I saw the cutest friendship bracelet the other day. It was beaded and a really great diamond pattern. I thought I’d round up some cute heavy patterns, some of which are inspired by Navajo or other Native American patterns and some of which are just heavy patterns and bold colors.

1. Black Red and White Archery Decor Arrows by FletcherandFox on Etsy; 2. Robbins Egg Turquoise Brass Cuff by MissCAlexandria on Etsy; 3. Native American Pueblo Style Decorative Felted by FHLCreations; 4. Playa Bag Urban Tribal Handmade African Prints by NIDOUrbanoTribal; 5. Peach Ombre Chevron Embroidery Hoop Gradient by OooohStitchy; 6. Turtle Totem tt003 Native American style terra cotta by CasaLuz; 7. Native American beaded bracelet blue by HairTrigger on Etsy; 8. Knit Pattern pdf file Native Navajo Design by EunicesTickleTrunk; 9. Navajo Painting Original Artwork by fromroses on Etsy; 10. Southwestern Turquoise Leather Wrap Bracelet with by DESIGNbyANCE; 11. Hex Nut Friendship BraceletSea Green by KaringIsShering on Etsy; 12. Spiderweb Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring by PureDichotomy.

So many fun finds here! I love the handmade playa bag. The deep pink and blues go together well and I bet it holds a lot!

Of course I added several bracelets. I can’t decide which I like best! The simplicity of the turquoise cuff bracelet is really appealing but I also love the patterns of the blue beaded bracelet and the leather wrap bracelet. The hex bracelets are cute, simple, and I bet they’d be fun to wear. I like the weight of metal.

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Sometimes I’m a little jealous of people that work from home, just because they get to have their space really personalized. Usually, I’m only jealous of people who get an office with a window! In my field, or at least my position within my field, a lot of people work in basements. I am no exception! It’s too bad because the last two days I’ve been missing a really beautiful spring rainstorm.

Anyway, I’m trying to bring something a little more fun to my office this spring. It needed a good cleaning and reorganization after the winter and I have that basically finished now.

This is an older photo of my office, when I first organized it soon after I started. When I got here, I had a big metal desk that faced the wall to the left of my desk now. I got that moved around because I really prefer to face into a room if I can help it at all.

Since then, I’ve gotten a new computer tower, more books, started a little collection of catalogs I need to make ordering decisions, moved a file cabinet into my office, moved our mini-photo studio (at the right of the photo), switched my office chair, rearranged my desk so my computer monitor isn’t all the way to the right of it, etc. A lot of little changes! Most of them have made me more comfortable though and I try to make my corner of the office as organized as I can.

Late last week, I moved all of my books to the right side of my shelving unit and cleaned out all catalogs and things that had accumulated on the left side of the shelf. Now, my shelf looked a like a nice bookshelf on one side and an as-organized-as-it-can-be office jungle on the other side.  So, I found a solution to two problems by adding a curtain on the left side of my shelves.

Now, I have a book shelf that appears organized because the part that looks less pulled together is covered by a curtain, and I have a nice wine color and pretty pattern in my office. Looking at the photos, I think the place is still pretty drab and has a ways to go, but it looks so much better.

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Patterns of Tea

I don’t remember where I discovered today’s tea post subject because I haven’t slept enough this week because I’m hosting a bunch of high school students at the museum for scavenger hunts all day. We’re having a great time but it means three mornings that start at 7:30 a.m. That’s a huge adjustment to my schedule.

I think it was Tumblr?

Or maybe Pinterest?

Okay, so maybe I only have it narrowed down to the Internet.

I also have narrowed down that it’s really awesome.

Anyway someone, somewhere, on some curated collection of images, I discovered paperbicycle’s Daily Patterns beginning with this pattern:


Now that I think about it, it must have been pinterest because the sourcing on it was really bad and it took me to the homepage.

That was lucky because it meant I had to search for the pattern I’d seen. And I discovered this:

 And this:
And this:
These patterns are just a handful of the tea related ones and the teapot patterns are only a fraction of the patterns collected. You should totally stop by Paper Bicycle and check them all out.
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Chic Shelf Paper

Can you believe this is shelf paper!? I’m seriously trying to think of somewhere to put this in my house. I love the colors and the flow of the pattern. They also have lots of other great patterns to choose from.

(Click on image for source)

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