* I’m getting ready to attend a funeral for a close friend’s mom, so I wasn’t able to actually do my project other than the inspiration I’ve gathered. I’m sure you all understand (because you’re wonderful). I’ll be sure to share my finished sandals when I have them. I’m sure it will be a nice project to cheer me up a little.*

I happened on some really fun inspiration while on Pinterest on Easter Monday and this weekend I finally started to put several things together into a plan. It started when I saw these TOMS shoes sandals…

They’re really cute, right? And a great way to turn an old pair of shoes into something I’m excited to wear again. This is a perfect project because I happen to have one pair of shoes that’s basically unwearable. They’re not actual TOMS, they’re these knock-off versions made by Airwalk as part of their Good Shoe Project. I bought them because they’re leather free and at the time I was in the market for some new shoes, I thought I wanted TOMS but couldn’t find a pair without leather soles. These were leather-free and $20, but a pair still got donated.

After a year+ running around in them, I’ve sufficiently worn them out. There is a hole in the toe, and I think they need to be aired out a little. I must sweat entirely from my feet.

So the plan is to cut them up! In the forepart of the shoe, I plan to cut along the seam, leaving a vertical strip of fabric from the elastic down to the strap that will be created over my toes. On the side, I’ll start by cutting them like the sandals in the picture and then make a judgement call about cutting out those straps.

I’m not going to stop with simple sandals, though. I also plan to embellish them and pile on this season’s trend with NEON. Plenty of people embroider TOMS so why not embroider your sandals a little too?

If I opt for a solid color, it’ll be bright green or bright yellow, depending on what I find nearby. If I get really creative, I’m going to also make some friendship-bracelet-style embellishments (using this wonderful tutorial from What I Do) for the front or the sides. Maybe I could add espadrille ties? The possibilities are endless!
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