I ran across this a few months ago in an antique store and filed it away in my own personal inspiration photo. I ran across it again today and thought it was so neat I should share it with you.

Someone salvaged some wood from a church and turned it into a kitchen island. The other sides were more plain than this one and, given that the rest of it wasn’t made of salvaged wood, I would have liked a little more storage for an island. Still, it would be a beautiful addition to an eclectic home.


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I’m so into this kitchen table that it’s been on my mind since I first saw it on Kitschy Living yesterday. In fact, I had to scroll through over 24 hours worth of tumblr posts (which is quite a lot of posts on my dashboard lately) just to find it and I did it because it stuck in my mind that much.

This kind of defines what I love about eclectic design. The room looks so comfortable with lots of options for whatever kind of dining chair you prefer. And somehow it makes a chrome table look perfectly at home in a room with dark wood built-ins. The relative uniformity of the drawn portraits on the wall pulls it all together.

I am pretty sad that there was no click-through link. I would love to see a full home tour or read a little more about the rest of the house!

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