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The only kind of physical art I’ve ever been remotely good at is screen printing. I am decent at digital art when I’m motivated to try it, but I really like turning digital elements into a tactile piece. Maybe that’s why stamped decor appeals to me so much? I discovered the little arrow-printed stash bag a few weeks ago, and I’ve been on a stamps kick ever since.

1. Arrow Stash Bag Hand Printed with Leather Feather by GypsyIntent; 2. Moorish Inspired Metallic Coasters by PolishedMoon; 3. I’ll be the rainbow handmade rainbow song lyrics by foreignspell; 4. Cork Coasters with Postage Stamp Print by MadeByManitas; 5. Fabric Covered Buttons Stamp Printed Puppy by charmingzakka.

I like stamps because they feel so unique as no two prints turn out the same. The prints on the arrow bag and the buttons are so sweet.

It may also be a sign that I have tired of my current coasters that I’ve found two sets. I love the teal in the postage stamp print coasters, but the print in the coasters with the spanish tile is more my style.

My favorite item is the I’ll Be The Rainbow wood panel print. I’ve been on a natural wood kick for a while now and I’m always a fan of bright, multi-colored things. Adorable!

#, #

Eeek!!! I can’t express how badly I want this print from Peachlings on Etsy! I’m on a money spending freeze to save up for some things, so right now it’ll have to wait. Sad. Face. If you’re a Hunger Games fan then I’m assuming you’re right there with me. Such a simple pretty print.

 How sweet is this mountain scene? Makes a great nod to vintage paint by numbers while still feeling modern. I love those colors.

The simple heart and cute background flowers push this print over the edge for me. Adorable. This would be perfect in a baby room. Boy or girl.

Peachlings is headed up by Bec Nolan who resides in Australia. You should check out her Pinterest and her blog. Great things on there.

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I really don’t have a good idea to name today’s treasury. Mostly, it’s just a mixture of my favorite things… I started with paisley. Paisley led to an orange elephant tank top. That lead to orange and elephants. Elephants lead to brass and copper and wood. It may be one of my favorite treasuries! I think everything I’ve found for it is so great, even if none of it really fits within a budget.

Vintage Paisley Elephant Tan…


Larger Fold-Over Clutch in P…


1960s Vintage Elephant Locke…


Modernist Stoneware Elephant…


Classic Paisley Seamless Wed…


Place Cards 10 Paisley Embos…


wide paisley wedding band wi…


Tangerine Paisley Indian Ele…


Red Orange Footed box, raku …


Vintage Brass Elephants – Ma…


Woven Leopard and Paisley …


Vintage Wood Carving of Phoe…


Handmade Copper Bracelet Etc…


Bronze Yab Yum God & Goddess…


Nepal Blue Turquoise Ring, M…


I pretty much love everything in this treasury. If I could part with $94 I would buy the 60s elephant locket immediately. Then, I would save up for everything else. The wide paisley wedding band! The copper paisley bracelet! The tank top! The elephants! The elephants! The elephants!

#, #, #, #

We wrote about I Need Nice Things a little while ago because it’s a great way to get prints for decorating your walls. I recently came across a great find for our Thursday Tea Time in their set called “Object Art:”

A “This is a teapot” print would look great and a little cheeky displayed with a teapot collection or alongside the other prints in the series. You have to buy them all as a set, so I think I’d put this one with my teapots and spread the rest out around the house to tie together the decor. You know the grey works great with my walls and I love bright colors.

What about you? Would you want to keep the series together or add a touch of its playfulness to many rooms in your house?

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Gutting and rebuilding significant parts of a house is a big project. I’ve said “Things are really starting to come together” several times.

First, it was in September when we didn’t have lath and plaster anymore and again when we had drywall. In October, I said it when we had carpet and flooring. I repeated it when our furniture and boxes showed up later that week. In February, I said it as the bathroom got painted and new flooring for President’s Day. Last month, it was my excitement as our boxes started to move around and get unpacked. Earlier this month, I said it again as the last two bedrooms got finished, painted and furnished.

Now, things really are starting to come together. We have paint on most of the walls, furniture in most of the rooms, linens, and colors and things chosen. Books on shelves. We really are just down to the details. One of these pesky details is our walls. They’re blank except for a good coat of paint. So blank, in fact, that we now write off any discomfort we feel about furniture arrangement as a byproduct of it all looking like it’s in some kind of showroom where no personality graces the walls of the staged furniture sections.

I have some ideas for arrangements of wall hangings, but I need something to fill the frames or lack of frames in my mind. That’s where I Need Nice Things comes in handy.

“I Need Nice Things was created to make contemporary art collectable, changeable, and most important of all, affordable. It’s breathtaking art without the price tag.” —I Need Nice Things

I haven’t made a purchase yet—I just like looking through the prints and getting some inspiration—but it appears that they do ship internationally even though they’re based in Australia.

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The Spotted Fox

*** I search Etsy far and wide to bring you some absolutely beautiful finds from the artists and vintage shops on the site. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feel free to send over any shops you think are worthy of attention. Click on the images to be taken to the listing. ***

The Spotted Fox is the brain child of Sarah Estes from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m particularly impressed by way she adds the color wheel into the her designs. I love the playful and cleverness of it all.Mmmmm, avocado. Here are some of my other favorites from her shop.

I’m pretty sure this one is going to find its way into my home soon.

Hope you enjoyed this Etsy spotlight! Again, if you’ve got a shop that you’d like to see me feature (especially if it’s your own), just send over an email.


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After seeing these images that Emily from Jones Design Co. wrote about, I’ve had calligraphy on the brain. I just think the calligraphy by Patricia Mumau from Primele are so pretty and elegant. Also, if you’ve got handwriting you like or a cheap font you can download, this would be pretty easy/inexpensive to create. The one thing that stumped me though, is how the heck do you get stamps that look like that? So vintage, colorful, and striking when placed all together.

Well, my friends, after some research, I came across this very helpful article over at 100 Layer Cake that explains you just need to go into a stamp store, look around on Ebay or online stamp stores. Yep, just a simple trip to your local stamp and coin store.

As long as a stamp is unused and not collectible it retains face value. So, you can load up on as many as you need to meet the required postage. A tip though, is to try and get stamps with higher values. Otherwise, your envelopes might be a little overwhelmed.


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