The upcycled vintage lamps over at Earth Sea Warrior on Etsy are the perfect combination of old and new. This artist takes the cords from industrial or regular vintage desk lamps and makes them new. These are some of the prettiest lamps I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I love lamps (I love lamp…), but I rarely see one so striking I actually think about if I could justify the money to fork over. These are pricey for me, but might be perfect for you. Most range between $100-$250 with $15-20 in shipping. Not cheap but totally beautiful.

The cords above are for the option to design your own hanging lamp. Look at those cords! So pretty!

I’m pretty sure this yellow gooseneck lamp with a houndstooth cord is one of the most perfect marriages of vintage and modern evah. (Can you tell I’m excited about these lamps!?)

Red Gooseneck with a baby blue cord! This would be rad in a baby’s room. Totally unexpected but completely awesome.

This color combination of the mint green lamp with a neon cord makes me happy. Not two colors I would pick together, but they throw off your eye in just the right way. Trendy neon mixed with vintage mint and brass. Again, perfect.

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 The shape of these Panama Table Lamps by Omikron Design is so sleek and modern. I am hoping that Kyle and I will get matching side tables soon, and then matching lights for those side tables. The way the light cascades out of the shade on these is just great!


Nellianna on Etsy

*** I search Etsy far and wide to bring you some absolutely beautiful finds from the artists and vintage shops on the site. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feel free to send over any shops you think are worthy of attention. Click on the images to be taken to the listing. ***

These lights made the front page of Etsy this past Sunday and immediately caught my eye. They’re pretty amazing.

Paper Origami Lampshade by Nellianna

I would love to have one of these in my house. I enjoy all of the designs and the shapes, textures, and pure white of them are fantastic. The shop owners are based out of the Netherlands and so shipping costs to the states are pretty expensive. But I’d love to get my hands on some of this handmade goodness.


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Low-Energy Light bulbs by Hulger.

Low-Energy bulbs that have style AND function! Love. (Thanks, Jean!)

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Bubblegum Pink light fixture on ModerncountrystyleI saw these bubble-gum pink light fixtures the other day on ModernCountryStyle and thought they would look pretty awesome in an office. Nevermind that my office is navy blue, I think bubblegum pink and navy blue look great together. I’m going fabric shopping soon and might test it out soon with a new headboard for the guest bed in the room.

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