it really isn’t an easy thing to do well. I’ll have to file this away in case we are ever apartment-bound again.

(via Cycle Chic)

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Happy Friday, friends! I’ve still got several projects/crafts up my sleeve for Christmas. I wanted to share with you my Christmas decorating inspiration.

I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my very favorite designer, Emily Henderson. I’m loving this stencil paint on a vintage map that Emily did for the HGTV Holiday Special. In fact, I’ve ordered a map and I’m got serious plans for a project inspired by this.

I really, really want to make this wreath from Pickles made out of felted balls. Do you think I could get a similiar look with pom pom balls? I looked at Hobby Lobby and their colors were weird/ugly. I love the modern colors of this wreath. Super cute, huh? (heh, so many balls…)

I’m considering a different take on this snowman wreath (via Pinterest). I’m loving the greenery around the snowman. This would be fun outside.

How pretty is this advent calendar from Oh Happy Day? I think there’s so much you could do with these print outs!

The playfulness of this print is fantastic! So festive and cute! I’m really wanting to paint something inspired by this on a huge canvas.

What has inspired you for your holiday decorations? I’d love to see!

You can click through all the images to be taken to the sources. Also, you can follow my holiday themed Pinterest board here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


This beautiful Brooklyn Mid-Century town home was originally featured in The New York Times  (via Design Attractor).

There’s so much that I’m inspired by in this room. At first glance it does look a little sparse but I think that’s why I love it. It’s simple, clean, colorful, and beautiful. Although I love tall flowy curtains, I can appreciate that they chose not to do that here. Leaving the windows open makes this room feel airy and bright, and I’m sure those dark shades work perfectly to keep out any unwanted morning light.

I’m also inspired by the very simple but colorful color palette chosen. The placement of this bed really highlights some of the architectural features in the room. Like the moldings, tall windows, high ceilings, and extended ceiling lines. The warmth of the hardwoods and other natural wood elements like the bench, mixed with the stark white ceiling and colorful bed spread makes this room a favorite for me.

My hope when doing these posts is that I’m inspired to recreate at least one of these elements in my home. It’s fun to see design that makes you think about your own living space.



Yep, I’m enamored with a good ol’ Chesterfield couch. All that tufting just looks so comfy. I’ve never owned one and would really love to know if you have and what your thoughts are? I’ve been jonesin’ for a new couch for a while now, and until we can afford one, I’ll just keep enjoying my eye candy from the interwebs.

I vacillate between a romantic couch like a chesterfield and a sleek new mid-century inspired version. But, I’ve just decided that I can have both. And in my dream world I would just pair the tufted goodness with some sleek, mid-century club chair lovelies and my living room would be perfect. Right? Right.

This is where Laura’s Sunny Days Living room comes in that was recently featured on Apartment Therapy.

I love all the color and that couch with those chairs, the rug, and gallery wall. And you know I love when people mix in just the right amount of neutrals. It all feels so harmonious.

Follow my “For the Love of Chesterfield” pinboard here. 

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

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This past weekend my family and I got to take a trip out to Horseshoe Bay, Texas to see the 2011 Southern Living Idea House. I was super excited to go because the 2009 Idea House in Port Aransas, Texas was AH-MAH-ZING.

The 2011 house was in the Escondido Golf Reserve. The house is 6,000 square feet with 22 rooms. There was a small guest house the back yard with a small pool.

So, I mostly want to cover the elements of the house that I loved, because there was a lot that I didn’t love.

The home was accented with wrought iron chandeliers, bright natural light, and barn wood tall ceilings. Barn wood and natural lighting I’m a big sucker for.

This was really cool. In the hallway, they took an antique french armoire and placed it in the wall. Such a cool idea for storage, but it might have looked better without the legs? I think that leaving the legs made it look like it was floating which I’m not so sure I’m down with. What do you think?

