Trust me, readers, I am still so busy finishing up this move! Oddly, I feel more relaxed about time than I should and more stressed about money than I should. I’m hoping that a switch will flip and I’ll feel more pressure to finish up the last little bits of packing tonight or tomorrow… but for now, I’m nursing a mild headache and otherwise curled up under a blanket rewatching an episode of Dance Moms. Watching Dance Moms is an obvious sign that I’m stressed out and losing it!

To cope, I’m starting to dream about the new house! Seriously, on Sunday night, I was too excited to sleep just thinking about all the fun ahead of me!

One of the things we’re planning to change soon after we move is our couch situation. Ours are nice and look fine but they’re kind of worn down in spots. Kyle basically loathes them, and I agree it’s time for a change.

Right now, I’m really into these couches from EQ3.

I really like the back cushion on the Elise Sofa and the softer lines look comfortable.

I also really like the Reverie Sofa for a lot of the same reasons. I think the two rows of buttons and the two cushions look really masculine which is the feel I’m going for in the bedroom. We can also buy this one locally from Nebraska Furniture Mart in a great grey color. We might have to go check that out after we get moved. It really is gorgeous!

It also comes in leather, which is what Kyle really wants, but I’m not sure if we can get it in leather through a store in our area. The actual show rooms are mostly all in Canada, so it’s not an easy drive if we can’t get one close by.

As much as it will frustrate me to be living in a house that isn’t decorated exactly how I want it for a while, it’s pretty fun to be thinking about decorating something new!



Augh! Moving!

Well, it’s been a week since I first got offered a position in Kansas City. I’m really excited to start my new job but right now I feel basically totally overwhelmed.

This is what we have to do:

  • Pack our house
  • Rent our house
  • Find a house to rent
  • Move
  • Replace the sump pump
  • Fix the damaged shower floor tile
  • Little odds and ends things


We are running the credit and background checks on our potential renters. We found a couple we really like and they have three children who I’m sure will make much better use of the three upstairs bedrooms than we have.

We are also having a credit/background check ran on ourselves currently. Kyle went rental house shopping last Wednesday and found a neighborhood that we love! He looked through several houses and called about a few others. Sunday, we went together and looked through three houses. We found one that would mostly work for our needs.

It’s really cute, has a fenced backyard, and has three bedrooms — which would mean we wouldn’t need to downsize our bed collections and could house a couple friends for a night. The downsides are that the bedrooms are super small. Likely, we would use the middle bedroom for our bed and the front bedroom as a kind of dressing room. I’m not even totally positive that the bedroom we intend to use would fit our king-size bed.

The kitchen is also fairly lacking.

That picture shows all of the cabinet space! Note the lack of a dishwasher and garbage disposal! Those are manageable flaws, but it had enough that we thought it was worth it to go back and look again yesterday.

Especially worth it because the house we’d gotten a call about was this one:


That’s the word I have for this one.

Look at the inside!

This house is obviously beautiful, and even though it’s only two bedrooms… we really only wanted two bedrooms and they’re a much better size with much more convenient closets. The landlord who has been rehabing this house is understandably very protective of it, so we’re really hoping we clear the credit and background checks (I don’t know why we wouldn’t!). I’ll feel so much better when this is all definite.

Well… when this is all definite and our house is packed, we’ve received the deposit + rent check from the new tentants, and we’re moved into the new place.

Moving is way too much stress when you’re also trying to finish up one job and start a new one. Wish us luck!

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