I was just thinking a week or so ago that I haven’t had a thrift share in a LONG time. I would have to check our archives to even remember the last time I bought something thrift for my home. Maybe it was just that realization that made me excited when I realized that one of my favorite local antique malls had a booth at the same farm show where my museum had a booth this weekend. I think I spotted what I wanted there before I even noticed the booth!

As we were all setting up on Thursday for the Friday/Saturday show, I noticed an adorable mustard upholstered bench/ottoman. Friday, I checked the price and it was only $27.50! I think the legs on it are in good enough shape to justify that price, but I decided to wait until Saturday and then haggle a little if it was still there at the end of the day. The farm show was pretty slow, so I was lucky and snagged the bench for a few dollars price the original asking price!

I considered using it as an ottoman but I like the square ottoman in front of the loveseat, and the coffee table already takes up the space in front of the sofa, so I had to shop my house for a place to put it. After moving the dog’s bed in the living room to the spot she prefers to sleep, I found the perfect home for it right next to the TV.

I styled it quickly with some spare throw pillows and some circa 2008 presidential signs. I think I’ll probably re-style it after my next thrift trip out. Ideally, I’d like to find a tray that fits it and put a vase and some books in the tray, then I’ll probably swap out at least one of the pillows for one that is more decorative, and add a quilt.

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 This post has been a llloooonnnngggg time coming. If you’ve been with us for awhile you might remember this post on my Lane Cedar Chest that I found back in June. The day it came home, we removed the base because it was falling apart and in disrepair. So, for the last, oh nine months (9?!?!), it has sat in our living room like this:

Not bad, but also it kinda drove me crazy because  it was just a big box. I was basically waiting for the time to stumble acorss the perfect set of legs that I didn’t have to pay too much for and so I found this lovely little bookshelf with the perfect legs.

This weekend I had the time to remove the legs and clean them up a bit. Now, they’ve got a new little home on the cedar chest.

Cute, right? Honestly, I feel like the original base looks much better but since there really wasn’t a way to keep it, the little tapered bun feet are perfect!

It totally changes the way that the piece looks and how it fits into the living room. I’m pretty happy with it.

What do you think?

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On Monday I gave you the tour through Daddy O’s Vintage Sales in Lubbock, Texas. While I was there I asked the store owner if she had any 9 drawer midcentury dressers because that’s what I’m in the market for right now. She told me to go down the road to As Time Goes By and look there because they have lots of midcentury items.

Well, I looked it up on my GPS and headed down the road. And then realized that this place was literally two blocks from where I used to live. See, I really never took note of it because here’s what it looks like from the outside. (Forgive my Google screen shot)

Yep, it looks tiny and it’s in a strip mall with Ace Hardware and a gas station. I knew it was there because I’ve been to that Ace Hardware multiple times. Honestly, from the outside is SOOOO deceptive. Also, the sign above the doors say “ANTIQUES” really large and then the name. So, I thought it was just a small antique store.

Oh no, it’s surprisingly large and packed with tons of midcentury and vintage beauties! There are booths being rented out so it’s not all MCM but there are multiple booths with some really great finds. See, here’s an aisle shot from one of four aisles.

The ceilings are very high. Here’s the booth that I realized every single item in there was something that I want.

Do you see all of the goodness in there?! There were a pair of those awesome green chairs. Look at that orange and black stool, those textiles, that awesome rug, and OH that lamp! It’s all so pretty.

Just down the way from that spot was a booth containing this…

Amazing, right? There wasn’t a scratch on it and it was $575 firm. I think it was an RCA Victor but I can’t remember the style. I can’t believe it’s been preserved so well.

In this same booth stood this awesome lamp.

It was so tall and so sleek. Also, in practically perfect condition. The price was about $250.

Right when I walked in the store, this chair greeted me. Isn’t it unique?

The upholstery was in great condition and look at all of the shape this chair has while still remaining sleek. So pretty, right?

I can’t believe I’m just now discovering this store. If you’re in Lubbock you must stop by here! So many unique finds. Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about all the MCM lamps. They were everywhere and super reasonable. I told Brendan that the next time I go back to Lubbock I’m taking a trailer and loads of cash. You know, in my dreams.

That wraps up my trip to Lubbock and I really enjoyed finding these great shops! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Jess’s Picks

  • In case you don’t intend to display lego campers or Lisa Frank vintage in your home anytime soon, I also want to pass along this hanging garden tutorial from Offbeat Home. It looks so pretty! If I get around to fixing up our yard for next summer, I might add these to some of our branches or even on our front porch.

Mary’s Picks

  • I’ve been really working on making my own headbands lately. You know those days when you just want to put your hair up, but your headband options from 5 years ago aren’t cutting it anymore. Or, is that just me? Needless to say, I’m busting out the sewing machine this weekend to create these DIY 50s Style Bowtie Headbands. Too. Cute. (via Ardor)
  • I’ve gone over and over again in my mind about purchasing book shelves for our guest/office room. But, I’m not entirely convinced that we need a large bulky piece of furniture in a small bedroom. Although, this Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz makes me itchin’ for some pretty sleek shelves. Also, sooo versatile! (via Shoebox Dwelling)
  • Two years ago, while in grad school I lived in a very small one bedroom apartment. My living space was long and narrow and it had one perfect spot for a loveseat. I searched all over Lubbock, Texas for a loveseat that wasn’t overstuffed and was affordable. During this search, most of the large furniture stores carried absolutely nothing of the sort. Everything just wasn’t my taste and I was finally able to settle on a Eurosuede (sounds more luxurious than it is) deep brown love seat that was majorly discounted do to a totally fixable tear in the upholstery. Long story short, I was so frustrated with how ugly the sofas were in most stores. It made me wonder just how much my ideal mid-century inspired sofa might be. Well, last week Pam over at Retro Renovation provided the best places to shop for an affordable mid-century inspired sofa! This guide is fantastic! Way to go, Pam!
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