The kitchen was really beautiful, but seemed super small for the huge house. You just can’t go wrong with white subway tiles and dark cabinetry. I really like the open shelving but just don’t feel like it was enough. The railroad ties are awesome but they needed more storage. Maybe two shelves instead of just one. Or upper cabinets that went to the ceiling and the railroad ties underneath. I do really enjoy the romance that’s happening in this corner, though.

My absolute favorite element in the house was the peek-a-boo haint blue coming from the mudroom through that archway. Very pretty.

Another favorite of mine was the library area. Although it was over styled with too much furniture. This tufted chair next to those bookshelves was great. Also, hanging art on a bookshelves just adds so much depth and interest. The gold frame really added to the bookshelf too.

This was a great detail in the bathroom. There were floor to ceiling mirrors and the frame you see was simple white, marble tiles added to the mirror. The light color allows your eye to still move around the room but adds just the right amount of interest to the mirrors. Loved this detail. I’m iffy on the sconces though. (Also, why am I scrunching my face up like that?)

Across from the mirror the arches were emulated in this detail above the shower entry. It added such interest to the straight lines of the rest of the bathroom, I loved that.

Here’s that haint blue mudroom I mentioned that you could see from the kitchen. It’s so pretty right? Everything was painted in that color and contrasted by the dark countertops. Although, as my mom pointed out, the paint was done in a flat finish. For a mudroom, this is a major no-no. It won’t be before long that this all starts looking scuffed up, but in the meantime it’s really beautiful. The lighting was a great choice!

The wash area of the mudroom. This arch detailing was all through the house.

I’m a sucker for a trifecta of succulents. So pretty.

This table was something I stood and stared at for a good five minutes. I really, really wanted to love the varying heights of the chairs and think that this was something new and awesome. But, it’s just not. I think this is one of those ideas that sounds cool, but when you finish it you realize that it just breaks up the flow of the room. (Gosh, I sound so negative.)

There were lots of elements of this house that I liked and then a lot that I didn’t like at all. There were some issues with styling. Some rooms came across disjointed and looked too styled. Several times walking through the house, I found myself thinking “what’s that about?” or “why did they chose that?” The interior design and styling did feel purposeful, intentional, or functional (my family agreed too). Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely moments where it did, but lots of moments where it didn’t. Some things just needed to be scaled back and I would have loved to see more forward designs.

However, the architectural detailing was so beautiful and thoughtful. There were considerations for flow and lighting. The home felt warm and inviting. So, it’s too bad it was styled the way it was. Although, some of the furniture choices were quite beautiful.

I guess overall I was a little let down because the 2009 Idea House was, again, ah-mah-zing!

What do you think? Did you get to go? Any Southern Living Homes you’ve been to and loved?

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TV Turned Artwork

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I had a principal in high school that would come over the PA system every Wednesday and without fail announce, “Good morning, everyone! It’s humpday! All. Day. Long” He said it just like that too. All. Day. Long. Ugh, right? Also, sightly creepy because hump day to high school students meant something totally different!

Wow, I digress. Too often. Moving on…

RealLiving: 34 Weekend Projects (via Pinterest)

What I am the most inspired by is how the frame around the flat screen TV makes it look like part of that awesome gallery wall. Because, let’s get real, EVERYBODY (well most people) have a TV in the living room. And, yes, it is the center of attention. It just is. I can’t stand it on a design show when they’re like “I really don’t want the TV to be the central focus of the room.” Which, occasionally I would agree if you’ve got a stellar room with amazing features. But, take my living room for example: 15′ x 12′ with no beautiful fireplace, architectural interest, or great natural light. It’s basic in the most basic kind of ways. Oh, and we watch TV quit often.

All that to say, hiding a TV sometimes just looks like a hidden TV. We all know it’s there, but in truth those armoire doors you shut when the company comes over more than likely stay open when you’re going in and out of your daily life.

So, I totally and completely appreciate this cute, playful idea of just putting a frame around it and making it look like the art it is. Also, I’m thinking that our $25 Craigslist TV could really look awesome with a playful frame.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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