It’s no secret we’ve got a love of pallets over here at So Eclectic. You’ve seen our post on the pallet path and pallet shelves. Well, Jess’s questions on how to and where to get all those lovely pallets that have been bouncing around the blog world lately, lead me to this post. Where do you find them? Are they chemically treated? What do you do about the occasional grossness?

Pallet Swing by Sheryl Salsbury (via Better After)

Where to get ’em: As it turns out, obtaining a pallet is actually quite easy. Pallets are a common shipping material just like styrofoam peanuts. They’re used all the time to ship stuff. Like furniture, crates, dog food, and such. After they’ve been used, pallets are often just simply discarded. So, you can find them by dumpsters and alleyways. Also, you can just ask the company where you see one if you can have it. Look at places they get lots of shipments, such as: malls, Wal-Mart or Target, Greyhound stations, furniture stores. Or, if you get a large piece of furniture or heavy item delivered as freight there’s often a pallet tied to it. Ask the driver if you can keep it.

Pretty White Coffee Table by Caisa K

The Chemicals: By law, pallets have to be treated for pests so that all those little buggies don’t make their way easily around the US. From what I understand, pallets can be either heat treated or chemically treated with methyl bromide. In March of 2010, the chemical treatment started being phased out. So, to be on the safe side try and pick up heat treated pallets. How can you tell? Well, heat treated are often marked with HT and the chemically treated ones are marked with MB. If you plan on making a vertical garden or putting any edible food on the pallet make sure you get heat treated ones.

DIY Pallet Headboard by Stylizimo Blog (via ReNest)

Grossness: Because pallets are used for shipping, they can often be really dirty, have splintery edges, or nails and screws poking out. When you get your pallet home, give it a tough scrub or power wash. Let it dry out in the sun and then use a coarse grit sand paper to get out the rough spots. Then, use finer grits of sandpaper to make it smooth. Especially if you’re making a piece you don’t necessarily want to rub up against and get splinters.

Pallet Pavillon by Matthias Loebermann

More pallet eye candy for your viewing pleasure:

Vertical Pallet Garden by Stephanie (via Design*Sponge)

Toddler Reading Bed by Ashely at Under the Sycamore

Compost Bin from Young House Love

File Crates from DIY Diva

Pallet Wall from Bower Power (via 2Modern)

Hope you’re inspired and ready to create! We’d love to see what you do with your pallet!

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Color Palette Generator

Happy Monday to you all! Did you take advantage of Jess’s invite this weekend? I hope so! That site is awesome.

I saw this site this weekend on Pinterest and it was too good not to share.

Here’s a beautiful swatch of Amy Butler fabric (Disco Flower Chocolate).

So, it didn’t pick up all the colors just right, but I still think it’s awesome. Think of the possibilities of inspiration you could have decorating a space!

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Inspiring Entryway

 After seeing this entryway on Pinterest, I immediately started thinking about how I can do this in my home. After doing some search by image on Google, I discovered that this was a home makeover and featured in the Washington Post (via Dwellers without Decorators).

There are so many things I love about this space. The tactile of the jute type fabric covering the floor and stairs combined with the stark white walls and black railing is so lovely. I’m not loving that bench because it seems a bit small, but that could also be because of the angle of the photo. It might look awesome in person.

Oh yeah, and the amazing job of framing all of that art! I love how the matting and frame are all the same but the size and placement of the photo with the mat differs. The light fixture is absolutely perfect, too!

It just looks so beautiful. Truly an inspiring space.


The style and feel of this house is maybe the closest I’ve ever seen to exactly what I’m trying to do to mine. I discovered it while thumbing through the Summer 2011 issue of Midwest Living while visiting my parents last week. It’s a family summer home in a suburb of Minneapolis and I think I would have a hard time trying not to live in it year-round.

The whole house is very light and looks perfectly comfortable for the summer. It manages to capture the best of vintage and mix it with the best of modern as well. The use of neutral blues, whites, and creams for the non-vintage furniture and wall colors helps all of the vintage finds add color and really stand out in the rooms.

The family also mixes a lot of different eras of vintage and does so very successfully. You find primitives, industrial furniture, and the brilliantly repurposed items like a vintage grocery scale turned into a hanging fruit basket or this 7up cooler turned into a bathroom sink.I think the 7up cooler is probably the most exciting part of the house for me. What’s your favorite detail?

(The full home tour is available at

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These stairs combine so many things I love about good home design, but two specifically are efficiency and beauty. The white stairs and doors set vertically against those stunning hard woods are so awesome alone. Then you mix in the practicality of the storage and it’s a match made in heaven. Love it.

