Today is Kyle and my fourth wedding anniversary! Rather than being all super-romantic in designing a little treasury, I’m sticking with a tying the knot theme. Probably because I’m obsessed with knotted hair ties. I have two different kinds and I love how they are so comfy as bracelets, cute, and mix-and-matchable with clothes and each other. Perfect.

1. White and Teal Knot Bracelet by thepinkruffle; 2. Rope Curtain Tieback Monkeyfist Ball Knot Wrap by AlaskaRugCompany; 3. Infinity ring Sterling Silver knot ring by IndulgentDesigns;  4. Summer Knotted Hair Tie Set Set of Six Ponytail by PoppyandPippa; 5. Nautical Knot Holder with Air Plant Ionantha Mexicana by twoXsea; 6. set of 6 sailors rope knots by perchshop on Etsy; 7.  Navy Blue and White Nautical knots Decorative by WhitlockandCo.


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I really don’t have a good idea to name today’s treasury. Mostly, it’s just a mixture of my favorite things… I started with paisley. Paisley led to an orange elephant tank top. That lead to orange and elephants. Elephants lead to brass and copper and wood. It may be one of my favorite treasuries! I think everything I’ve found for it is so great, even if none of it really fits within a budget.

Vintage Paisley Elephant Tan…


Larger Fold-Over Clutch in P…


1960s Vintage Elephant Locke…


Modernist Stoneware Elephant…


Classic Paisley Seamless Wed…


Place Cards 10 Paisley Embos…


wide paisley wedding band wi…


Tangerine Paisley Indian Ele…


Red Orange Footed box, raku …


Vintage Brass Elephants – Ma…


Woven Leopard and Paisley …


Vintage Wood Carving of Phoe…


Handmade Copper Bracelet Etc…


Bronze Yab Yum God & Goddess…


Nepal Blue Turquoise Ring, M…


I pretty much love everything in this treasury. If I could part with $94 I would buy the 60s elephant locket immediately. Then, I would save up for everything else. The wide paisley wedding band! The copper paisley bracelet! The tank top! The elephants! The elephants! The elephants!

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Isn’t this photo from Green Wedding Shoes adorable?

Seriously, I can’t get tired of silhouettes right now. Maybe it’s because I actually love Valentine’s Day and there is something so romantic about the way we remember the Victorian era or maybe it’s that I just really like cameos. Since we’re getting a little close to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some great silhouette DIY crafts that you can make cheaply for your Valentine!

ApartmentTherapy, together with ReadyMade magazine, has a great tutorial on how to make a silhouette. I think it works pretty well if you’re going to blow it up or make it super small so you can use it as a guide if you need help executing any of the crafts.

They also point out that you don’t have to do silhouettes of people. You can also make them of your pets!


Curbly also has a little bit of a new spin on a silhoutte, painting the negative space on a sheet of plywood to make a natural wood silhouette without doing any cutting! The final product looks great.

You can also make silhouettes small and make custom cameos, necklaces, or bracelets. Less than Perfect Life of Bliss has a tutorial for tiny silhouettes. I love how they turn out!

I couldn’t resist pinning this necklace! The different finishes around the silhouettes makes it look so classy! The necklaces are available for purchase on Etsy if you’re not feeling adding another tutorial to your list.

If you just want a straight-forward lovey valentine silhouette project, the custom couple map silhouette is my favorite!

Silhouettes are a great way to add some personalized details to your home.

I’m not a big monogram fan when it comes to personalizing your decor, but I do like having personalized touches and a silhouette is a great way to upcycle a cheap pillow!

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Last weekend I had a great time hunting around for finds. I stopped by The Rusty Chandelier in St. Joseph, which is one of my favorite antique/vintage shops in my area. I was looking for something that would work as sidetables for our bed but (as usual) ended up with a bunch of other great finds that didn’t fit my original goal at all.

I actually scored all three of these things at the same booth called “En Vogue Vintage”! It was so beautifully decorated that I think if I would have looked much longer I would have ended up buying a lot more. Most of her items were white, off-white, or gold and she had handmade beautiful little tags for them and displayed them all on an old painted white vanity with a beautiful rounded mirror. Her prices were (as you will soon see) really wonderful.

I bought this little japanese cut glass dish for $1.50. It now lives on the bookshelf in our entryway. We have a little bowl that catches our keys there already but this is perfect for loose change or chapstick or anything else that needs to be returned to pockets on  your way out our door!

I bought this pocket watch necklace for $7.99. It’s so beautiful and it came with a very long chain so I feel like it’s super stylish too. I don’t think this is vintage because she had maybe five or six that were very similar — a few with crowns, one with an eiffel tower, and one with a fleur de lis. I love it though! It’s so fun to press the little button and see the time. The length is about perfect for me and should make it easier to wear this with another necklace or two.

My final purchase was this set of cappuccino cups and saucers. The whole set was only $3.99! You might be thinking that the price makes sense because it’s missing three cups, but to me it’s like paying $3.99 for a set of six cups and saucers and getting three free saucers to use in projects! I’m sure you’ll be seeing the saucers again soon.

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I’ve been searching for a gold, dainty necklace recently. I know that there are lots out there but I want something that’s just perfect and the right price. I know we don’t post much about jewelry on here, but this Etsy shop is too good not to share.

Petitor carries all kinds of “little petites” as Courtney, the owner/designer states. Can I just tell you I’m in LOVE with this jewelry?! Everything that you see below I want. I rarely ever feel that way and I can honestly see myself wearing every piece. I’m a t-shirt, jeans, and cardi kind of girl, so each one of these lovelies I’d totally wear. Now, I just need to decide which one.

Oh, and they are all super affordable. Most total just $25-$28 by the time you add in shipping to the U.S.

Click through each image to go to the Etsy listing. To read more from Courtney at Petitor here’s her blog!

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Feather Wrap Ring

 I saw this Sterling Silver Navajo Feather Wrap Ring on Amber Interior Design this week and fell in love with it. I don’t know why I’m hoping for so much jewelry lately. I think it’s just summer which is time for pretty dresses with low necklines and pretty jewelry that sparkles in the sun. Plus, it’s summer and our second income is that of a 9-month teacher’s pay schedule, which means my slush fund and petty cash for furniture is too low to even look. So, rings it is!

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USB Locket


(via ardor: locket love)

Jess posted here about a super cool octopus locket, and I completely share her love of lockets. So, check out this one that I saw on Ardor.  It has a built in USB. How awesome is that?! I really needed this in grad school. Stylish and practical. Fantastic.





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