Marion, Kansas

Last week, I shared with you all one of the stops that I made on my ten day road trip (so fun!). Well, from here on out I’ll share with you all the shops we stopped out. But, I just had to share the site around Marion, KS. Well I mentioned last week that we stayed out at the Historic Elgin Hotel B&B. Sherri, the hotel manager, was awesome! I mean, true hospitality. She chatted with us late at night, met up when we got in later than the check-in time and was overall just lovely. Also, she made caramelized French Toast for breakfast. Yum.

The hotel was originally established in 1886 and has gone through quite a journey to become what it is today. The place was made into an apartment building in the ’70s. When the current owner took it over, they decided to fully restore it to what their research said it looked like when originally built. They’ve truly done a wonderful job restoring this place and I’m so glad we chose to stay there. Not to mention, it is within walking distance to Bearly Makin’ It Antiques! Bonus.

I loved the bathroom. It just proves such timelessness with white subway tiles. All the white was beautiful and I wish this was my bathroom!

Octagon and dot tile. I love it so.

The hotel owners have worked so hard to restore this place even down to the engraved marble above the elevator.

 This staircase was visually striking with this massive chandelier and dark wood paneled walls.

 In the lounge space, on the second floor, there was this light blue Chesterfield couch. Isn’t it beautiful?

 This is the view from the top of the staircase. That golden velvet loveseat was so pretty.

This space is in the ballroom area. Another beautifully decorated spot in the hotel.


 After we left the hotel, we set out to see the charming city. We drove up and down the original red brick streets, and I was intent with capturing the charm of this little town with my camera. I had my mom pull over so I could grab a quick pic of this perfect turquoise 1950s Chevy Viking.

Since we were here on the weekend before July 4th, everyone had out their red, white and blue decorations. Most of the time, I’m a bit adverse to July 4th decorations because I think that they quickly become cheesy, over the top, and lack taste. If you love the over the top decorations for July 4th, then by all means put them out! I’m just sayin’ they’re not for me. So, when we saw this house with the red, white and blue bunting, I thought it was perfect. I love how it fits with the style of the house and such a lovely contrast to the beautiful white moldings. Also, can you see the scalloped details near the roof? I love this! I’m pretty sure that I had my mom drive by 5 times before I got the right picture. I didn’t want to appear creepy by snapping a photo, but I just thought it looked so perfect.

 A lot of this town was established in the late 19th century, but they’ve preserved so many of the architectural details beautifully. This art deco building had also been kept completely intact and preserved beautifully.


We also spotted this perfect house. Look at that wrap around porch, those white moldings, the white columns, the stone walls, and that red roof. Perfect, right? There’s also large green ferns hanging between each column. Beautiful.

After driving around town we headed out to lake outside of town. Out there we saw this awesome vintage RV. It’s so shiny. So pretty.

The town, as I’ve heard from Jess about a lot of Kansas, is that it’s done a phenomenal job at preserving itself. The town was so quaint and quintessential Midwest. The old stone, the intricate architectural detail, just screams of a town that truly cares about it’s history and preserving it. I love that.

Thanks for being to good to us, Kansas!

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As Jess mentioned, I recently traveled the Midwest to make it to a friend’s wedding.  We hit 11 states in 10 days! Whew. It was so much fun and I’ve got a ton to share with all of you. My mom and one of my sisters went with me and we thrift/estate sale/antiqued shopped all along the way. I wanted to mainly visit places that I had seen on the blogosphere and friends recommend. We did just that, and it was amazing. I’m ready to do it again!

On the way up to the wedding, I knew I had to make a special stop at Bearly Makin’ It Antiques. They’ve got a huge barn full of stuff and they have a store in Marion, KS. It was featured on American Pickers but they didn’t show the store in town. Personally, the store was the best part. I heard about this place from Meg at Whatever, and knew we needed to make a special trip there. After stopping at Antique shops/markets in KS, MO, IL, MI, and OH, this was by far the best stop we made! I could spend hours and hours going through this shop. I’m most definitely going back!

