I really love the Oscars. I’m not so excited about the other award shows usually. I’m totally content to just keep up with my friends comments on the Golden Globes or Grammys on Tumblr and Twitter. On occasion, I’ll watch a clip of something funny that happened or maybe catch a few minutes of the show as it airs. The Oscars are by far my favorite. This is probably true for everyone, isn’t it?

A few years ago (2009?), all of our friends piled into Mary’s living room in Lubbock to watch the Academy awards and it was really a great party even without all of the swanky decor in my latest Etsy treasury. Making this week’s party treasury has me so nostalgic for that night and for all of our adventures in Lubbock.

Japanese Washi Paper Tape – …


Vintage Movie Tickets from R…


20 Oscar party invitation po…


Vintage Metal Popcorn Bowl


Muppet movie prop vintage ic…


Red Ticket Roll Bowl


Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Came…


Kodak Brownie movie projecto…


Industrial Movie Production …


Vintage Film Reels and Canis…


Drive In Movie Speakers, Car…


1950’s Heywood Wakefield…


Vintage Harry Potter Movie P…


Vintage Folding Chair Wood C…


Silent Film Star Buster Keat…


I started it off with some fun ideas for invitations! The washi tape is so neat. I’m going to have to experiment with a roll of it sometime.

For decor, I went with a lot of movie-making and viewing equipment. You all know I’m a sucker for that metal, industrial look and etsy is full of beautiful examples of the aesthetic that fit the movie-making theme.

We have a busy weekend with a few friends coming up Friday and another staying Saturday night, so I think we’ll be taking it easy Sunday and watching the Academy Awards. Do you have fun party plans?

#, #, #

After spending most of my day working at a computer and a good portion of my evening glued to a book (usually on kindle), I often find myself looking for something a little more mindless to relax. The problem with most TV is that it’s so mindless that I can really split my attention between the TV and the Internet. I think that’s a lot of the reason why I love the Nate Berkus Show. It’s too visually interesting not to watch so I pay a lot of attention without having to think too hard about it. Yesterday, I was catching up on DVR and I was so inspired by his asparagus green + navy black + bronze color palette at the end of the show. It was just so beautiful together, and I think green + bronze + cream makes a great holiday palette so here we are with our first Thursday Tea Time of the Christmas season and a great all-etsy tablescape for an asparagus green and bronze holiday party!

I decided on a simple coffee pot for this week’s party. This Vintage Brown Coffee Pot set by JSsJunk on Etsy is a great place to start because the bronze is so beautiful. I also really prefer a cup that’s white on the inside even if it has a dark outside. Maybe that’s weird, but I’ve been on a hot apple cider kick lately and it’s weird to drink apple cider that looks like coffee in our black cups so the cups we have that have white insides have been getting extra attention.

For the rest of the table setting, I went with a green and bronze palette with some creams thrown in where I could.

‘Asparagus Green and Bronze Tea Party’ by static

Bronze Incense Burner Foo Do…


Wool Craspedia, felt Billy B…


Burlap and Bronze Christmas …


Vintage earthen vase


Table Runner- Organic Colorg…


Gift for the Foodie…No kne…


Organic torn edge placemat, …


Mint Green Tailored Dinner N…


Bronze napkin rings


Broken China Mosaic Tiles – …


Holiday Gift Tags, 9 Pearle…


Sale Item – 15 Dark Bronze C…


My thought is that the incense burner could burn a subtle Christmas scent and the felted craspedia could sit inside the wreath and add some height. I love craspedia so much and it’s very pretty as a felted fake flower. I almost included some felted acorns too. The wreath I found is absolutely gorgeous too. I love the texture (and price) of burlap and it’s so easy to glam up. That gold looks great against it.

I also found a little earthen vase, a beautiful table runner, and a no-knead bread baker that beautifully combines all of the colors.

I thought I’d include the broken china mosaic tiles and the dark bronze leaves to sprinkle in the center of the table and/or at each place setting. The gift tags would make great place cards!

I’m really excited about this holiday party. I really want to host one (or two or three) holiday parties this year for various groups of people we’ve been trying to gather at our house. I’m starting this weekend with a movie and football marathon with Kyle and our best friend Kevin. Plus, it’s the winter festival of trees at my museum this weekend. Hopefully, I can score some great decorations through the raffles!

#, #, #, #, #

This week’s party is inspired by one of my own teapots and some new nailpolish. I was almost certain I’d featured this one before, but it doesn’t appear that I have so I’ll show it off a little!

I bought this pretty pink teapot at an antique mall I like to go to in St. Joseph. The shop actually had a green teapot that was very similar (same pattern) but I loved how feminine the design of this one was with the pink, the flowers, and the unique shape.

I also recently went out in search of a nude colored nailpolish and ended up with a bottle of Leotard Optional by Sephora by OPI.

I love it. Love it love it love it. It was quite a change from my previously bright yellow nails that then became bright yellow and chipped, but I just can’t enough of this color. I think it has something to do with it being fall. Mauve is the perfect pink for fall.

So this week let’s have a prim and proper fall pink tea party!

