After my family and I hit up Marion, KS and Kansas City, MO our next stop was St. Louis, Missouri! We decided that we needed to go see the Gateway Arch. It was a quick trip not even lasting 24 hours, but I’m so glad we did it.

I have to say, the arch is really a site to see. It’s quite beautiful and since we happened to be there while the Fair St. Louis was going on, there was an air show. Nothing feels quite so “America” like an air show, fair food, and a July 4th celebration. It was a great experience.

Because of the fair, we waited in very long lines to make it up the arch. Also, one of the trams kept having mechanical issues and so that delayed the lines further. Not to mention, a thunderstorm decided to hit while we were in the top of the arch. The arch swaying mixed with long lines to get back down, meant that I was a wee bit scared. Now that I look back on the experience, I’m so glad we went up.

There’s absolutely no way that a blog like ours can talk about the Gateway Arch without mentioning the architect Eero Saarinen. I’d love to say that I’m design savvy enough and I knew beforehand that he designed the arch, but that’s not the case. It was pretty awesome to find out though.

Yep, he’s the genius behind these lovelies: the tulip chairs and table. Such an iconic mid-century design. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I were to ever describe a chair or table as sexy it would be these.

Oh and did I mention that it poured rain on our walk back to get the car. Yep, soaked. Head to toe.

I really enjoyed our quick trip to St. Louis! Stay tuned for my vintage shopping in Chicago coming very soon!

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 Mary’s Picks

  • I’m totally loving all the mason jar DIY lanterns I’ve seen floating around lately. I really want to make these firefly lanterns without catching the fireflies! Which I like seeing fireflies sparkle throughout my whole yard anyway. This one just takes a broken non-toxic glow stick and shake it up in the jar! So much fun! Love these ideas for summer! (via Pinterest)
  • Carrying on with things that glow, Rachel over at Smile and Wave made an awesome sign out of glow sticks for her military husband. It’s so creative and makes me want to stock up on glow sticks!

Jess’s Picks

This week, I think a lot of blogs had high points, but I’m going to try to share mostly things from blogs that I don’t often post from because they’re more on the artsy/designy end of the spectrum.

  • HiLobrow shared these amazing  Wordless prints by Matt Siber. I’m impressed by the amount of work that goes into each image and I think the idea is really brilliant.
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This new graphic design book by Steven Heller and Louise Fili makes me wish I had space for a coffee table books. I want it sooo bad. Honestly, most of my pictures from vintage/antique shopping involve vintage graphic design. I think this weekend I’ll be headed to the bookstore just to have a look-see.

via Brain Pickings

Buy it here at Amazon

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Jess’s Picks

  • In case you’re worried that I’m only interested in personal beauty things, I also fell in love with this palette reading-corner bed at Rusta Upp. I featured the blog a few weeks ago in a Friday Reader Roundup, but it’s so good that it’s worth it just for the pictures even if the text isn’t your native tongue.
  • I have to give some love to this write-up about big dogs at Offbeat Home. I love all dogs big and small and I’ve ridden shotgun on a few twelve-hour drives to make sure a dog makes it to a good rescue. If a dog is part of your home, it’s important to understand the commitment and this is a great guide to sharing your home with a dog big enough to have (and lovable enough to deserve) it’s own bedroom.

