Maybe I’ve been subtle about it, but I have to admit that I am one of the people who really love Valentine’s Day. I am aware that there are plenty of people out there who hate it, and I even understand why they do. But, I still love it. I think my parents just made it a great holiday for us growing up. It wasn’t exactly hard to get me really excited about a holiday when that day meant waking up to chocolates!

So, I’m diving in and today’s party is a simple Valentine’s Day date full of lots of fun gifts. Just add… chocolate.

Knot Sterling Silver Rings -…


Pixie – faceted ring box mad…


SALE — Vintage Sterling Si…


I Like You One-Hundred Perce…


Rainbow Glittered Hearts Bur…


Happily Ever After – Valenti…


To Infinity… and beyond – …


beaded charm bracelet. beade…


Valentine Necklace Circus Fo…


Vintage Puffy Heart Charm Ne…


Monogrammed Initial Wax Seal…


Rainbow-Colorful-Felt heart …


box linen pink Hearts A Flut…


Hers and Hers vintage silver…


His and Her L.O.V.E. T-shirt…


I love it! This treasury was so fun to make. Sometimes, even though I choose the theme, they take a lot of pondering, but with this one there was so much that I wanted to include.

I’ve been wanting a knot ring for a long time and I like the change in scale in the set. They’d be great for a couple! I also really like the vintage pink ring. I think it fits the big ring trend while not diverging very far from my style. It still looks so classic. Either would look amazing wrapped in a beautiful faceted ring box.

Both of the valentines were found by my friend Alexandra in Boulder who has her own Etsy shop at AOADesigns. She sells hand-spun yarn,  hats, and accessories. Her collection is really beautiful!

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I love tents with the wreckless abandon of a child. Like all children I know, I loved to build forts inside and see how big we could make them using all of the blankets in the house and creatively draping them over furniture in a room. They’re beautiful in a patchwork quilt kind of way from the outside and special secret places inside.

When I was young, I thought tents were maybe the best way to spend a weekend or a snow day. (Our neighborhood-wide snow day igloo in the ditches in front of our houses should be in the running for most epic child-built fort in Topeka, Kansas.)

But now that I’m an adult, tents seem like just a cozy hideaway to spend a special holiday with my husband — who, after all, is my best friend and favorite playmate.

He was a little sick this weekend so we spent most of Saturday in bed, watching TV and Netflix, and just hanging out. If I were more of a planner of big romantic gestures, I’d probably surprise him with a giant tent around our bedroom … or in the living room or …  in the rest of our house.

There are so many beautiful ideas for turning a room in your house into a tent!

And so much inspiration that makes me wish it was summer already and we could spend an afternoon outside.

Or share an outside evening meal together:

Or maybe even the whole night:

If you’re enjoying this tent inspiration as much as I am, give some love to the link-throughs and click the images for more fabulous tent roundups at other blogs!

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Isn’t this photo from Green Wedding Shoes adorable?

Seriously, I can’t get tired of silhouettes right now. Maybe it’s because I actually love Valentine’s Day and there is something so romantic about the way we remember the Victorian era or maybe it’s that I just really like cameos. Since we’re getting a little close to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some great silhouette DIY crafts that you can make cheaply for your Valentine!

ApartmentTherapy, together with ReadyMade magazine, has a great tutorial on how to make a silhouette. I think it works pretty well if you’re going to blow it up or make it super small so you can use it as a guide if you need help executing any of the crafts.

They also point out that you don’t have to do silhouettes of people. You can also make them of your pets!


Curbly also has a little bit of a new spin on a silhoutte, painting the negative space on a sheet of plywood to make a natural wood silhouette without doing any cutting! The final product looks great.

You can also make silhouettes small and make custom cameos, necklaces, or bracelets. Less than Perfect Life of Bliss has a tutorial for tiny silhouettes. I love how they turn out!

I couldn’t resist pinning this necklace! The different finishes around the silhouettes makes it look so classy! The necklaces are available for purchase on Etsy if you’re not feeling adding another tutorial to your list.

If you just want a straight-forward lovey valentine silhouette project, the custom couple map silhouette is my favorite!

Silhouettes are a great way to add some personalized details to your home.

I’m not a big monogram fan when it comes to personalizing your decor, but I do like having personalized touches and a silhouette is a great way to upcycle a cheap pillow!

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