Both Mary and I are road-tripping this week. Sadly, I am going to Austin just when she’s headed out of town. My brother is moving into a co-op down there, and Kyle and I are helping him drive down. Then, we’re tacking a few extra days onto our stay, so I’ll get to enjoy Mary’s new-to-her leather sofa.

Here are some of my new and new-ish accessories that are making the journey with me!

I bought this Olsenboye Foldover Tote  at jcpenney for only $14 on Saturday. I’ve been wanting a new purse for a while, and I had so much trouble finding one I really liked. Everything was too expensive, too big and unstructured, or too small. This one is definitely on the huge side, but since it folds over and has a bit of structure to it, it’s not so bad. I bought this particular style because it was the one on sale, but it’s really grown on me. I think I’d like some of the brighter patterns they have for $35, but this matches almost everything.

These bright blue skinnies are the $340 J Brand Midrise Skinny Bright Royal from MRS H version of the $4 Gordman’s clearance bright blue skinnies I bought on Friday. They also had orange/coral, mint, and yellow on clearance but for $20. And $16 dollars worth of difference made blue my number one choice. I love them! I wore them Friday night and Saturday and Sunday when I went to my parents to deliver the cat before the road trip. They’re currently in the washing machine so they’ll be ready for another wear this week!

Finally, my favorite little iPod Nano. I bought this over memorial day so I could add music to my elliptical workouts (and maybe eventually start running outside if it ever cools down). I’ve loaded it with an audio book, so that if my passenger wants to sleep on the way down or back, I have something to keep my mind active and awake.

I started The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World by David Deutsch on a drive last week, and I think I’ll really like it. Hopefully it does it’s job. I’ll be driving a rental van and Kyle will be driving my parents Highlander, so we’ll either have my brother or his girlfriend as a passenger… I’m sure they’ll be tired from moving and going away parties.

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After visiting St. Louis, we made our way to Carbondale, Illinois where Kyle went to college. In Carbondale, we were mostly visiting friends who we have there from when Kyle went to SIU and some friends new to Carbondale who we know through debate. Since it was vacation, we stopped at an antique mall along the way in Nashville, Illinois.

Most of my luck at Perry County Antique Mall was with tea pots, but there were some other interesting finds there too.

This table was really cool. I like the decal a lot and I love how it was staged with the Fiestaware in the store. It was in very good condition, too.

This chair and settee were probably the best deal. I didn’t make a list of prices (Silly me, thinking I’d have time to write all the posts while I was getting back in the groove of work and still remembered), but I think this was in the $300-400 range and 20% off. The wood was in really good shape. I’m not sure if the upholstery was original but I’ve seen other Eastlake settees with similar upholstery so it may have been. It was definitely in good shape, too, so overall I think this was a great deal!

This card catalog was really cool. It was about the perfect height to be turned into a kitchen island.

This beautiful furnace was so cool. Its price tag definitely matched the quality but for someone looking to make the investment, I think it would have been really worth it.

Overall, Kyle and I thought the prices at the antique mall were kind of all over the places. A lot of booths had really fair prices (like the table) and others were strangely high or strangely low. There was a lot of variety and it was big enough to be totally worth pulling over on the drive.

I know that antiquing is something people do on their road trips, but this was the first time that Kyle and I really did. I think we’ll probably do it more often on road trips because it was a nice way to break up the trip and it makes even the drive feel like a good part of the vacation. Have you had good luck with roadside antique malls on your road trips?

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