Large Cotton Crochet Pineapp…


Letterpress Thanksgiving Pla…


Earthy Charger Plate called …


Melmac Dishware by Sun Valle…


Pale Pink Mauve and Charcoal…


MYRA. Vintage Inspired handm…


Vintage 1950s Boy’s Clip…


Sandalwood Rose Scented Cup …


Vintage Cats Eye Glasses Eye…


1940s Vintage Buttons in Mau…


Vintage Samsonite Mauve Trai…


Amish quilt, vintage, hand-m…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I added in some purples and less-muted pinks for this treasury.

I love the accessories, that bow-tie would be really cute turned into a bracelet or a headband, or even as a bowtie with a nice high-collar shirt.

And, don’t be fooled, those cupcakes are SOAP! What a cute party favor! I bet they smell wonderful.

I’ve gotten off the table with some home accessories like that beautiful purple vintage, hand-made Amish quilt which is one of my favorites. And $78 seems like such a great price to me!

Soon I’ll have to share my new American Tourister vintage travel case that got the mauve samsonite case in the treasury. I’m so excited for my first weekend trip so I can use my new bag.

#, #, #, #, #

Last weekend, Mary sent me a link to this Villeroy and Boch Acapulco Teapot Coffee Pot by FoundVintageStyle on Etsy.

I love it! The colors! The birds! The lines!

I was completely inspired. So inspired, in fact, that I decided to change up the way we do Thursday tea time. For the indefinite future, I’ll be bringing you more than just a teapot. I’m arranging a tea party.

This week, we are hanging on to the wonderfully warm but not hot days of fall and enjoying cool evenings. It’s perfect weather for enjoying hot beverages outside and getting the most out of our summer deck setup. I’ve got the teapot, the cups and saucers, and the table settings to make your relaxing evening a swank end-of-summer party.

‘Acapulco Tea Party’ by static

Villeroy and Boch Acapulco T…


SALE Cup and Saucer, Villero…


The Acapulco tealight/votive…


The Acapulco Dessert Pedesta…


Traditional Sling Chair-Beac…


Deck Chair Hand Stitched Per…


Fun in Acapulco, vintage pos…


woven straw tote – acapulco …


Deck Chair Stripes – Love Bi…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

#, #, #, #, #

Jess’s Picks

  • On Pinterest, I discovered this great chair swing via HGTV that I was able to trace back to a post from the Swedish blog rusta upp. What a fun idea! The whole blog looks beautiful so take a look around when you follow the link. Google does (expectedly) mediocre with the translating, but at least her instructions for this DIY made the transition pretty well.

Mary’s Picks

  • Got paint sticks? Got a cheap barrel shade in need of a makeover? Well, then this tutorial at Enjoying the Simple Things is just for you! It’s really brilliant and so creative. Every barrel shade I’ve seen in a thrift store this week has made me want to load up on paint sticks and hot glue (if I owned a house or wanted to replace my light fixtures).  (via Apartment Therapy)
  • These embroidered portraits by Danial Kornrumpf literally made my mouth drop. They are stunning. (via Swiss Miss)
  • Have you seen Dear Photograph? This site makes me want to grab up all of mine and my family’s old photos. I love how you can see how much some scenes have changed and how some are completely untouched. Such a cool idea.


#, #, #, #, #, #, #

After seeing these images that Emily from Jones Design Co. wrote about, I’ve had calligraphy on the brain. I just think the calligraphy by Patricia Mumau from Primele are so pretty and elegant. Also, if you’ve got handwriting you like or a cheap font you can download, this would be pretty easy/inexpensive to create. The one thing that stumped me though, is how the heck do you get stamps that look like that? So vintage, colorful, and striking when placed all together.

Well, my friends, after some research, I came across this very helpful article over at 100 Layer Cake that explains you just need to go into a stamp store, look around on Ebay or online stamp stores. Yep, just a simple trip to your local stamp and coin store.

As long as a stamp is unused and not collectible it retains face value. So, you can load up on as many as you need to meet the required postage. A tip though, is to try and get stamps with higher values. Otherwise, your envelopes might be a little overwhelmed.


#, #, #, #, #, #, #

My older sister, Abby, just turned 30! She’s such an amazing sister and friend. Her husband called me about a month before her birthday and wanted to throw her a surprise party. So, I got to thinking about decorations. We wanted to make it colorful because we were having it out at my grandparent’s land in the country. My grandpa has labored over a man-made tank, built his own pier, and an entertaining area. It’s really amazing what that man has done with his land. It’s beautiful, really.

We decided on balloons, and I really wanted to do these zig-zag streamers and these photo booth accessories to add to the color and fun. Jordan Ferney, party planner and blogger extraordinaire over at Oh Happy Day, has some of the most awesome free ideas! I loved the streamers. My younger sister and her husband hung each one up individually on a ladder!

My niece and nephew, ahem, Batman and Bunny. They're awesome.

My sis and her hubby.

These added so much fun to the party! They are just so cute and look great in photos!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister!!!

*****Also, Jordan of Oh Happy Day lives in Paris and is giving away a FREE trip for two people in the continental U.S. You can enter here, and well…you should!****

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