We drove straight to Marion from my parent’s house outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. After a night’s rest in Marion, we headed to the shop.

First off, my photos with vintage graphic design. I really love old tins, and if the practical side of me were to vanish someday, I’d have an antique tin collection.

 Coffee is bliss, after all.

Look at this little gem! A Kitchen Maid Cake box. So pretty. I can just imagine being at a party where this was brought in and a delicious homemade cake was served. Perfect!

Since I spend my days working with children, I’ve really come to love old children’s books. Not to mention, Dr. Seuss was a genius.


Mason jars! I love the blue and the lids.

How sweet is this little lipstick caddy? The ribbon font is just too lovely. I’m kinda regretting not buying this.

Quilts!!!!! I’ve shared my love of quilts, right? The past several years, as I’ve developed my tastes more, my love of quilts has remained the same. There were so many and they were so nicely rolled that I was a little overwhelmed to pick through them. After seeing that $18 price tag right there, I wish I would have.

How great is this clock? What a cool piece for a kids room. The little gold feet, the green casing, the unique hands, and the man and monkey just make it look so playful. But considering the condition and the $45 price tag, it didn’t go home with me.

This place was amazing and soon I will be posting about all my buys from the trip. It wasn’t much, but I love what a got.

If you’re driving through Kansas, you must make a detour to check out Barely Makin’ It Antiques. Their inventory is so extensive, and the people who work there were great! We weren’t able to check out their barn because for some reason it wasn’t open, which turned out to be okay because I’ve got no clue how we would have brought back large items.

Stay tuned for more from my trip! Update: Here’s the rest of my write-up from the lovely little town of Marion, KS.

I linked up over at Her Library Adventures: Flea Market Finds.


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When I was a child, our house in Kansas was a little bit country and realistically a little bit dated, but around the time that I hit high school, Mom started watching Trading Spaces and a few other design shows and slowly the rooms in our house began to transform. From my high school bedroom which was the most relaxing place of my high school career to my friends first apartments, I will always feel at home in the Midwest. I’ve also noticed that a lot of my favorite design blogs tend to focus on the coasts. We try to feature a variety of design here – usually our own and thus no-coastal, but I was excited to see two Midwest home tours on Offbeat Home recently.

The first, published in May, is An antique-filled Midwest bungalow for four. The antiques are beautiful and I love the wood floors. The design of this home is really subdued with a lot of neutral browns and refreshing pops of color.

Plus, any bedroom that incorporates a dog bed and the dogs into the design is my kind of place to sleep. In fact, our bedroom has a chair, ottoman, and a dog bed for Oats with her own comforter (one of our old ones). The color of the bed, by the way, is one of my favorites. I love the scale of the patterns on the pillows.

Though it’s a small house, the design makes it seem very big and open, even in pictures. This mantle is great. I love the variety of decor. It takes a creative person to combine some cameras, a print of pears, old books, and two jars full of spools, but it really works.

The other home tour I loved as this “punk-bohemian curl-up-and-read rental in Lawrence, Kansas.” I spent a lot of my days in high school wandering around the very downtown that this apartment is in, so it’s always nice to see something so close to home get featured. Also, the style of the place seems distinctly Lawrence. I don’t know what it is about Lawrence but a lot of the houses and apartments I’ve been in seem to have really compatible styles. Look at the chairs in this living room. Couldn’t you just lean back and put your feet up in one?

I’m obsessed with this bed. Maybe it’s just that I’m operating on not enough post-Independence Day sleep, but it looks so comfortable. The bedding all looks so soft and the mix of colors and textures and patterns is begging for someone to ruffle up the sheets and take a wonderful long nap. Cat for cuddling included.

There is so much more about this home tour that I love. For such a small apartment, there are so many beautiful details. Make sure you pop over to Offbeat Home and check both places out!

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