This weekend, my friend Cari came up to visit us and we went thrifting at a couple of my favorite antique stores. It has been a while since I’ve been out to see what’s new at the booths so I really enjoyed the trip!

I didn’t find a whole lot that interested me enough to spend money on, but I did find a really pretty Estée Lauder porcelain powder jar that I’m fond of.




It matches our bedroom decor really well and will be a great place to catch little trinkets and jewelry before bed! I love metallics, especially silver, and it’s nice to have such an understated vintage 70s piece.

If you like it enough to want your own, I found one on etsy for a good price!

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USB Locket


(via ardor: locket love)

Jess posted here about a super cool octopus locket, and I completely share her love of lockets. So, check out this one that I saw on Ardor.  It has a built in USB. How awesome is that?! I really needed this in grad school. Stylish and practical. Fantastic.





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One of the things that Mary and I liked about talking about home design from our perspective is that we can seek out things that fit our budget. We love the blogs we read that feature lots of posts about fun products and the blogs that we read that are by real interior designers with a couple projects in the works that maybe have a couple thousand dollars to spend at a time, but we get tired of looking at a spread of great products that are way out of our budget. So we plan to feature some affordable decor whenever we come across it and mostly to focus on ways that you can recreate a look yourself without buying something new.  The day before SoEclectic launched, Target launched the new Calypso St. Barth for Target line which is really pretty affordable on the home decor side.

After a preview writeup of the collection was talked about in the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I was pretty excited for what might be affordable. Unfortunately, the Calyspo Home line only has about 13 items available. My favorites are a metallic pouf for $59.99, a candleholder for $29.99, and an elephant teapot that comes in pink/rose and blue for only $12.99.

I think I’m going to have to head to Target soon to try to pick up one of these teapots. The thing I hate about Target designer lines is that they all sell out so quickly, but I really want this little guy for my collection!

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