Copper Coffee Date by Etsy

I love copper hues and I love coffee. Why not put them together? That industrial copper hanging light totally looks like it belongs in a coffee shop with worn leather furniture and the smell of espresso. Place some chocolate covered coffee beans in that beautiful paper mache bowl and use the espresso tamper made from a block of copper and a vintage brass doorknob.

I love how that copper-y orange color in the table cloth ties it all together while adding some pops of color. I imagine the copper gilded driftwood and cut moose doorstop as the perfect table centerpieces. Serve up the coffee in those beautiful copper and ceramic mugs and some yummy pastries on those handmade copper glass plates. Fun!

Hope you loved this roundup of beautiful copper and coffee inspired products. Have a wonderful Thursday!


‘Copper Coffee Date’ by mamarcum

Industrial Copper Hanging Li…


Paper Mache Vessel White and…


Espresso Tamper Made of Copp…


Dining Table Runner, Cloth T…


Cast Iron Moose/Deer Doorsto…


Linen napkin set of 6 Classi…


Copper Gilded Driftwood Bran…


Glass Plates in Copper (Two …


Copper and Porcelain Coffee …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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The frozen custard chain Sheridan’s began around this area and Kyle has been doing some work in Overland Park where he discovered Unforked, their new local/fresh/organic restaurant experiment. He’s super fond of the restaurant and last week he discovered this really cool suspended toilet paper holder. Because he’s a great husband, he snapped a couple pictures of it with his iPad to share with me and now I get to share them with you!

It really seems to fit with the decor of the bathroom and it’s an easy enough project that moves your toilet paper rolls a little closer to the toilet. It would actually work perfectly in our bathroom where there really isn’t a convenient spot to attach a toilet paper roll holder to the wall. Those wires suspend all the way up to the ceiling.

I’m not sure that the heavy industrial look is quite what would fit in our bathroom, but I imagine you could cover the suspension wires with something a little prettier for your space.

Definitely an inspiring project to add to the pinboard and try to make a reality during the next Pinterest challenge.

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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I had a pretty good weekend (despite it being a short one with only Sunday off) and I’m excited for Trick-or-Treaters tonight. We live in a town that’s still small enough that people go door to door. It seems like near my parents’ house that doesn’t happen so much anymore.

I’m excited to do my first thrift share in a little while! I’ve actually had this for a couple weeks but I needed to get it cleaned up and situated in our bedroom before I could share it.

Kyle and I got this sweet desk at an auction I had to go to for work earlier this month.

The estate was huge and the auction was fairly disorganized. To give you an idea of the disorganization: a friend of mine who deals antiques said she picked up three boxes of cups and saucers on three completely different flatbeds during the auction and ended up with several complete sets spread throughout the few boxes. The only things these guys figured out should be sold item-by-item in a theme were toys and tools. Super frustrating.

It worked out pretty well for us though because the auction took so long that by the time they finished auctioning the house and the car, they realized that if they didn’t split the sale they’d be there until after dark so they divided it. Furniture was going for pretty cheap anyway, and we managed to grab this desk for $15! We could have gotten another desk that only had drawers on the left side for $15 or less but I didn’t want to have to move it. This desk is so heavy!

Obviously the new desk puts some kinks in my plans for a new cloffice, but at least I know it will fit in the space so I’ll keep designing with SketchUp.

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