White Wonderland Tea Party

I started off this tea party thinking I would just do a vintage, white tea party because my inspiration was this tea pot by Willow Tree Antiques. I love white on white dishes. Everything white is never ideal for cleanliness but it is so pretty!

White, simple, vintage and elegant. In searching for items to compliment it, I came across this playful Alice in Wonderland print by The Black Apple. I knew it had to come along.

Using the print and the white tea pot, inspired the rest of the tea party. If I actually had a kitchen table, I would throw this tea party in a heartbeat. So pretty.

‘White Wonderland Tea Party’ by mamarcum

Vintage White Teapot, Made i…


Alice in Wonderland Art from…


Wonderland Tea Party Invitat…


White Ironstone Dishes – Se…


Good Will Bunting Pure White…


Cake Stand Tier Set – Medium…


Almond Orange Tea Cookies 26…


Raspberry Linzer Cookies 13 …


Vintage Table Cloth Tableclo…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

#, #, #

Today’s tea party is all about blue and orange — one of my absolute favorite color combinations. It’s also about giving in and embracing Fall. We’re still having really beautiful weather but we’re also on the edge of a drought now and I think I’m ready for that too cool and rainy fall preview weekend we had three weeks ago. I’m just not ready for it to cool down any more than that.

‘Teal and Orange Bamboo Tea Party’ by static

The Purse Pot


Vintage Fabric Seventies Wil…


Metro Table


Embroidery – Cosmic Seed Pod…


Chevron Pillow Cover, Chevro…


Puff Embroidery – Mod-Lily 1…


Auburn SPIRIT SCARF college …


Brown Leather Cuff – Upcycle…


Blue sweater / Electric blue…


(Using Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.)

The teapot I based this on is a little big of a splurge so I went all out finding pieces to make it really come together. I love the dark navy color of the teapot and cups. I think it would be so pretty set against bright orange place settings.

As for the metro table, it might be my favorite part of this whole treasury. The muted, weathered color of the natural wood combined with the metal legs give it so much character. It only needs a few throw pillows to make it warmer and more comfortable.

Once the table is more comfortable and beautifully set, warm yourself up with a loose knit sweater, a scarf (let’s pretend it’s not repping Auburn for the time being), and a nice natural material cuff.

#, #, #

Last weekend, Mary sent me a link to this Villeroy and Boch Acapulco Teapot Coffee Pot by FoundVintageStyle on Etsy.

I love it! The colors! The birds! The lines!

I was completely inspired. So inspired, in fact, that I decided to change up the way we do Thursday tea time. For the indefinite future, I’ll be bringing you more than just a teapot. I’m arranging a tea party.

This week, we are hanging on to the wonderfully warm but not hot days of fall and enjoying cool evenings. It’s perfect weather for enjoying hot beverages outside and getting the most out of our summer deck setup. I’ve got the teapot, the cups and saucers, and the table settings to make your relaxing evening a swank end-of-summer party.

‘Acapulco Tea Party’ by static

Villeroy and Boch Acapulco T…


SALE Cup and Saucer, Villero…


The Acapulco tealight/votive…


The Acapulco Dessert Pedesta…


Traditional Sling Chair-Beac…


Deck Chair Hand Stitched Per…


Fun in Acapulco, vintage pos…


woven straw tote – acapulco …


Deck Chair Stripes – Love Bi…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

#, #, #, #, #

Start a Tea Journal

Being so digitally minded, I’ve never been the best paper journaller. I can’t draw very well at all so when I journal, I stick to creating pretty web layouts for whatever online journal is popular at the moment. I had a friend that keeps paper journals though and hers are always so beautiful. There’s something so romantic about a record meant to be read only by you and those you share it with. Maybe that’s why I was so inspired by this image I found.

I think it was used to show the blog’s reviews after an Earl Grey contest, but you could totally keep a tea journal like this for yourself and etsy has some really beautiful accessories that fit the theme.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea Union Jack French Note by mulberrymuse

This one is great because I really prefer moleskines. I prefer to write on gridded paper rather than lined and so they work perfect.

Tea is the key notebook by ilikepens on etsy

I also love this one though. The design is so simple. “Thé” is French for tea so I first thought it was a reference to that (and maybe it is) but it’s a really pretty plain paper journal.

Green Tea Pocket Journal with koi by SoundAndWhimsy on Etsy

If you’re more interested in recycled products, this green tea pocket journal is perfect. I think it would also be a fairly simple DIY if you had a spare empty box of tea that could be rescued from the recycling and turned into something useful.

There’s no need to stop at the notebook. Plenty of really cute accessories exist too.

Stationary Clutch Autumn Fall 2011 Linen In by downstairsDesigns.

It’s really cooling down for fall and this cozy fall-colored stationary clutch looks like it’s just waiting for you to curl up with a cup of tea to do some serious writing.

Mini Bandolier / replace your pencil case / Wood by cleverhands.

I love these bandolier’s too. Cleverhands shop has some really great fabrics turned into such a handy accessory.

I hope you’re as inspired and ready to drink tea as I am! Might just have to grab a cup over lunch today.

#, #, #, #

Patterns of Tea

I don’t remember where I discovered today’s tea post subject because I haven’t slept enough this week because I’m hosting a bunch of high school students at the museum for scavenger hunts all day. We’re having a great time but it means three mornings that start at 7:30 a.m. That’s a huge adjustment to my schedule.

I think it was Tumblr?

Or maybe Pinterest?

Okay, so maybe I only have it narrowed down to the Internet.

I also have narrowed down that it’s really awesome.

Anyway someone, somewhere, on some curated collection of images, I discovered paperbicycle’s Daily Patterns beginning with this pattern:


Now that I think about it, it must have been pinterest because the sourcing on it was really bad and it took me to the homepage.

That was lucky because it meant I had to search for the pattern I’d seen. And I discovered this:

 And this:
And this:
These patterns are just a handful of the tea related ones and the teapot patterns are only a fraction of the patterns collected. You should totally stop by Paper Bicycle and check them all out.
#, #, #



In my dreams of cool weather, I long for Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. It’s so, so yummy. It feels like Christmas. Seriously. My friend Jean was nice enough to share her stash with me last year.

#, #

Hall China

Jess is away on a much deserved vacation this week, so I’m popping in my own tidbits for our regular Thursday Tea Time. I’ve got my own tiny collection (2) of tea pots that sit in my kitchen and I love.

I love their color. Light yellow and bright red.

Also, they are Hall China. Two years ago I went to an Estate sale and bought the yellow one for 3 bucks. I love it. It needed a really good cleaning with some vinegar. My lovely little red teapot (a newer Hall piece), I got at Thistle on my visit to Kansas City. It’s so cheery and I love the geometric shape.

I don’t know much about The Hall China Company. I know they make quality pieces and the company started in the early 1900s. It’s still around today. Here’s a great collector’s site that might be able to help you date pieces.

It’s clear to me that my yellow one is much older. The mark stamp is not the same as the more modern pieces, but I still can’t seem to find a definite date. Any ideas?

Here’s the bottom of the red one.

Definitely a new Hall piece because of the shape around the logo.

Do you have any other tidbits about Hall China? Do you collect them yourself?

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