If I had a two story house and if that house had an exposed stair case, I’d be all over this. But, that’s a lot of “ifs.”

Thanks so much to my buddy, Kinu, for pinning this one. Click on the image to go to the original source.

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When I was a child, our house in Kansas was a little bit country and realistically a little bit dated, but around the time that I hit high school, Mom started watching Trading Spaces and a few other design shows and slowly the rooms in our house began to transform. From my high school bedroom which was the most relaxing place of my high school career to my friends first apartments, I will always feel at home in the Midwest. I’ve also noticed that a lot of my favorite design blogs tend to focus on the coasts. We try to feature a variety of design here – usually our own and thus no-coastal, but I was excited to see two Midwest home tours on Offbeat Home recently.

The first, published in May, is An antique-filled Midwest bungalow for four. The antiques are beautiful and I love the wood floors. The design of this home is really subdued with a lot of neutral browns and refreshing pops of color.

Plus, any bedroom that incorporates a dog bed and the dogs into the design is my kind of place to sleep. In fact, our bedroom has a chair, ottoman, and a dog bed for Oats with her own comforter (one of our old ones). The color of the bed, by the way, is one of my favorites. I love the scale of the patterns on the pillows.

Though it’s a small house, the design makes it seem very big and open, even in pictures. This mantle is great. I love the variety of decor. It takes a creative person to combine some cameras, a print of pears, old books, and two jars full of spools, but it really works.

The other home tour I loved as this “punk-bohemian curl-up-and-read rental in Lawrence, Kansas.” I spent a lot of my days in high school wandering around the very downtown that this apartment is in, so it’s always nice to see something so close to home get featured. Also, the style of the place seems distinctly Lawrence. I don’t know what it is about Lawrence but a lot of the houses and apartments I’ve been in seem to have really compatible styles. Look at the chairs in this living room. Couldn’t you just lean back and put your feet up in one?

I’m obsessed with this bed. Maybe it’s just that I’m operating on not enough post-Independence Day sleep, but it looks so comfortable. The bedding all looks so soft and the mix of colors and textures and patterns is begging for someone to ruffle up the sheets and take a wonderful long nap. Cat for cuddling included.

There is so much more about this home tour that I love. For such a small apartment, there are so many beautiful details. Make sure you pop over to Offbeat Home and check both places out!

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Every other summer or so my family visits Port Aransas, Texas for deep sea fishing. Well, the last time we were there was the summer Southern Living had designed their beautiful, new “Idea House” and so we set out to take a look. The home was three stories with two master suites, multiple outdoor living spaces, guest quarters, and multiple other bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interiors were designed by Tracery Interiors. There was so much inspiration and beauty packed into this house. Honestly, some elements of the interior design that I saw there I still think about and am inspired by today. Lately, I’ve been seeing photos from this house all over Pinterest and other blog features so it’s resurfaced for me and I still love it.

All of the bedrooms were styled and designed beautifully, but these two were my favorite.

The downstairs master bedroom color scheme was orange and white with some gray accents. The room had floor to ceiling windows with long white drapes on each window. The accent wall behind the bed had an orange and white stencil. It was awesome.

The master bathroom was right behind glass windows basically inside of the room. The curtains pulled for privacy but also opened completely to make one large space that felt very open. The bathroom had this large, white, floating soaker tub and carrera marble throughout. I still think about this room when I’m day dreaming about my ideal bathroom.

The second master bedroom was upstairs and I’ve seen this one all over Pinterest lately, too.

I loved the wall behind this bed because of how easily it could be changed out. It can be simplified with a couple of candles or full of art and finds from the beach (that’s just right outside the door). The versatility I love. Also, you have to look closely, but I’m in love with the layering of the rugs. There was a large jute rug that covered a lot of the floor and then on top of that was a contrasting Navajo rug placed just at the end of the bed. I’ve thought about this idea a million times, and I think it’s one of the easiest elements in this house you could emulate.

Parallel to the bed was the bathroom. This yellow barn door is such a cool design idea. I mean, I’m pretty sure seeing that vibrant color every morning would just make you smile, right?

Lastly, the kids space was amazing. In this photo you can see the twin beds all tucked away in the wall. They could sleep at least three little kiddos and the curtains could be pulled closed on all of the beds. And that long rug is awesome.

It was so hard pick just these rooms to feature here, so you have to hop over to Southern Living and see the rest.

Hope you enjoyed and are as inspired as I am!


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