Mary’s Picks

  •  Have you browsed around much on Kickstarter? It’s fun. Recently a friend pointed me to the All Thrifty States project, and now that it’s been completely funded I’m really looking forward to seeing more about it.
  • One of my favorite aspects of my sister’s 1950s bungalow in Houston, Texas is that it has the original hexagon white tiles accented with powder blue tiles in the bathroom. It’s lovely. Well, this week Pam Krueber over at Retro Renovation has been revealing her best find yet, World of Tile. It’s truly an amazing store and I really, really wish I lived near Springfield, NJ to go shop here.
  • Do you watch Design Star? I really love that show and this year it’s even better with the changes they’ve made. I mean, they’ve produced my crush, Antonio Ballatore and the only designer whose every aspect of their work I LOVE, Emily Henderson. This past Monday was the premiere and here Emily wrote her reviews about the show. She cracks me up and I totally agree with her about the judges focusing way too much on execution. I mean, if you took on wallpaper, you would hire someone.
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Every other summer or so my family visits Port Aransas, Texas for deep sea fishing. Well, the last time we were there was the summer Southern Living had designed their beautiful, new “Idea House” and so we set out to take a look. The home was three stories with two master suites, multiple outdoor living spaces, guest quarters, and multiple other bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interiors were designed by Tracery Interiors. There was so much inspiration and beauty packed into this house. Honestly, some elements of the interior design that I saw there I still think about and am inspired by today. Lately, I’ve been seeing photos from this house all over Pinterest and other blog features so it’s resurfaced for me and I still love it.

All of the bedrooms were styled and designed beautifully, but these two were my favorite.

The downstairs master bedroom color scheme was orange and white with some gray accents. The room had floor to ceiling windows with long white drapes on each window. The accent wall behind the bed had an orange and white stencil. It was awesome.

The master bathroom was right behind glass windows basically inside of the room. The curtains pulled for privacy but also opened completely to make one large space that felt very open. The bathroom had this large, white, floating soaker tub and carrera marble throughout. I still think about this room when I’m day dreaming about my ideal bathroom.

The second master bedroom was upstairs and I’ve seen this one all over Pinterest lately, too.

I loved the wall behind this bed because of how easily it could be changed out. It can be simplified with a couple of candles or full of art and finds from the beach (that’s just right outside the door). The versatility I love. Also, you have to look closely, but I’m in love with the layering of the rugs. There was a large jute rug that covered a lot of the floor and then on top of that was a contrasting Navajo rug placed just at the end of the bed. I’ve thought about this idea a million times, and I think it’s one of the easiest elements in this house you could emulate.

Parallel to the bed was the bathroom. This yellow barn door is such a cool design idea. I mean, I’m pretty sure seeing that vibrant color every morning would just make you smile, right?

Lastly, the kids space was amazing. In this photo you can see the twin beds all tucked away in the wall. They could sleep at least three little kiddos and the curtains could be pulled closed on all of the beds. And that long rug is awesome.

It was so hard pick just these rooms to feature here, so you have to hop over to Southern Living and see the rest.

Hope you enjoyed and are as inspired as I am!


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After seeing this home tour on Design Attractor, I’m constantly thinking about that metal card catalog type piece. I know these are all over the place and people love them. But this particular one, I can’t stop thinking about. It’s such a wonderful piece.

This is the home of Danish Designer Birgitte Rabens. Although these rooms aren’t typically what I’d go for, I still love them. The usage of the wood, mixed with the leather, mixed with various metals is really pretty to me. Also, growing up in Texas has given me an affinity for cacti and after seeing this I’m really wanting some succulents around here! I’m inspired by the placement of the letters on the bottom right of the first photo. Such a small detail but I’m liking the idea of them not having to be on the walls.

Any rooms inspired you lately that don’t really go with your style?

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Have you seen this yet? I think it’s been floating around the blogosphere a bit since it was posted on Shelterpop at the beginning of May.

Charlize Theron’s house was put up for sale recently and it is just stunning. I mean, your house should be stunning if it’s listed for $7 million, right? The photos of the house are really beautiful, but this one in particular caught my eye.


I just think it’s so pretty. It’s got everything I love in a beautiful room. Dark wood, big rugs, arches, sunlight, worn leather, pillows, clean lines, white, and a fire place. But mostly what pushes this photo over the edge for me is the seating around the fireplace. Those built in benches are uniquely awesome. What’s also noteworthy about this space is that I can imagine sitting here with a room full of people or all alone with hot coffee and a magazine (most likely next to that fire). Oh, and with a quilt- of course.

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